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Last Saturday Yorkshire Rider at Halifax -Not Just A review


Well more than likely read the reports on last Saturdays Soul Nite at Yorkshire Riders Halifax, with guests Guy H and Andy Dyson, almost can be sure its going to be a good quality nite of rare soul.

Well thanks to Shirley for letting us use her words on the night, which makes a well entertaining read.

Includes full playlists from Guy H , Andy Dyson, the three regulars Colin J, Alex J, Eddie E, and John Purvis. And thats not all, starting off with a bit of a viewpoint which am sure many promoters out there can identify with, and then moving onto the actual nite, a great write up by Shirley which to me gives great feel of the nite

Not just a review more of an adventure

...and check out those playlists, defintely a outbreak of worthwhile quality rare soul all over the UK this weekend, who needs cheese when you can have cavair!

Hit that read more to ......read more!


Warning - Get kettle on, this is a long one ;-)))

This is a review of Saturdays soul night but if you can just indulge me for a sentence or two, Im just going to start off with a bit of a moan, about running a soul nite, and I guess any sort of soul venture in general.

Do any promoters out there recognise any of this or is it just us making hard work of it:-

You can put your heart&soul into organising a soul nite, but become so stressed sometimes, that you lose sight of why you were doing it in the first place. Well its been a bit like that with the Yorkshire Rider Club in Halifax. Over the last twelve months or so weve hit all sorts of problems, including low attendances, faulty in house sound systems, and moving venues to where we are based now. Truth is (and Im sure there are plenty of venue promoters who will vouch for this) it sometimes seemed like a lot of hard work for little or no reward - and Im not talking about monetary or status gain. We started this venture because we love soul music but we wanted to go to a soul night somewhere in our area that would play class northern soul music that we didnt hear often and the only way to do that was to run our own night, so from a selfish need grew a selfless task. Starting this enterprise has taken its toll on our financial and mental resources; weve hit low spots when we wondered why we were bothering at all, but weve always had the encouragement of a few loyal supporters of the venue who told us to stick with it; they said it just takes time to get a new venture off the ground. Well on Saturday night it finally felt like we turned the corner. (Moan over)

Sometimes you just know when its going to be a good night and April 13th was just what Northern Soul is all about, it was a night when everything just fell into place, the crowd, the DJs, the music. Even the bar staff (who usually sit playing cards in the corner when weve had a less than successful night) commented on the tangible atmosphere created in the room that night.I knew the DJs guests and residents) would provide the music, but that doesnt always mean youre in for a good night.Ive been to venues where theyve had a cracking DJ line up, but the crowd just werent up for it, despite the good tunes coming from the turntables.

It takes other elements to weave the sort of magic that creates a memorable night, and (this isnt as callow as it sounds) I knew the gods were smiling down on me when Karen hobbled in on a pair of crutches with her other half Kev, they had come over from Cheshire for their Saturday night soul fix but as they know I just lurve to dance and Karen obviously wouldnt be up to any backdrops that night they offered to run the door for me enabling me to get out on the dance floor and strut my funky stuff;-) Selfish I know but what can I say, the offer was made and I took it up ;-) In my defence, I did reciprocate by dancing to tunes Karen said she would have danced to in other circumstances, ok, ok I know I would have danced to them anyway ;-)) Thanks guys - it was much appreciated.

Thanks to Chalky for trying to teach me gibberish or was it the other way round ;-) and to Mark for the

lessons in hieroglyphics (Guy&Andys track listing) and also for acting as photographic director ;-) and to everyone who came from near and far to make it such a great night. Im still on a high now, but Ill get on with the business of tracks played.

Colin Wood (resident)

Kittens - I got to know him - ABC Paramount

Bouquets - Welcome to my heart - Blue Cat

Constellations - I didnt know how to - Gemini

Montereys&Grandeurs - Come home to me - Cardinale

Magnificent Men - Keep on climbing - LP track - 100% soulful, blue eyed

soul at its best - just a personal opinion ;-)

The Q - Thats the way - Hound

Joe Simon - I see your face - Hush

Butlers - Laugh, laugh, laugh - Phila

Four Exceptions - A sad goodbye - Parkway

Stella&The Gazelles - Im not in love with you any more - Womar

Magnificent Men - Do a justice to your heart - LP track

Harry Deal&The Galaxies - Youre always on my mind - Eclipse

Sunny DNunzio - Thats how much I love my baby - Unital

Buck Rodgers Movement - Take it from me girl - 21st Century

Maximillian - Youd better - Magic Circle

Bob Brady&The Concords - Goodbye baby - Chariot

John Purvis (resident)

Porgy&The Monarchs - Thats my girl - Sylves

Barbara Mercer - Thats how I like it - Sidra

Four Voices - Your love is getting stronger - Voice

Quotations - I dont have to - DiVenus

Lee Shot Williams - I like your style - Sharma

Pearlean Grey - I dont wanna cry - Green Sea

Holidays - I lost you - Groove City

Gene Woodbury - Thats not half bad - Del-Val

Love Masters - Pushin&Pullin - Jacklyn

Willie&West - Get away from me girl - LP track

Andy Mack - Later than you think - Chess

Eddie Engel (resident)

Trends - Thats how I like it - ABC

DeVonns - Freddie - Parkway

The Monitors - Fence around your heart - Buddah

Timothy Wilson - I got to find a new love - Buddah

The Spaniels - Maybe - Buddah

Billy Byrd - Silly kind of love -

Sammy Ridgley - Locked up -

Dean Barlow - 3rd window from the right - Lescay

Edwin Starr - Scotts on Swingers - Ric Tic

Joey De Lorenzo - Sunshine Girl - Mi Val

September Jones - Im coming home - Kapp

Guy Hennigan (guest)

Lord Thunder - Chaos - c/u

B J Thomas - Keep it up -

Eddie Foster - Closer together - Ocampo

Johnny Gibson - Come on and let me know - Soul Set c/u

Gwen Davis - My dont think I know - SS7

Peggy Woods - Love is gonna get you - Kent

Jimmy Bo Horne - I just cant speak - Dade

Linda Queen - Where can my baby be - Rod

Executive Four - Good thing going - Lu Mar

Gordon Keith - Look ahead - Calumet

Hayes Cotton - Black wings has my angel - Resist

Irma&The Fascinators - You need love - unissued

Cooperettes - Shing-a-ling - Brunswick

ad-libs - Youll always be in style - A&R acetate

Apocryphals - Im losing you - Mad (by the way looked up Apocryphals in

dictionary, definition: not genuine, Hmmmmm interesting ;-)

Bobby Sheen - Something new to do - Warner Bros

Joys of Life - Good times are over - Columbia

Alex Jones (resident)

Mary Saxton - Losing control - LP track

Devotions - Do Do De Dop - Nation

Carol Anderson - Taking my mind off love - Whip

Connie Questell - Give up girl - Decca

Agents - Trouble - Liberty Bell

Colt 45s - Lady Lady - Jerry

Delegates of Soul - Ill come running back - Uplook

Martha Starr - Sweet Temptation - Charay

Anita Anderson - Little bit longer - Contact

Robert Tanner - Sweet memories - Megatone

Servicemen - Sweet magic - Chart Maker

Soul Set - Will you ever learn - Bi-Me

Gloria&The Tiaras - Im satisfied - Betty

Sharon McMahon - Gotta find another guy - Karen

Informers - Hard way to go - Blackjack

Classics - So glad I found you - YanG

Flash McKinley - Ill rescue you - Bombay

Groovettes - Think it over baby - Reness

Bob&Fred - Ill be on my way - Big Mack

Andy Dyson (guest)

Phonetics - Just a boys dream -

Willie Kendricks - Whats that on your finger -

Sensations - Oh girl - Way Out

Dennis Edwards - I didnt have to - Soulville International

Clarence Hill - A lot of loving going round - Mainstream

Bobby Mc???? - Make me yours - ?

New Sounds - Dont take your love from me - LP track

Turbines - We got to start over - Senso

Montclairs - Hey you - Arch

Tropics - Hey you little girl - Topic

Larry Laster - Thats just what you did - Duo-Virgo

This is all I have got, sorry if full info is not here but still not fully au fait with Saturdays attempt at Egyptian calligraphy plus I spent a lot of the night enjoying myself instead of taking notes ofplaylists - I think (hope) Col is going to sack me ;-)

Once again thanks to everyone for making what for me has got to be one of the best soul nights Ive attended anywhere, ever.It just doesnt get any better than this or does it ? Now I wonder whats round that corner we turned?



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