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  1. Terms Of Use - Soul Source Site

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Terms of use

    Mattfox blog from 2009-12 - 2 of 2

    By mattfox, in Soul Features,

    Is It Meant To Be? // Downloadable Soul Podcast Online Posted by mattfox, 16 February 2012 northern, crossover, modern listen to it:…

    Mattfox blog from 2009-12 - 3 of 5

    By mattfox, in Soul Features,

    Across The Board Soul Mix Online - Make Up Your Mind! Posted by mattfox, 13 April 2010 Hi y'all, there's a brand new downloadable soul mix online! Soul across …

    Mattfox blog from 2008 1 of 2

    By mattfox, in Soul Features,

    Brand New Mix Online - Great Soul & Funk Choons! Posted by mattfox, 22 April 2009 · hi guys, a brand new mix by Kristian Auth and me (Matt Fox) is online and ready to …

    tony foster blog 3 of 3 from 2009-10

    By Tony Foster, in Soul Features,

    Taste Of Hell Fire Posted by Tony Foster, 08 November 2010 First of all a big thank you to Captain Morgan for inviting us a long to the Taste of Honey at the Hell Fire C…

    tony foster blog 2 of 3 from 2008-9

    By Tony Foster, in Soul Features,

    Includes Prestatyn 2009 Look Back! Posted by Tony Foster, 19 March 2009 and more

    tony foster blog 1 of 3 from 2007-8

    By Tony Foster, in Soul Features,

    Prestatyn 2008 & Queen Vic Posted by Tony Foster, 04 March 2008 Just recovering from a busy weekend at Prestatyn. I won't bore you with the accommodation, we all know by…

    Mattfox blog from 2008 - 4 of 5

    By mattfox, in Soul Features,

    Soul Superman - Brand New Mix Is Online Posted by mattfox, 03 November 2008 SOUL SUPERMAN MIX: PLAYLIST: 1. EDWIN STARR - RUNNING BACK AND FORTH 2. THE EXCITERS - …

    Frank Wilson - The Story of Do I Love You (Indeed I do)

    By Andy Rix, in Soul Features,

    Thanks go to Andy Rix for making this article available to all. Originally written and published to accompany...

    Steve G Blog from 2007-10 2 of 2

    By Steve G, in Soul Features,

    "Movin On" in Barcelona is a club that's become...

    Steve G Blog from 2007 1 of 2

    By Steve G, in Soul Features,

    Soul Blog entries posted by Steve G during the period Jan til September 2007

    sandi blog part 3 of 3 2009-10

    By sandi, in Soul Features,

    Venues, Birthdays, Weddings, Betrayal Most Horrid. Posted by sandi, 08 October 2010 · Along this road of life no matter what background we all as individuals have, no mat…

    sandi blog part 2 of 3 from 2009

    By sandi, in Soul Features,

    Conversations That Bring A Smile To Your Face. Posted by sandi, 05 October 2009 · There is only 1 Smokey I think that many of us on the soul scene know the name Smokey fr…

    Dave Rimmer Blog from 2007-8 - 2 of 3

    By Dave Rimmer, in Soul Features,

    That's A Nice Hat Posted by Dave Rimmer, 13 July 2008 · It was with a certain amount of trepidation that I went to Bishops Wood Soul night last night. You see it was…

    Dave Rimmer Blog from 2008-10 - 3 of 3

    By Dave Rimmer, in Soul Features,

    Cleethorpes Antics And The Soul Mastermind 2010 Quiz Posted by Dave Rimmer, 19 June 2010 · It really is a privilege to be able to write this Blog entry, because it's …

    Dave Rimmer Blog from 2007 - 1 of 2

    By Dave Rimmer, in Soul Features,

    I Have An Alien In My Chest Trying To Get Out Posted by Dave Rimmer, 13 June 2007 · At least that's what my post Cleethorpes cough feels like !!!! Oh yeah, my knee…

    Ed Wolfrum - Detroit Sound

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    Ed Wolfrum by Rob Moss Article Photo: Detroit from the river 1966 The emergence of Detroit as a major music centre in the early 1960s has as much to do with technologic…

    sandi blog part 1 of 3 2008-9

    By sandi, in Soul Features,

    Prestatyn Starts Here, Well It Does For Me And Harpo Anyway Posted by sandi, 11 March 2009 · Endless mountains of ironing now eventually come to an end,and all this in pre…

    Jimmy Ricks

    By Roburt, in Soul Features,

    Jimmy Ricks was born in Adrian, Georgia before his family relocated to Florida...

    Best Soul Nights in the North East Ever

    By stevesilktulip, in Soul Features,

    My first all-dayer was in 75 and I tend to think of them amongst the best days of my life.

    Northern Soul - Exclusive Teaser First Look and Interview

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Last month Soul Source had a look at the mainstream media coverage of the upcoming film titled "Northern Soul".

    Allanton/Shotts Session @ True Soul Weekender Aug 2013

    By tfk, in Soul Features,

    An afternoon of music and mayhem in tribute to One of the Scotland’s and the UK’s finest Rare Soul Clubs

    Thornton Sisters - The Ditchdiggers Daughters

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Thornton Sisters - The Ditchdiggers Daughters Movie....

    a recent news article on here about the availability of "Soul Or Nothing" a eBook by Kimasi L. Browne via Amazon

    Colin Curtis - Too much to Swallow.

    By stevesilktulip, in Soul Features,

    n short, he got the best spots because he is Colin Curtis

    BBC Newsnights Paul Mason talks Northern

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    While following Paul Masons (BBC Newsnight) twitter feed, I noticed amongst all the "current affairs" type tweets one or two comments/connections that could be taken as north…

    Looks like the story with this series of vids just keeps on growing..<br />May have seen them mentioned in various threads on here, the first just only 3 months ago

    Helen Pereira - Queen Of The Go-Go

    By Pep, in Soul Features,

    Background information on the passing of a well-known and much loved personality from the West Midlands' Soul Scene

    Who are the Great Soul Deejays?

    By stevesilktulip, in Soul Features,

    Who are the Great Soul Deejays?

    The Epitome of Sound - The Story

    By Goldsoul, in Soul Features,

    The Epitome of Sound In the 1960's, the Megatons were a Motown/Soul style group from New Jersey, USA who were made up of

    The Twisted Wheel - Blues and Soul - by Dave Godin

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    The Twisted Wheel- Blues and Soul - by Dave Godin A trip back to the far off past,...

    Why 60S Newies?

    By in town Mikey, in Soul Features,

    Just been pondering life, love and the 60s newies crowd. As you do. And whilst doing this, I stumbled accross a theory....

    How the Mags saw the 70s - Pete Smith

    By Pete S, in Soul Features,

    Basically it's the history of Northern Soul in the 70's. This is what really happened. Grab a cuppa and hopefully enjoy this... NORTHERN SOUL IN THE MEDIA - "BLACK MU…

    Revilots Blog from 2010

    By REVILOT, in Soul Features,

    THE MAGNIFICENT 7 - THE "X" FACTOR & NORTHERN SOUL Don't worry this is not somedaytime television style look into the role that Northern Soul has played inthe development …


    By neckender, in Soul Features,

    For those avid collectors of rare soul vinyl, the mail order list of SoulBowl (proprietor, John Anderson) ...

    The Post Wigan Years - Northern Soul

    By chalky, in Soul Features,

    Much has been written about the Northern Soul scene up to the demise of The Wigan Casino, but very little has actually been written about what followed. For many, the scene d…

    Supercorsa Blog 2005-2011

    By Supercorsa, in Soul Features,

    In A Reflective Mood Posted by Supercorsa, 11 July 2011 · Just sitting here on my day off, meant to have been doing some work on the computer, but as always logged onto S…

    Over the years whilst looking over Soul Source you may have noticed long time member boba regularly posting up the latest details of his weekly radio shows titled "Sitting In…

    Chalkys Blog from 2008-10

    By chalky, in Soul Features,

    From: Lifeline Bank Holiday Weekend Bonanza Posted by chalky, 16 August 2010 · After our recent foray into Mace Land, Bidds and Stoke that is, we are pleased to be getti…

    Shaun Gallagher Blog 2008-9

    By Shaun Gallagher, in Soul Features,

    Rio Reunion - Back Together Again Posted by Shaun Gallagher, 20 October 2009 · Rio, Rio Reunion, Soul, Funk Start Time: Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 5:00pm End Time: S…

    Top Tips For 2011

    By Sean Hampsey, in Soul Features,

    Well, its that time of year again Exactly 12 months since we did the last 'Top Tips' thread... so, as it's now a Soul Source tradition, here we go again!

    The Unknown Facts of Motown and Detroit

    By Dunnie, in Soul Features,

    In 1953 Berry Gordy started a record shop with partner Marv Johnson by 1955 It had gone bust. Its name was 3-D Record Mart. Also in 1953 he married Thelma Coleman who starte…

    The Music Society of Detroit works to give the artists the recognition they deserve by Alex M. Franquet.

    djmelismo blog 2010-12 1 of 2

    By djmelismo, in Soul Features,

    Happy New Year! Posted by djmelismo, 01 January 2012 Wishing to spread the positive vibes in the new year here via MIX #50: PLACE-2-GO - Count On Me/Step Into My Li…

    Uk Northern Soul Re-issues (originally posted in 1997)

    By Pete S, in Soul Features,

    UK Northern Soul reissues Re-release Labels by Pete smith First on Soul Source in 1997 UK Northern Soul reissues 45 RE-RELEASES Black Magic, Casino Classics, Charley, Cont…

    djmelismo blog 2010-12 2 of 2

    By djmelismo, in Soul Features,

    Soul Searching Posted by djmelismo, 01 May 2011 · Been doing some soul searching again and this is what I came up with for mix #42: MARJORIE BARNES - Drift Away (1983) …

     Keeping The Faith, 40 Years of Northern Soul (Sanctuary)

    Northern Soul DJ 'Farmer' Carl Dene will be back behind the decks rejoining the wave of enthusiasm for sounds which first hit the North and Midlands in the 1960s. He will b…

    The Real Pied Piper Story? by Rob Moss

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    A look at the Pied Piper setup via interviews and more from Rob Moss

    Are Re-Edits And Mash Ups Killing Soul Music?

    By Andy Jackson, in Soul Features,

    The amount of re edits/re workings/remixes/mash ups being played on the Modern Soul scene...

    So many sides of Northern Soul.

    By stevesilktulip, in Soul Features,

    To the connoisseur, Northern Soul has been around since the late sixties...

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