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Dome CSC 3rd Annivesary - And So it Continues Review


Dome CSC, well after moving back to the homeland a while back , my attempts to get regular to Dome, slowly got less and less, the vast amount of events, petrol prices, other involvements all meant trips down south had to be curtailed a bit. As been a bit of time since did a review of a csc nite, standby for a return of the sense of puzzlement that usually accompanies these reviews.

Written for off-list thing with soul talk bit added on for list, so apoligies if context not quite right

Well after a fair sized gap since making the trip down south, felt the third anniversary was a good time to get down to what have always considered one of the most enjoyable soul nites that have been to.

Plan was to get a full coach load of the worse dmsc reprobates around, who are currently not in jail or exile in spain and burn a path of crazy rare soul mayhem right across the face on England.

Well that was the plan ! Just say am handing in me travel agent badge right now,

After 30 + expressing a def interest plans were firm, but after a week of a lot of drop-outs, on Monday the monkey bus turned into first a minibus, then on wed a 7 seater and then finally due to high cost a five seater jap estate from bangersr us a couple of hours before the setoff ( Anyone planning similar watch out for the mileage extra costs ). A lot of factors, work, xmas, cash, came into play. and the day of travel saw frantic last min changes as trying to get the lowest cost. Have to apologise to the 3 who couldnt be fitted in, but if had got bigger vehicle cost almost doubled and would have made the trip a non-starter

Still managed to assemble a fairly desperate bunch of dmsc members with the likes of kit the jock, dick john, bob shaffer, paul o and meself all geared up for a trip down south.

Trip down was a record! After the usual north wales pick up confusion, have done this 101+ times and still goes wrong, wrong turnings, delays and so on.

Once all picked up and I had been substituted as driver we set off. We managed to get from Springfield Hotel (dmsc home base) area to Tufnall Park in 3 and a half hours....on a Friday nite? and with a stop ? Yep, as slept most of way have no idea how or even if it was legal, but just say was most welcome.Gotta say thanks to the CSC promoters/door staff as they were expecting us, and got a good welcome, "that monkey lot is here" along with the latest status symbol for the discerning soul types the anniversary keyring.(Top quality and already replaced me merc thing)

Thru doors and first noticed that a few changes, the cloakroom has gone, which was a bit discerning, as better half Sue had spent two years doing the coats in there and a few funny stories could be told. But then things were back to normal with familiar sight of Nick B dishing out flyers for next big event in London (next friday is Scenesvilles Christmas party at the Glasshouse club in Blackfriars).Fairly packed already with a good feel, time to hit bar.Many faces hadnt seen for a while so was a nite of catch up and all that.

Crowd wise, official figure was 400+ and as said had a good feel, as always whole range of age groups which is always refreshing, on travels round met people knew from all over Cambridge, midlands, north west, scotland, holyhead, finland, yorkshire - all of them,north east, south west, south east etc etc - be easier to have put all over uk and beyond.

Record room was busy with many familiar faces, Andy Dyson said he was fairly busy, an american seller seemed to being doing well, as always me own vinyl account was in red so avoided temptation of browsing. A request from Claire - Needs help finding 45 of "satan wont you let me" - Brenda Starr - Atco anyone help? get in touch if you can please.Jo Wallace was doing the cloakroom thing in corner, a quick bit of chat bout chatham soul in early 80s.

Sounds wise - not sure how much or if format has changed a bit since last time, and as an anniversary nite always going to be a bit different, heard many familiar CSC sounds, a fair few new unfamilars, a lot more 70s+ along with a fair few revivals, thought heard an an andy rix instru (the ive got something one)? though as out for an enjoyable nite wasnt that sure. Mick Smith was main guest and Pete Hulatt Will add playlists when out so can get full view rather than my snapshot recollections.

Nite seemed to finish too early, the lights went on for final finish and then spotted more who had to either catch up or sort something out . Greg finished nite with the "thats it no more, sorry no more, no thats it. " ...."oh ok then" and then after a pause let loose the Kindly Shepards which worked really well and a great way to underline the nite.

Got out off there, then a short nip up the motorways of england back to the homeland, arriving at 7 am time taken up with vinyl trivia, stories, solving all the world problems and all that. An impromptu after event session as had to wait till hand in hire car.

My view on nite was well enjoyable, it had been too long since last down there and had a great old time, the rest of the dmsc outing all thought nite was well enjoyable and impressed with sounds, feel of place and enthusaism of everyone and glad they risked the perils of putting their lives in hands of dmsc travel division

After 3 years on from that memorable first nite, glad to report that CSC lot still going strong, and after all the events of last year am well pleased to say that.

And sure that come next year be saying just the same again .

As a footnote, on events of last 12 months could say a lot as have strong feelings on some of the occurrences that went on by so called "figures" of this scene.

But for now all I will say is big thanks for the last 3 years to all CSC, the current crew plus all those who have been involved in the last 3 years especially including the original promoter Matt J.

Often read people saying how this scene is crying out for new blood, freshness and all that.

Well CSC have been doing that for 3 + years now, continually attracting fresh young soul fans, a young (compared to other events -evil grin- ) dj and promotion set up, fresh ideas, and best of all doing things the right way but as proved last nite the CSC is still strong and doing what it is good at.

Offering a quality rare soul punter friendly event

Hats well off to them, in fact throw the things up in air!!!!!!!!

mike h

Nods to all met and are readin this both, too many too list. Soul talk types, online, non-online, dmsc regulars and even the odd dmsc reg dj

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