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  1. Blues or Soul?

    Soul Articles · stevesilktulip · ·   10

    Thirty years ago I travelled to London to see Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, Albert King and John lee Hooker


    Soul Articles · MarkGorton · ·

    A brief recollection of teenage northern soul combined with the middle-aged murder of a timeless classic.

  3. Best Soul Nights in the North East Ever

    Soul Articles · stevesilktulip · ·   198

    My first all-dayer was in 75 and I tend to think of them amongst the best days of my life.

  4. Jimmy Ricks

    Soul Articles · Roburt · ·   6

    Jimmy Ricks was born in Adrian, Georgia before his family relocated to Florida...

  5. John Rhys - Co-Writer Of Time Will Pass You By

    Soul Articles · macca · ·   41

    Armed with Google and a lot of free time, I thought I'd have a go at finding one of the authors of th...

  6. Oslo Soul Experience - Lookback -28 March 2012

    Soul Articles · JohanT · ·   14

    WOW, that is the only word that I can think of right now if I shall begin to describe the soulful weekend experience I just had in Oslo. I'll take it from the beginning. …

  7. Ed Wolfrum - Detroit Sound

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·   21

    Ed Wolfrum by Rob Moss Article Photo: Detroit from the river 1966 The emergence of Detroit as a major music centre in the early 1960s has as much to do with technologic…

  8. Helen Pereira - Queen Of The Go-Go

    Soul Articles · Pep · ·   122

    Background information on the passing of a well-known and much loved personality from the West Midlands' Soul Scene

  9. Soul Survivors and The New Wave - Farmer Carl Dene Returns at Newhampton

    Soul Articles · jimdrudge · ·

    Northern Soul DJ 'Farmer' Carl Dene will be back behind the decks rejoining the wave of enthusiasm for sounds which first hit the North and Midlands in the 1960s. He will b…

  10. Greatstone Soul Club Has Finished

    Soul Articles · mark b · ·   45

    The Greatstone Soul club is no more. it is with a heavy heart that i have to let you know that after 13 years in it's present format the Greatstone Soul club has finished, t…

  11. Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Ranked 1-100

    Soul Articles · ps00 · ·   66

    After having listened to this series that many times I thought i'd have a go at ranking them from 1-100. This is obviously just my favourites and not any attempt at an ob…

  12. Soul Junction Artist Biographies

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   1

    Have had word that the Soul Junction guys have started posting Artist Biographies on a new page on their website including Tony Talent, Hopkins Brothers The link follo…

  13. BBC Newsnights Paul Mason talks Northern

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   51

    While following Paul Masons (BBC Newsnight) twitter feed, I noticed amongst all the "current affairs" type tweets one or two comments/connections that could be taken as north…

  14. History Of Recording Site - Studio Photos and Info

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   1

    This site seems to be getting busy here at the start of 2012. As it title hints, its all about the recording side of popular music. And while tales of tapes and consoles may …

  15. Soul Discovery Top 50 For 2011/ Soul Discovery From The Vaults For 2011

    Soul Articles · Soul Discovery · ·

    Soul Discovery Top 50 for 2011 1 .Roland Johnson "When I hold your hand" (Baby Al Music) 2. R. Jones /Curtis E. Scott "Fallin again" (CesWho Productions) 3. The Lost Ge…

  16. One-derful's rich history

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   3

    Just a quick pass on of a current mainstream usa article having a look at the famed label One-derful's rich history Chicago Tribune One-derful's rich history Chicago…

  17. djmelismo blog 2010-12 1 of 2

    Soul Articles · djmelismo · ·

    Happy New Year! Posted by djmelismo, 01 January 2012 Wishing to spread the positive vibes in the new year here via MIX #50: PLACE-2-GO - Count On Me/Step Into My Li…

  18. Diary Of A Travelin Soul Fan by Dave Moore Part 2 of 2

    Soul Articles · Dave Moore · ·   5

    Diary Of A Travelin Soul Fan by Dave Moore Part 2 of 2 site note the account continues, if you haven't read part 1 of Dave's travels then get yourself to...

  19. The Story of Bob Abrahamian and his radio show Sitting In The Park

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   56

    Over the years whilst looking over Soul Source you may have noticed long time member boba regularly posting up the latest details of his weekly radio shows titled "Sitting In…

  20. Diary Of A Travelin Soul Fan by Dave Moore Part 1 of 2

    Soul Articles · Dave Moore · ·   10

    DIARY OF A TRAVELIN' SOULFAN After last year's Hitsville Weekender was over, Bev and I planned to visit to the Australian National Northern Soul Weekender. Two Hitsville s…

  21. No Tulips from Amsterdam, but a whole lot of soul - Lookback Nov 2011

    Soul Articles · Dave Rimmer · ·   29

    No Tulips from Amsterdam, but a whole lot of soul.

  22. The Story of Leonard Jones and Fast Track Studios

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·   4

    Leonard Jones and FAST TRACK STUDIOS. When the Motown Corporation packed up and left town in 1972 a giant void was left in Detroit's musical landscape. A company that ha…

  23. Brothers Of Soul Lookback 22 Oct 2011

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·

    BROTHERS of SOUL in concert. Caribbean Centre, Coventry - 22nd October, 2011. I'd like to nominate this performance as one of the '50 key landmarks in Northern Soul hist…

  24. Lecture - Leon Ware (Seattle 2005) Video

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   1

    A lengthy and interesting talk from 2005 and while has been available on the red bull site its been given a shout as its just now fresh on vimeo the below is from the …

  25. A Look at Billboard via Google Books

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·   5

    a look at the online Billboard archive...

  26. Soul Obsession Edinburgh Oct 1st lookback

    Soul Articles · Dave Rimmer · ·

    What a great time we had. Johnny Weston and I left Birmingham airport at midday on the Saturday with brifght sunshine and 26 degrees. We arrived in Edinburgh to dull over…

  27. Northern Soul - Exclusive Teaser First Look and Interview

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   60

    Last month Soul Source had a look at the mainstream media coverage of the upcoming film titled "Northern Soul".

  28. The Soul Set - Article on the group

    Soul Articles · Flynny · ·   16

    Back in 2003 I was contacted by the drummer of the Soul Set of 'Will You Ever Learn' fame..

  29. Silhouettes -Website

    Soul Articles · Guest · ·   4

    The link below is to a site dedicated to The Silhouettes which has been put together with a great deal of effort and care. There is much, in fact a great deal to read…

  30. Supercorsa Blog 2005-2011

    Soul Articles · Supercorsa · ·

    In A Reflective Mood Posted by Supercorsa, 11 July 2011 · Just sitting here on my day off, meant to have been doing some work on the computer, but as always logged onto S…

  31. Talking with Maxine Brown - Video Interview - 2hrs

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   2

    James Power has been in touch and passed on word of a great online video interview he carried out with Maxine Brown.

  32. djmelismo blog 2010-12 2 of 2

    Soul Articles · djmelismo · ·

    Soul Searching Posted by djmelismo, 01 May 2011 · Been doing some soul searching again and this is what I came up with for mix #42: MARJORIE BARNES - Drift Away (1983) …

  33. Europe And Beyond - The Rare Soul Scene - Oslo soul experience

    Soul Articles · little-stevie · ·   4

    Part 2 of Europe and beyond.. The rare soul scene guide to whats on over the water.. Oslo Soul Experience Paid this place a visit in for the anniversary a few …

  34. Sam E Solo A Biography

    Soul Articles · Louise · ·   11

    Sam E. Solo Biography by Dave Welding Sam E. Solo was born Samuel Flournoy Jr on the 13th of July 1942 in Shreveport Louisiana, to parents Samuel and Ona Lee Flournoy.…

  35. Darlene Love

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·

    Don't know if aware or read but Darlene Love has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. If your interested you can read about it at…

  36. Uncle Stan the Hip Hit Record Man - Stan Lewis Interview

    Soul Articles · scotchmartin · ·   4

    An interview with Stan Lewis, founder of Jewel Records (Ronn/Paula) by Martin Gavin

  37. Petition On Behalf Of The Late Roy Hamilton

    Soul Articles · swoz · ·   76

    The family of the late Soul Legend Roy Hamilton, would like everyone to click on Roys new memorial website.

  38. Europe And Beyond.. Gothenburg Soul Scene

    Soul Articles · little-stevie · ·   17

    Been wanting to feature whats on overseas for a long while.. Seems a good time now with Dave doing the overseas events guide.. I am gonna feature soul clubs and history …

  39. Latin Music Usa Video Documentary Online - 4Hrs

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Latin Music USA Video Documentary online 4 hours worth, a mainstream feel, talking heads, clips and such done well Laid out in a easy to dip in to style, chapters, episo…

  40. Top Tips For 2011

    Soul Articles · Sean Hampsey · ·   248

    Well, its that time of year again Exactly 12 months since we did the last 'Top Tips' thread... so, as it's now a Soul Source tradition, here we go again!

  41. Revilots Blog from 2010

    Soul Articles · REVILOT · ·

    THE MAGNIFICENT 7 - THE "X" FACTOR & NORTHERN SOUL Don't worry this is not somedaytime television style look into the role that Northern Soul has played inthe development …

  42. The O`jays On Line Biopic

    Soul Articles · de-to · ·   8

    Unsung episode link gone away

  43. Purist Blog - Rugby's Freestyle Room

    Soul Articles · purist · ·

    Rugby's Freestyle Room, A 40 Year Journey Posted by purist, 26 November 2010 · These days with my memory failing a little I'm not exactly sure when it was that …

  44. Upfront Or Way Behind Why?

    Soul Articles · Mark Bicknell · ·   128

    Being very much out of the loop scene wise so from an outsider looking in as it were it would seem

  45. tony foster blog 3 of 3 from 2009-10

    Soul Articles · Tony Foster · ·

    Taste Of Hell Fire Posted by Tony Foster, 08 November 2010 First of all a big thank you to Captain Morgan for inviting us a long to the Taste of Honey at the Hell Fire C…

  46. Chalkys Blog from 2008-10

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·

    From: Lifeline Bank Holiday Weekend Bonanza Posted by chalky, 16 August 2010 · After our recent foray into Mace Land, Bidds and Stoke that is, we are pleased to be getti…

  47. sandi blog part 3 of 3 2009-10

    Soul Articles · sandi · ·

    Venues, Birthdays, Weddings, Betrayal Most Horrid. Posted by sandi, 08 October 2010 · Along this road of life no matter what background we all as individuals have, no mat…

  48. Pete McKenna interview by Snowy

    Soul Articles · snowy · ·   9

    An interview with Pete McKenna author of real world books "Nightshift and "Who the hell's Frank Wilson", including news of a new forthcoming edition of Nightshift (several hu…

  49. the golden 101 blog from 2010

    Soul Articles · Goldsoul · ·

    Owls, Snow And Lil' Ole Me..... Posted by The Golden 101, 02 December 2010 Sheffield Wednesday takeover, excellent news, a Saudi Billionaire? Er's Milan M…

  50. Northern Soul at Lowton - The End of an Era - Fri 10th Sept

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   21

    A few years ago I found myself turning into the Lowton Civic Carpark...

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