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  1. 100 Club - A Hot Lookback - 6th July 2013

    Soul Articles · Geoff · ·   1

    A very hot night in London, in more ways than one.<br />I did wonder if the weather would affect the numbers attending but my concerns were needless. A good crowd in, and som…

  2. A Quick Lookback - Lifeline Soul Allnighter 29 June 2013

    Soul Articles · Geoff · ·

    Got back from Lifeline just a short time ago, just enough time to shower and have coffee so I thought I'd put a brief comment up.

  3. Mary Love Remembered by Ady Croasdell

    Soul Articles · ady croasdell · ·   21

    Mary Love Remembered. An article by Ady Croasdale

  4. Modern Musings In Soul Up North......End Of An Era!

    Soul Articles · Mark R · ·   4

    I've decided to knock my Modern Musings column in Soul Up North on the head after 11 years in the "modern soul" seat. I figure 11 years is long enough for both readers and s…

  5. Darondo 1946-2013 Article

    Soul Articles · ady croasdell · ·   2

    An article to mark the passing on of William Daron Pulliam better known as funk and soul icon Darondo

  6. Music and Thatcherism.

    Soul Articles · stevesilktulip · ·

    The problem with the critics of Thatcher is that they always pick on the wrong things to criticise.

  7. 100 Club Last Night - 18 May 2013

    Soul Articles · Dave Thorley · ·   15

    Well I never, been over 10 years since I last visited the hollowed place that is The 100 Club

  8. Gamble Records Full Discography

    Soul Articles · phillyDaveG · ·   16

    Here's the latest label in my Mighty 3 discographies. The legendary Gamble label.<br /><br />Also, at the bottom I have included a YTube video showing all the 7" releases <br…

  9. Modern Musings With Mark Randle May 2013

    Soul Articles · Mark R · ·   4

    Modern Musings…….…news and grooves from the Modern Side with Mark Randle<br /><br /><br />Once again I’ve left it to the last minute to pen this piece, so it’s just as well t…

  10. Mel Britt - Northern Soul Icon

    Soul Articles · Dave Moore · ·   17

    With the passing of Mr Mel Britt I thought it timely to remind ourselves of a very special day in his company...

  11. Flying High in the Friendly Sky - Brainy Soul

    Soul Articles · stevesilktulip · ·   2

    Part 2 of a series of articles -Save the Children — Who really cares? and Flying High in the Friendly Sky

  12. 100 Club Allnighter Lookback - 16 March 2013

    Soul Articles · Geoff · ·

    At the risk of being accused of being boring (moi?) I must say the 100 Club was excellent last night. Ady had announced that the five resident DJs would be in action together…

  13. Margaret Little - Her Story

    Soul Articles · Andy Rix · ·   54

    Margaret Little was born in Detroit on August 7th 1945. She was the oldest of 3 children. Her parents divorced when she was very young and her father, a member of the Four Ki…

  14. Don Juan Mancha - The Story

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·   21

    The Story of Don Juan Mancha — songwriter, producer, musician and talent scout by Rob Moss

  15. Mark Randle's Contemporary Countdown 2012

    Soul Articles · Mark R · ·

    I create listings of my favourite cuts at each year end from a contemporary soul/dance/jazz perspective, and can't remember whether I've posted them here before, but here the…

  16. Mark Randle's Modern Soul Musings

    Soul Articles · Mark R · ·   13

    I find myself tempted to start once again with mention of the weather here in the UK, but it’s all just a little too depressing so I’ll keep it brief. Suffice to say my thou…

  17. Down Town - Location Manchester -Terrace Nq

    Soul Articles · Anais nin Carms · ·   5

    Had such an amazing night last night , felt the need to spread the love and share it with anyone that likes to read stuff like this.<br /><br />Long ago in the times of 60's …

  18. Dunn Pearson & The 9th Street Exit

    Soul Articles · Roburt · ·   10

    Dunn Pearson was around on the Cleveland soul scene from the late 60's through to 1980 when he relocated to New York. In that time, he backed up many local soul groups & sing…

  19. Edwin Starr's Cleveland Years

    Soul Articles · Roburt · ·   20

  20. Dynamites Feat Charles Walker

    Soul Articles · Cunnie · ·   13

    Better known probably to most as Little Charles and The Sidewinders who recorded many "Northern Soul" favourites for Decca, Little Charles or Charles Walker as he is known to…

  21. Charles Drain: Two Stupid Feet

    Soul Articles · Roburt · ·   6

    Charles Drain was born in Eupora, Mississippi back in 1939.

  22. It's About Time - Bobby Brooks Wilson

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   2

    His story is a true rags to riches tale. Bobby Brooks Hamilton was born in New York (1961?) but as an infant he found himself in the foster care system in South Carolina whe…

  23. TOPPS 45s “Yeah, But Can You Play ‘Em?”

    Soul Articles · Dave Moore · ·   12

    The memorabilia available to collectors of Berry Gordy’s Motown and its subsidiary labels and companies

  24. Dennis Coffey Interview

    Soul Articles · Gazfunk · ·   7

    This may well be of interest to some of you. I have recently just interviewed the legendary Dennis Coffey for my soul & funk blog, Gazfunk. As you probably know, Dennis doesn…

  25. Let Our Love Grow Higher - Eula Cooper Biography

    Soul Articles · Roburt · ·   5

    The Eula Cooper Biography

  26. Marie Knight That's No Way To Treat A Girl

    Soul Articles · Roburt · ·   25

    Marie Knight came into the world way back in 1925 and though she enjoyed a recording career that stretched over 61 years, she savoured little actual commercial record success…

  27. Gil Scott-Heron: The Revolution Begins

    Soul Articles · Dean Rudland · ·   16

    The three albums Gil Scott-Heron recorded for Bob Thiele’s Flying Dutchman label are...

  28. Ralph "Soul" Jackson: The Alabama Love Man

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   3

    The return of a legend — or maybe more accurately, the first time this legend’s ever really gotten his due! Ralph Jackson’s been working in the Alabama soul underground for d…

  29. Charles Wilson: A Troubled Child

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·

    Charles Wilson was raised in Chicago, began performing at age seven, and sang as a teenager in Chicago-area night clubs. Blues legend Little Milton is his uncle, however his…

  30. Barbara Stant: Unsatisfied Woman

    Soul Articles · Roburt · ·   4

    Barbara Stant got into the recording business at the end of the 1960’s after she dropped in on the offices of Shiptown Records in...

  31. Paul Riser MBA - Motowns Brilliant Arranger

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·   20

    Paul Riser Motown’s Brilliant Arranger.

  32. Roger Hatcher

    Soul Articles · Roburt · ·   7

    Roger Hatcher was a member of a very musical family, apart from his brothers Will and Roosevelt, his cousin was of course the most famous Hatcher, Charles (Edwin Starr). Roge…

  33. Kent Harris' R&B Family

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·

    Kent Harris, well known to those who collect Rare Soul records because of his wife Ty Karim and his record label Romark. But there is more to the man than many will probably…

  34. Frank Wilson - The Story of Do I Love You (Indeed I do)

    Soul Articles · Andy Rix · ·   31

    Thanks go to Andy Rix for making this article available to all. Originally written and published to accompany...

  35. The Billy Nichols Story

    Soul Articles · Roburt · ·   17

    Billy Nichols has now been involved with the music biz for about 50 years and he's still going strong. Down the years, he has sung gospel, soul and blues plus played the guit…

  36. The Jazz Scene: The Beginnings of Soul.

    Soul Articles · slimharpo · ·   3

    Further to the two articles I've previously posted about the early Blues & Soul Magazine I've dug out my copy of the Jazz Scene Magazine from August 1962, I was a sprightly 1…

  37. Ivy Joe Hunter: See You Around!

    Soul Articles · Louise · ·   3

    Native Detroiter Ivy Jo Hunter was born Ivy George Hunter on August 28th 1940.

  38. Dave Godin: More Blues & Soul. The Readers Choice

    Soul Articles · slimharpo · ·   1

    For the second article highlighting Dave Godin's Column from Blues & Soul, the scans feature the readers choice.<br /><br />The first scan is from Issue 44, 1970. As you wil…

  39. David Bursey: A Soul Journeyman.

    Soul Articles · Louise · ·   14

    David Bursey is yet another one of soul music’s many unsung heroes, a soul journeyman who has spent a life time living the dream of recording a hit record. David Charles Burs…

  40. Mark Randle's Modern Soul Musings

    Soul Articles · Mark R · ·   1

    Thanks to Mark Randle for his summer choice of Modern Soul and special thanks to Howard Earnshaw and Soul Up North for allowing us to use Mark's article. This will hopefully…

  41. The Impressions - Live At The Jazz Cafe, London 7-9-2012

    Soul Articles · eddiep · ·   5

    Just wanted to share this with all the soul fans here and in particular, Impressions fans.I've more footage to be transfered yet but as a taster this is The Impressions openi…

  42. Dave Godin: A Bit of Blues And A Lot Of Soul

    Soul Articles · slimharpo · ·   1

    Soul Source member Slimharpo posted three excellent topics highlighting some of Dave Godin's columns in Blues and Soul from the early and mid 70's giving a great insight into…

  43. Bettye Lavette...50 Years Strong

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   2

    Bettye Lavette celebrates her 50-year music career with the triumphant release of 'Thankful n' Thoughtful' on anti- September 25 and her autobiography. 'A woman like me' co-w…

  44. Darrow Fletcher - The Interview - The Full Story

    Soul Articles · Boxy · ·   8

    An Interview - From Northern Soul to Modern Soul - The Full Story.

  45. The Twisted Wheel Campaign.

    Soul Articles · Irish Spinner · ·   16

    As a representative of the, Save The Twisted Wheel campaign & the club's current promoter Pete Roberts.I can now tell you after discussions with the developers, Richard Goodw…

  46. Who are the Great Soul Deejays?

    Soul Articles · stevesilktulip · ·   67

    Who are the Great Soul Deejays?

  47. Northern Soul was built on...

    Soul Articles · stevesilktulip · ·

    Music. A constantly changing and evolving body of work, not the same 200, 300 or even 400 orginal vinyl records on a loop.The music was played on a variety of original vinyl,…

  48. Colin Curtis - Too much to Swallow.

    Soul Articles · stevesilktulip · ·   56

    n short, he got the best spots because he is Colin Curtis

  49. Sharon Scott: The Search Is Over

    Soul Articles · Andy Rix · ·   35

    ​I'm pleased that last night I was able to tell Ady that somebody had indeed found that girl. Alive, well and happy, as a Church Minister, in the USA.

  50. So many sides of Northern Soul.

    Soul Articles · stevesilktulip · ·   7

    To the connoisseur, Northern Soul has been around since the late sixties...

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