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DMSC 22 May 04 Look Back and latest news


As first one for a while, bit of a rambling thing as takes in event and more

Yep, 6 months on and it was back to the Springfield, a long time coming, enjoyable feeling?

Well not till about 9pm to be honest, the run in to this was not entirely trouble free (see elsewhere for background)after a exyended gap and problems with dates, clashes and all sorts of stuff, have to say was a slight element of doubt creeping in to the run up to this one.

Anyway things fell together and on a sunny North Wales evening found meself back at the springfield car park.

Think it was Dave Rimmer who once called Springfield a "brilliant venue" well after the recent refurbishment, it is now just a bit more smarter, espically the main room, which also now appears even more roomer, walking thru door and it even smelt smart

The Two Dave's and Eddie as always were there and getting sound system sorted out, dunno if were new lowered roof but sounded best I ever heard it thru out the night. Top job there.

And thanks to them the nite saw the return of the exiled monkey banner, which for last 6 months was in hiding somewhere in depths of Manchester.

As said was suffering fom the pre-event clear head doubts, even Sue my wife had done a runner from this one, thankfully Steve and Julie f answered shout for help earlier on and took care of door side for the whole nite. Thanks go out for a great job.

DJ wise, aim as always to give you best in quality exciting rare soul, no change in policy or ought, but now at the point where at every nearly all the djs invovled are monkey regulars as well

Annie A kicked off the first shift, and did a cracking job with nice mix from her box getting things underway,

ten plays from Ann below

Anthony&The Aqua Lads ,I remember,Gold Bee

Barbara Brown,So in love,Carnival

Contessas,I keep on keepin' on,George Clements Prod,

Leon Haywood,You don't have to see me cry,Decca

Barbara Jackson,Big man,Warner Bros

Ertha Kitt,Anyway you want it, baby,Musicor

The Kittens,It's gotta be love,ABC

Reparata + The Delrons,I can hear the rain,Rca Victor

Mark Thatcher,Tell him you got someone else,Diamond

Danny Boy Thomas,My love is over,The Groovy

Thanks to Ann for getting things under way,

First thru the door think were Sid, Bernadette and mucker - bit of a relief as nightmare scenarios were running thru head. Place slowly got busy and then round 9 ish pace picked up, most suprising turn up was Colin and Shirley as last weekend was putting some haphazard plan to get them over involving hot air balloons over pennines so chuffed to see made it.

Andy Killock walked thru door at 9.15 picked up the torch round 9 16, his set went something like Bang Bang Bang Bang - rare soul ear assualt

here's Andy's plays

Devotions - De de do dop - Nation

Delites - Lover - Cuppy

Intensions - She needs somebody - USA

Cashmeres - Don't let the door - Hem

Timmy Carr - Workin - Kee

Deltour - Sweet and lovely - Starville

Shaddows - Together again - United Audio

Jimmy Burns - I really love you - Erica

Lou Pride - Get the message - C/U

Blendels - You need love - Dontee

Intensions - You say that you love me - USA

Celebreties - I choose you - Boss

Precisions - Sugar ain't sweet - Drew

Utopias - Girls are against me - Lasalle

Shametts - Don't waste your time - Gold Dust

Jesse James - Are you gonna leave me - Shirley

Empires - You're on top girl - Candi

Caveliers - Tighten-up baby - Shrine

Emory and the Dynamics - Lets take a look at our life - Peachtree

Vicky Labat - Gotta keep hanging on - Shagg

Professionals - Thats why I love you - Groove City

Victorians - I want to belong to you - Rowena

Damon Fox - Packin up - Fairmont

Again many thanks to Andy for dishing out the above

By now the pre-event fears had been washed away by lager and the sight of many regulars. Steve T fellow DMSC team bloke couldn't show till later on due to work but quickly made up for it.

All Era Room - was on the go at this time, after the last one went so well, feeling was it was goining to be more of same, but while music continued in same upward vein, attendance wasn't up to last one. Possibly just plain down to way ratio of 60/70s fans on the nite. Chico Pete Bangor,Phil Blacknell, Mark Speakman were players on nite and continued music wise from where left off

Pete Bangor (Roberts) Plays below

Frankie Knuckles-What's going on

Siani-Get Up on The Floor

Kashif-About To Fall In Love

Patti Labelle-New Day

Marcus Valentine-Gone

Joe-More and More

Stacey Mallory-People Of The World

DJ Pope-My Way

Teena Marie-I'm Loving You

Back to main room Ritchie Andrew was up at 10 and after Andy K set the pace, picked up th etorch and kept the nite moving with a great selection and a great mix

peoples choice -saving my lovin for you -palmer

pat and blenders - just because - fast eddie

archie bell -1000 wonders -atlantic span

brice coefield - ain't that right -omen

virginia blakly - let nobody love you - mojo

temptones - girl i love you -artic

johnny maestro - stepping out of the picture - sceptre

oracles - I ain't got time - OM

Topics - hey girl -chadwick

spiedels- dream girl - providence

enchanters - there'sa look about you- tee pee

gentlemen four -you can't keep a good man down -wand

chubby and turnpikes - I know the inside story - capitol

matadors -say yes baby -chavis

clasic sullivans - shame sham e shame -master key

age of bronze - i'm going to love you -guava

betty lloyd - Im catching on - bsc

lad teens - keep on rollin -cadillac

mamselles -open up your heart - abc

athens rogue - she could love me- stop

jo ann garret -whole new plan - chess

chevrons - Love i love you - mmc

Again have to say thanks to Ritchie for the above, great stuff, by now it was 11pm and so far night was on a roll

John Weston up and at them next, gave out a bit more of a 70s feel after Ritchies more 60's based spot. By now floor packed as it should be with stuff he was pushing out and am sure stayed that way right to end

Almost a part of the dmsc furniture Carl Willingham was up and at them for last hour, someone once said prove of a great dj is how wide a range and Carl did this with yet another set which had a different feel than others caught recently. Great stuff,.

New management and new staff of hotel, meant it had to be a on the dot finish which Carl did with "can't get over these memories" finishing the nite followed by all in showing their appreciation to all the djs for what to me was a tremendous night.

Crowd - well with chaos had getting this one of the ground thought be touch and go, but though slow at first it picked up and while not the busiest have had, after all probs reckon was a good one

Usual dodgy regulars showing up from all over Uk,

Few think online name checks not mentioned above off top of head

Joe Dunlop - he is monkey

ztsc crew - zero tolerence sc smiling here as every time hear name keep having visions of them going round giving it "what you looking at"

Kev and Karen S

Gaye and Colin

Stuart I

Martin, Chris,

Cel Colin Jean -will email you photos

Karl, Kit

Chris, Stevie C and gang

Joan and Tony - hope car sorted?

bound to missed loads

Odds :

ZTSC -Zero Tolerence Soul Club- good things about their recent Black Lion Hotel event in Manchester - sounds like on a winner

On the Scene - new one out with new mod section

New Weekly Summer Soul Nite on Thursdays to be launched soon at Kinmel Bay - more details when get them

Soul-Seek: Gaye passed on that events inc Station, Royal and Warrens all going well - details www.soul-seek.co.uk

camera - results from digital camera mean it is time to be sacked or at least dig out the manual

end bit

ok think its now about 2 years since kicked off monkey, as said at begining we're just doing things our own way, all based on us all getting a nite of exciting quality rare soul, and having a laugh with muckers when doing it

thats it bottom line

Think thats what got last nite, feedback got on nite said so

Of course as always say my view on things is always a bit different as involved in organising things, all organising stuff and so on makes it so.

So feel free to pass on your view if there

Hopefully get plays from John and Carl later on and will add


In a rare spirit of organistaion had confiirmed the next date and annouced it so on nite, unfortunately it seems that there may be a unforseen problem with this and are currently sorting..business as normal there!

Will annouce soonest


We had a Brilliant night last night, the All Era Room was Better than ever, shame there weren't more people there. Probably something to do with the cup final !!

Well Done another Great night out ! We will be there on the 9th July.

Ang&Jon Caddick - Deeside

For latest news and info can sign up at https://www.soul-source.co.uk/modules/evennews/for the low traffic dmsc news annoucement list

As always thanks to all

dmsc team

Mike and Steve

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