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Guy Hennighan on the BBC video interview

Guy Hennighan on the BBC video interview magazine cover

The BBCs Inside Out programme will feature a special on Northern Soul on Monday 1st September 7.30pm BBC1

Also news on a site Guy is involved with (see links)

a brief clip check out link at end for site details

Guy Hennigan

Now living in Manchester Guy Hennigan is recognised as the man who revived Northern Soul from the doldrum that was the aftermath of Wigan Casino.

Along with Keb Darge - now a highly paid (not that he'd want anyone to know it! - sorry Keb) funk DJ, Guy brought sixties newies to the scene and remains a vociferous advocate of the quality and not the quantity of soul music.

Record collector, promoter and DJ he started his soul career at the tender age of 11 listening to his sisters records and learning from his friend across the street.

He passionately believes in Northern Soul - the music and hates any unworthy attempts to make it trendy

link to article updated


Guy Hennigan on Northern Soul :
I'm getting tired of making excuses for Northern just because of some chicken adverts... the scene is a bit of a dinosaur but there's still plenty of quality music to be found and that's what's important.

Guy Hennigan on being a collector :
Don't bother trying you need to be a millionaire nowadays and it's almost impossible to start a good collection if you're not...besides there are loads of cds available and they're more than satisfactory if you're not serious about collecting but you want to have some music at home.

Guy Hennigan on being a DJ:
There's very few quality DJs around now that are doing anything to progress the music...there's people running successful nights off the back of playing oldies etc and that's fine but I'd say that only Butch is doing anything like what used to be done...I'm semi-retired now and I'm lucky that I still get asked to DJ at good quality nights... my knowledge isn't anything like it used to be...but my knowledge is still 90% better than a lot of people professing to be DJs at the moment.

Guy Hennigan on having the knowledge :
It's everything and you can't be taken seriously without it...I get really p****d off when I hear people particularly on the radio talking about a subject they know little or nothing about.

Guy Hennigan on Northern Soul being trendy again :
If it attracts new people that's a good thing but I'm very wary of the media...Northern's been misrepresented before and I don't want that to happen again...

Guy Hennigan on why he still loves Northern Soul :
The music is still the best I've ever heard anywhere and what excites me is that records I used to think were no good I'm discovering are excellent...and that's what's truly great about Northern Soul.

Guy Hennigan on his Top 5 records:
The ones I haven't heard yet.

Guy Hennigan on the ones that got away :
Not that many but yeah I'd like to have them before I get too old.

Guy Hennigan on the size of his collection :
Not big enough...several thousand...I think!

Guy Hennigan on the future :
Well I'm going to carry on doing what I do but my website is also a focus for me now - it's a collection of photos - an archive of Northern Soul which eventually I intend to be a creditable and recognised user generated site where people can get in touch with one another - and embarrass one another in many cases (laughs) - but also it'll be a way of me buying and selling online. I've got lots of things in the pipeline but I don't like to give too much away!


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