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  1. Three words synonymous with Southern Soul are Muscle Shoals and Fame. Florence Alabama Music Enterprises or simply FAME to all its fans...

    A 18 minute video interview, background info, video and more...

    The second in our hoped to be regular feature - A lets have a look at members clubs... Rugby Soul Club

    I first went to a rare soul all nighter in early 1969. It was in a solitary disused railway station about half a mile from the hamlet of Kelmarsh in north Northamptonshire

    From those early discussions the pair decided that Kenny’s long and diverse career was worthy of documenting properly and here, three and a half years later is the final proj…

    Welcome to the first of a new feature.A lets have a look at members clubs.

    Sam Dees is held in the highest regard by producers and fellow-artists alike. Here are a selection of 22 of his best songs from 1970 to the early 80

    Dave Moore steers his ears at Soul Junctions latest Cd Release ..

    Dave Thorley passes on his take of the just gone weekender

    Dave Rimmer passed on word of an article that he has posted on his SKM website after an interview with Curtis Smith.<br />A few preview clips follow below, for the full meat…

    George Clinton Interview on Factmag

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Factmag features an interesting current London based interview with Mr Clinton.<br />A quick preview ...

    The Shinola project on Vogue

    The Guardian Does Popcorn

    By source news, in Soul Features,

    An article on the 'Popcorn Scene' could be read in the Guardian yesterday

    Cool Article On Wilton Crump

    By boba, in Soul Features,

    Here is a cool article my friend wrote on singer/songwriter Wilton Crump

    Soulfusion yearly review<br />Well what a rollercoaster year its been at soulfusion...<br />

    While the story of the artist behind 'little love affair' has been documented a fair few times already, this 'essay' written by Peter Blecha, may still be worth a read/visit …

    Meet up with two of the guys from this very talented group Fred Forsh & Gordon T Danniels, a few weeks ago in the U.S. Sadly the 45 below was all that ever made it to the str…

    I wrote a feature prior to the New Century Soul 10th Anniversary Allnighter which related the story of the build up to the gig and thought it might be fun to relate a kinda P…

    Northern Soul Cover Versions?

    Looks like the story with this series of vids just keeps on growing..<br />May have seen them mentioned in various threads on here, the first just only 3 months ago

    This was the 2nd annual Soul Train Cruise to set sail, this time from San Diego.

    A full detailed look at the upcoming appearance of Soul legend Bunny Sigler at the New Century Soul Club Allnighter 20th Nov 2013 by Dave Moore<br />

    The Ivy Jo Hunter Story by Rob Moss

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    The Story of the man who wrote some of Motown’s most beautiful and important songs and become one of the most successful song writers in the world

    Link to news article about Edwin Starr from today's BBC website about how he came to live in Nottingham, etc

    Levi Stubbs - 5 Years On

    By kevin jones, in Soul Features,

    October 17th sees the fifth anniversary of the passing of Levi Stubbs. Not an anniversary to celebrate but just to make one think...<br /> read more...

    Debbie Taylor Article - Her story plus a look forward to the UK Concert in Yorkshire on 9th Nov 2013

    The website Daily Bulletin features an article by David Allen titled 'Northern Soul fans dig Southern California song'<br />Which concerns itself with words from past song w…

    The amount of re edits/re workings/remixes/mash ups being played on the Modern Soul scene...

    Had a quick pass on about a interview with Jimmy James in the new issue of Record Collector, told its about Jimmy James talking about his career and upcoming Uk tour with his…

    A look at the Pied Piper setup via interviews and more from Rob Moss

    An afternoon of music and mayhem in tribute to One of the Scotland’s and the UK’s finest Rare Soul Clubs

    A very hot night in London, in more ways than one.<br />I did wonder if the weather would affect the numbers attending but my concerns were needless. A good crowd in, and som…

    Got back from Lifeline just a short time ago, just enough time to shower and have coffee so I thought I'd put a brief comment up.

    Mary Love Remembered. An article by Ady Croasdale

    I've decided to knock my Modern Musings column in Soul Up North on the head after 11 years in the "modern soul" seat. I figure 11 years is long enough for both readers and s…

    Darondo 1946-2013 Article

    By ady croasdell, in Soul Features,

    An article to mark the passing on of William Daron Pulliam better known as funk and soul icon Darondo

    Music and Thatcherism.

    By stevesilktulip, in Soul Features,

    The problem with the critics of Thatcher is that they always pick on the wrong things to criticise.

    Well I never, been over 10 years since I last visited the hollowed place that is The 100 Club

    Here's the latest label in my Mighty 3 discographies. The legendary Gamble label.<br /><br />Also, at the bottom I have included a YTube video showing all the 7" releases <br…

    Modern Musings…….…news and grooves from the Modern Side with Mark Randle<br /><br /><br />Once again I’ve left it to the last minute to pen this piece, so it’s just as well t…

    Mel Britt - Northern Soul Icon

    By Dave Moore, in Soul Features,

    With the passing of Mr Mel Britt I thought it timely to remind ourselves of a very special day in his company...

    Part 2 of a series of articles -Save the Children — Who really cares? and Flying High in the Friendly Sky

    At the risk of being accused of being boring (moi?) I must say the 100 Club was excellent last night. Ady had announced that the five resident DJs would be in action together…

    Margaret Little - Her Story

    By Andy Rix, in Soul Features,

    Margaret Little was born in Detroit on August 7th 1945. She was the oldest of 3 children. Her parents divorced when she was very young and her father, a member of the Four Ki…

    Don Juan Mancha - The Story

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    The Story of Don Juan Mancha — songwriter, producer, musician and talent scout by Rob Moss

    I create listings of my favourite cuts at each year end from a contemporary soul/dance/jazz perspective, and can't remember whether I've posted them here before, but here the…

    Mark Randle's Modern Soul Musings

    By Mark R, in Soul Features,

    I find myself tempted to start once again with mention of the weather here in the UK, but it’s all just a little too depressing so I’ll keep it brief. Suffice to say my thou…

    Yesterday 30.12.12 we said goodbye to one of the most iconic clubs of the 60's , the Twisted Wheel at Whitworth Street

    Had such an amazing night last night , felt the need to spread the love and share it with anyone that likes to read stuff like this.<br /><br />Long ago in the times of 60's …

    Dunn Pearson & The 9th Street Exit

    By Roburt, in Soul Features,

    Dunn Pearson was around on the Cleveland soul scene from the late 60's through to 1980 when he relocated to New York. In that time, he backed up many local soul groups & sing…

    Edwin Starr's Cleveland Years

    By Roburt, in Soul Features,

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