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Andy bb blog from 2005


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Someone Has To Start It

Posted by Andy Bb 11 February 2005

There's not a lot more egotistical than a blog is there? Why exactly would someone want to read about someone else's exploits? Because we're all so sad we like to live our life vicariously through the eyes of someone we hardly even know except as a name and a silly image on a monitor?

Because we do know the person and want to see if we get a mention?

Because we have a genuine interest in the welfare and mental state of our fellow human beings? Or because we're nosey bastards with bugger all else to do for most of the working day. That'll be it.

This week I have mostly been eating E's so I'm more than a bit tired. After a good night down at Shake in Bethnal Green which involved 'havin a word' with some local gangsta kids (I had a 6ft 6" rockabilly standing behind me which was more than a tad reassuring as I virtually single-handedly fronted the 5ft 3" drunken emaciated child). Dancing to some 80s soul record being championed by Jo Wallace. At least I think she was championing it - she played it after all, and felt strongly enough about it to add words to the effect of "If anybody tries to tell me this isn't a fucking Soul record I'll smack em in the head" I didn't try to tell her, nor did anyone else, I did see the 6ft 6" Rockabilly make a move to the decks but I presume he was warned off before he was beaten to a bloody pulp.

Shake was followed by the usual all-night party followed by the usual knackered comedown, followed by crawling to bed and then the usual "Can you bring a box of records cos a couple of the DJs can't make it, oh and you've got half an hour to get here" dream.

Half an hour or so later we arrive, full-of-the-joys, to hear the end of a soulful seventies set at Valatone. The look of disappointment on the faces of the soulies on the floor when a Mod arrived with a box of records, coupled with my comedown, almost had me in tears. I played a couple of seventies tunes to give them some false hope before cruelly switching to the usual stuff, to be fair to them they did get up on the dancefloor a couple of times during the rest of the hour. Once to go to the bar and another time to walk over it and ask me if I had any more seventies.

Valatone was followed by the 100 club (natch) and musically it was my favourite one ever. So happy was I that I didn't even bother trying to shoo that Goth girl out of mod corner. Actually I would have done but she was a big lass who looked to be in a bit of a mood, as is the way with folk of that Gothic ilk, she did nearly crack a smile as Matt Bolton stood on the dancefloor bang in front of her with an enormous grin on his face and his arms spread out wide like the crucifixion but she didn't quite manage to crack one. Probably asked herself 'What Would Satan Do' before deciding that the most diabolical course of action was to sulk for another few hours. Besides I was hardly going to confront her without the aid of a 6ft 6" rockabilly.

The rest of the week so far has involved a soul do that I can't remember going to, a birthday bash for Rob the Gooner attended by a bunch of soulies (is there no escape?) and the onset of a heavy cold which may prevent me doing very much this weekend.

Thank God for that! I'm sure you cry. At least we won't have to read his bloody boring ramblings next week.

Well if you don't like it don't read it. What do you mean 'it's too late'?

Not my fault you read this is it?

Look just piss off or I'll set my new rockabilly mate on you.

And Here We Are Again

Posted by Andy Bb 26 February 2005

Despite being the only bloody Soul Sourcer to Blog so far I've just been told to do another one.

bear in mond it's 4am and I'm off my nuts.

We currently have my bird's favourite ever DJ Niamh Lynch round to 'sort my records out'. I don't know about you but I've NEVER had my 45s in any kind of order and she's a bit anal about records.

We're about 8 hours into the job and a couple of pills and snorts to the good. I fear my 'sell them' pile has outgrown my 'keep them' pile and I have apparently got no choice in the matter as my fiancee has ordered me to keep to less than 1000 records.

Luckily Niamh is discreet and so the ones she thinks I got for a fiver haven't been exposed.

I have to say though it's a bit of a shock when someone with more taste than you goes through your boxes. On the plus side anyone who has the previous misfortune to hear me play is now in for a better set.

I'm left with a big pile of Mod and RnB stuff for sale so if anyone wants to swap for soul stuff drop me a soul-source message.

And if anyone's got a do - get Niamh on, she's got a hell of an ear!

Come on Prestatyn!

Don't Do It

Posted by , 28 February 2005 ·

Top tip from this weekend.

If you have friends like mine make sure you turn your PC off if you're having a bit of a sessions.

Otherwise you'll come to some time during the next day and realise that you've been online and upset half the known world. All at the insistence of your so-called mates.

Also, don't let anyone else sort through your records when you're totally spaced. You'll awake to find that all your favourites are in the 'to sell' pile while your best box is full of crap.

If anyone needs some friends you can have mine.

Just The Lads?

Posted by , 27 March 2005 · 10 views

It may be a girl thing too, but I'm totally sure it's a soul thing.

When normal people have a bit of a row with their partners it's got to be "you sleep there, I'll sleep here",

Now, for me and the moody wench I live with (with whom of course I've just had a barney) it's dead simple.

You bugger off to bed and I'll sit here with the other love of my life, my records.

On the face of it that may seem ok, but what concerns me is while the protagonist is in bed upstairs (as we speak) she's still getting all the benefit of my 'grumpy set' so as I sit here playing 'it'll never be over for me' 'all over but the crying', 'I'll be loving you' and other moody tunes REALLY loud in the hope it may wind her up, she's probably actually enjoying the quality tunes being played ostensibly to annoy her. NOT FAIR!

Do Goth couples who argue have the same luxury? I think not.

So, if there are any soul sourcers awake and reading this, do me a favour, recommend a tune that'll really REALLY p*ss her off. And in turn I'll dedicate it to you.

Nice one!

Two Loves Have I doesn't seem to be having any effect either... bugger.

The argument? It was about records, naturally

Bloody freezing today isn't it? Having an onternal struggle over wether or not I can get away with wearing a parka for Prestatyn this weekend. Having never been and considering the horror stories I've heard about

A: the heat (or definite lack of it)


B: The electricity meters

It looks like I'm in for a weekend spent huddled around the world's hungriest convector heater.

Any tips for keeping warm (while maintaining complete lack of libido) most gratefully received...

Your Speeling

Posted by Andy Bb 01 March 2005 ·

gets reeely badd when you're tanked dunnit.


Just got in from my first non-northern soul session night out for absolutely years and I have to say I'm scared. I was 'moshed' on numerous occasions and told I'm not supposed to retaliate as 'that's what they do'.

Well it may be 'what they do' but if the bloody long-haired yetis spill my pint again I shall set the dogs on the buggers.

Incidentally anyone who's open to a bit-of-the-other music wise should keep an eye out for an band called Brinksman. You heard it hear first.

Levine, if you're readin - they could make you millions!

And as I'm the only blogger so far here's a shameless plug for the Sunday Snug:-)

What better way can there be to relax at the end of a long week which includes the tail end of Prestatyn weekender and an all-nighter at the 100 club than to curl up in bed with a DVD something to smoke and a takeaway? No better way in my opinion.

But seeing as I have to get my arse out of bed and pretend to be happy and jolly while playing old records and stupid games with a group of people who couldn't give a toss if I lived or died , it would be nice if I had some company.

So please come down to the Sunday Snug. You can have a nice roast dinner, you can listen to some soul records, you might win a prize at the bingo or the quizzes, you may even witness a grown man break down and cry in front of a group of people who couldn't give a toss if he lived or died.

On a lighter note we have That Girl Lynn playing some tunes alongside Johnny Timlin and the completely unofficial and uninvited guest DJ Backdoor Kenny.

We also have Kavel tripping lightly around the tables handing out bingo cards, quiz sheets, pens, pencils and bagloads of good cheer.

Come down, it might well be fun. I feel better already!

68 Amwell Street



nearest tube angel

free in

4 til 10.30

After the 100 club on March 13th

be there or be elsewhere.

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