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GLR Radio 1999 - Where's Wigan - a Londoners Guide to Northern Soul

GLR Radio 1999 - Where's Wigan - a Londoners Guide to Northern Soul magazine cover

'Where's Wigan - a Londoners Guide to Northern Soul' - BBC London radio station GLR 1999

Digging through the 6-pacs led to this packed away show from the late 1990s. Rather than just dump it on mixcloud have dug out the text that accompanied the show on here at the time...

As always with these type of digs, ask bear in mind that the text and the show are now over 20 years old


A radio show on GLR titled "Where's Wigan", subtitled "a Londoners Guide to Northern Soul"

The Capitol Soul Club is London based, devoted to spreading the soul in the capitol using a variety of methods with a great degree of success as proved by the dome event, with its all-ages crowd and fresh atmosphere. Much has been said about how can the scene move on, well here is a great example of soul fans spreading the soul... a radio show on GLR titled "Where's Wigan", subtitled "a Londoners guide to Northern Soul"

This one hour show ran weekly on Thursdays, for 2 months October to Dec in 1999 the shows were in Irish Greg's word "very funny and a very serious look at the music and interviews with celebrities that are into northern"

The shows were hosted by Matthew Priest who is a drummer with a certain band, won't say who cause every time i hear the name their biggest single starts playing in my head, and "H" a GLR Dj

On the shows as you hear, Matt P and Irish Greg discuss a lot of the scene main items, and as the show sub-titles suggests (a Londoners guide to northern soul) explains a lot of the "odd" things about northern, some off it is aimed at those who don't know a lot about northern (the band's name was Dodgy ...can you hear it in your head).

The clip consists of several clips of the show rolled into one 30 minute segment, clips inc interview bits from Keb Darge, Marc Almond

Broadcast 1999

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