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  1. Loaded - Lads Mag Does The 100 Club Allnighter March 1999 Issue

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Loaded Magazine does Northern soul with a visit to the 100 Club Allnighter.

  2. Mick Lyons - Manifesto Interview

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Mick Lyons - Manifesto Interview Mick Lyons is about as far from the stereotype soulie as you can get but don't let his image fool you, this is a man who's passionate…

  3. Soul Essence Yarmouth Weekender April 1999

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Thanks go out to Mike Lofthouse for this review on...

  4. Mojo Mag Takes a look at Northern

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    An extract from Lois Wilson - MOJO Magazine April/May 1999

  5. Big Daddies Guide To Northern

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   5

    Northern Soul Guide from Big Daddy Mag issue 3

  6. Eddie Holman Interview by Big Mick

    Soul Articles · Big Mick · ·

    Eddie Holman Interview by Big Mick NORTHERN ESSENCE...

  7. Connisseurs Cd Releases 90s

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Conniseurs CDS - Review mid price cds release from connoisseur collection In these days of overload of soul, with official releases of new soul cd releases eve…

  8. Otis Clay Notes

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   1

    Although he was on the brink of nationwide stardom in 1972 while on the same Memphis based Hi label that launched Al Green, Otis inexplicably never reached the same heights t…

  9. Junior Walker Story

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Here's an article from Detroit City Limits by Graham Anthony

  10. Kim Tolliver - Then and Now sad news

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Kim Tolliver - Then and Now soul source Kim Tolliver More info addded 20 Mar The other day received some email regarding site from Andrew Hamilton, it turned…

  11. Jerry Williams - Review by Big Mick

    Soul Articles · Big Mick · ·

    JERRY (SWAMP DOGG) WILLIAMS LIVE AT LOWTON. What a privilege to be invited to watch ...

  12. Bill Spoon and the Soul Notes by JR Smith

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Written by JR Smith in Oct 98 and taken from Soulful Kinda Music Dec 98 issue issue with permission

  13. Don Covay Story

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    The Don Covay Story - Billy Vera August 1994

  14. Modern Soul from 1994!

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    The following article and the Mary Love story was ripped from a great mag called Soul Underground, The winter 94 issue, I don't think the mag is still going and it seemed a w…

  15. Dynamics Label Listing

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    D-1011-A THE SUPERLATIVES....DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO (J.Edwards-A-.Lanot-G.Jones J.Hendricks) (2:24) Produced by Dynamics Record Co. - Jay Bird Publishing. D-1011-B THE SUPER…

  16. Wheelsville listing from Soul Express1986

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Wheelsville usa listing Listing taken from Soul Express Summer 1986 101 JIMMY GILFORD - I wanna be your baby/ Misery Street 102 STEVE MANCHA - Did My Baby Call/…

  17. Lost Summer Casino Rip Off- Pete Smith

    Soul Articles · Pete S · ·

    Yet another "oldie" Pete Smith from the 90s Heres a bit from Pete Smith , regarding a letter that was sent to him a few years back. Interesting stuff for those who used…

  18. Interview Dave Rimmer-90s

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    OK carrying on the interview series, Dave Rimmer respected DJ and also editor of one of top mags Soulful Kinda Music, agreed to give Soul Source a bit of time, read the resul…

  19. Aussie in the 90s

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    No not a tale of Ned Kelly and his muckers its the 1890s (groan) 2 old reviews sandwiched together Maria from Sydney letting you know how the latest Perth night went on wi…

  20. Champion man- Jon Vincent

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    John Vincent A few months back JV gave soul source this interview before making his reappearance at Lowton: Cast your mind back to the 1970s, a time of flares, disc…

  21. Blue Juice Review from 90s

    Soul Articles · Pete S · ·

    first on soul source in 90s The northern scene mentioned in this review is now up in the video section Thanks to Pete Smith of Planet Records( see links for details) wh…

  22. President label and info by Pete Smith

    Soul Articles · Pete S · ·

    President label info by Pete Smith 1997 PRESIDENT A lesser known but very long-lasting record label, President began in 1967 and was still issueing records in the late …

  23. Atlantic Label Info and Listing Pete Smith

    Soul Articles · Pete S · ·

    Atlantic - by Pete Smith First on Soul Source in 1997 ATLANTIC The legend that is Atlantic Records was founded in New York in 1947, and immediately went out on a limb…

  24. Cameo-Parkway Info and listing by Pete Smith

    Soul Articles · Pete S · ·

    Cameo-Parkway by Pete Smith First on Soul Source in 1997 CAMEO PARKWAY Releasing material from the Philadelphia-based Cameo/Parkway group of labels (which also incl…

  25. Uk Northern Soul Re-issues (originally posted in 1997)

    Soul Articles · Pete S · ·

    UK Northern Soul reissues Re-release Labels by Pete smith First on Soul Source in 1997 UK Northern Soul reissues 45 RE-RELEASES Black Magic, Casino Classics, Charley, Cont…

  26. Capitol Info And Listing By Pete Smith

    Soul Articles · Pete S · ·

    Capitol by Pete Smith First on Soul Source in 1997 CAPITOL The first Capitol 45's issued in the UK appeared in 1954 and were on a green label with triangle centre. Th…

  27. Worst UK Releases - Pete Smith

    Soul Articles · Pete S · ·   15

    Originally posted up on Soul Source in the 90s. More from the Smith factory, worst 50 Uk...

  28. Budweiser Label Listing

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Budweiser Label Listing For a change here's some info on one of the 80s collectable labels.

  29. Jr Walker Discography

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   4


  30. Deon Jackson Notes

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    The info below is taken from the sleeve notes of the Atco LP "Love Makes The world Go round" which is well worth digging round for. Over the past few years Detroit has…

  31. London Label Listing and info Pete Smith

    Soul Articles · Pete S · ·

    London by Pete Smith First on Soul Source in 1997 LONDON-AMERICAN This giant label is perhaps the most important collector's label of all time, spanning 3 decades and…

  32. Stateside Listing - Pete Smith - 1997

    Soul Articles · Pete S · ·

    A list of releases of a soulful nature on the good old 60s stateside label.

  33. Twisted Wheel Memories by the Original In Crowd

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Twisted Wheel - loads of articles here

  34. Dublin 97 Northern Soul

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    First out in 1997 Want to know the score on Soul Scene in Dublin, read on.....

  35. Soul Source - First Issue 1997 - Record Corner Page

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Stumbled on some old pages from the early days, posted as may be of interest to some long time members....


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