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DJ Profile Len Dopson


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Thought some of you out there might find this of interest...in the most recent addition of "Manifesto" magazine ,Northants very own Lenny Dopson, was profiled ....

anyway thought it was a little dissapointing that they edited so much out ,as i know he had made a lot of effort to put across some good points and comments ....

a lot of them seem quite rellevant to some of the recent threads on Soulsource....

I also thought they missed out a lot of the entertaining stuff....damned paparazzi !!

....anyway to redress the balance ( courtesey of Len ) here is the totaly unabridged version for your perusal


DJ Profile - Len Dopson




36 and a half!



Soul night - Kettering North Park aprox 1986 / All-nighter - Leicester Starlight Rooms aprox 1989. I was on before the late Derek Allen and I remember him being so supportive. (Not like some of my ‘Elders’ back then)



The first time I was on at The 100 Club. For a starter I couldn’t believe Ady asked me, I was on the bog for a week! I took a chance and played ‘Janice’ and the place erupted. Seeing characters like ‘Mad’ Shaun dance to your set is fantastic. Got a bit worried when some bloke got carried away, jumped up and grabbed the mike off me, but he was just enjoying himself.

I couldn’t believe the difference DJing there, as far as the records that I could play. The crowd were so open minded and gave every track a chance. Finally, I‘d found somewhere my mid-tempo was appreciated!…Ady even paid me which I thought was hilarious as I would of paid him!!!



The Embankment Club Wellingborough - Now in our 13th year!

TOP 7 ALL TIME FAV RECORDS: *I couldn’t name just five this time!*

Othello Robinson “So In Love” (ERA)

Stoppers “Come Back Baby” (Jubilee)

Deletes “Look At Me” (Blue Rock)

Charles Johnson “Never Had a Love So Good” (Alston )

Debonaires “How’s Your New Love Treating You” (Golden World)

Embers “First Time” (JCP)

Sea Shells “Quiet Home” (Villige)



100 Club,


The Embankment Club.

Winsford (First time around, such an event!)

The Wilton when not too much R’n’B is played (Haven’t been for ages though)

The Ritz Manchester was pretty good too!



100 Club.

I know a lot of DJ’s don’t get a chance. I may not have had as many spots as others but I feel I’ve had a fair go. There are so many people like Chris Anderton who should of been on at a lot more places.



Firstly, I’d just like to say that I hate the statement that you can tell a good DJ by the amount of people on the dance floor. That in my opinion is utter rubbish. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good if you fill the floor (I can enjoy dancing to oldies all night) Obviously we don’t want an empty floor for a whole set as this can kill a night. I like to see the floor flow.

What I mean is a DJ trying to bring something new the party (Or decks) The floor may thin out a bit where only a few people dance to stuff they don’t know. I admit it can be a nightmare dancing to a record you don’t know (Pretending you do) When the record stops you clap, walk off the dance floor only to realise it’s got one of those really annoying breaks in it and just as you sit down the same blasted records kicks back in again… You feel a right Burk!…Jesus is it only me that’s done that?!!!

Oh well…

There’s a market for all different type’s of DJ and events. I do feel though that people trying to play lesser known stuff get a tough time. These people don’t usually knock oldies DJ’s even if it’s not their taste. On the other hand I’ve seen some ‘Oldies Only’ fans be quite aggressive which is pointless and short sighted. I think the problem is that some DJ’s do try to play too much new stuff in one go, which is understandable as they are frustrated how long it takes for a new record to ‘Go’. But most progressive DJ’s I know mix it up. So if your one of these aggressive ‘Oldies Only’ people, don’t tarnish all DJ’s with the same brush. Listen a bit more. Then if you don’t like his entire set of course you can batter him!



Cliff Steel - Always been years ahead.

Soul Sam - For believing in his own taste and not caring what other people think.

Butch - Not so much influenced me. But got a lot of respect for him, obviously for the records but also for his modesty. Can you imagine how arrogant some people may be if they were in his position?

Adam - For his Djing but also years ago he told me the great northern soul ‘Unwritten Rule’ DON’T EVER ASK FOR A DJ SPOT!!! This is probably why I don’t get that much work!

Chris Anderton , Andy ‘Tats’ Taylor and all those types trying to put something fresh back in the scene.

Robbo for his enthusiasm and opinions…He gets ‘It’…



There all cover ups. You wouldn’t know any of them!!! Only joking here they are -

Melinda Marx “It Happens in the same old way” (VJ)

Holly Maxwell “Only When Your Lonely” (Constellation)

The Ster-phonics “Don’t Leave Me” (Mas - Tok)

Patti Drew “He’s The One” (Capitol)

Sandy Williams “Pushing a Good Thing Too Far” (4 Corners Of The World)

The Masters “I’ve Made a Mistake” (Dellwood)

Gene & Eddie “It’s No Sin” (Mon’ca)

The Natural Four “Hanging On To a Lie” (Boola - Boola)

Limitations “I’m Lonely, I’m Troubled” (Bacon)

The Sweet “Broken Heart Attack” (Smash) *Because it needs playing again!!!*



Not particularly (Or see last answer) I just do my best trying to push my lesser known stuff while keeping the ‘Floor Flowing’



When I ‘Sandwich’ a lesser known record between two better knowns and people carry on dancing…PHEW! No cold sweats this time!



Not being able to dance to the records that are playing!!! Mind you after a few beers I have been known to get a bit carried away behind the decks…Oooooh the next morning…Self Loath!…Self Loath…



I wish people had more respect for different DJ’s / tastes. The night isn’t purely for you mate! Yes I’m not keen on R’n’B but that’s done ‘tongue in cheek’. I’ve been out voted…even at my own bloody venue. (Thanks Roger Banks!!!)

Loads of people have been collecting for twenty plus years now so obviously most have a few decent records and it has naturally inspired them to want to DJ / share their sounds. Trouble is there are now more DJ’s than punters, so then more events are put on to cater for this and the scene has splintered. In my opinion the standards have dropped at some venues.

‘Cyber Soul’…What’s that all about eh?

I see on the internet people bickering arguing etc. Even bitching about each others events.

There’s nothing worse than bad mouthing an event, let people find out for them selves. We all have different tastes so what’s great for one person could be the opposite for someone else. Don’t rely on someone else’s opinion. I stayed away from The 100 Club for years because of that. When I tried it I was so angry at all the years I’d missed!

I think the scene is changing because of so many events as I said before everyone ‘Wants a go’. But also less and less people want to travel as much as they used to so I think soon most of the scene will be very localised. Age is catching up with some…Just think one day I may be bald like all the older boys!

Ginger Taylor mentioned all the politics etc in his DJ Profile and I echo that. It’s only a disco so lets treat it a bit more lightly…

Len Dopson.

site note

orignally published in forum but felt well worth a move here






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Gosh Len that was well rounded - I mean who ever thought to ask if there was "anything else you'd like to say" and get away with a 287 word response!

seriously though, many points well made :thumbup: - especially Chris and Robbo (I'm biased though)


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