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Lifeline 17 Apr 2004 look back (2 for the price of one)


After last weekend adventures at The Mill on the Pier Wigan Niter and New Century/New Untouchables Brum dayer to be honest a weekend at home seemed most inviting. But as had the ticket, plans to meet, and the memories of the last one still in my head, Saturday nite saw me doing that bloody drive to deepest yorkshire yet again.

plus a view by steve p afterwards

Getting better only drove past turning 3 times this time, thru the door and straight away could pick up that buzz, buzz being that feeling that often look for at weekends. Some events have it, some only have it now and again, some had it once but no longer, and there's those that never had it. When it hits you it just tells you in for a top nite.

Place was packed again, set up as last time with the main room sounds and djs comimg thru loud and clear in the front room. Again soul fans from all over the place Fair old contingent from round North Wales coast , loads from North West, Midlands, the bit between Midland and London, Kent, North east, East coast Scotland, Yorkshire...maybe easier just to say all parts of this island.

Main room wise, well dj line up may have given you a idea of what was gonna be dished out.

Quality rare soul, taking in full range of styles and eras. Current, don't hear a lots, classy revivals and so on. Main room was buzzing, packed, buzzing and hot!! with floor busy.

Was a problem with floor being a bit glassy, seems this could have been due to the condensation, with the heat and sweat being cause, well thats what someone said and it sounded good to me

As sound was both rooms hard to keep track of what was given out and by who. Think Cliffe Steele was away cause of illness, with Kitch standing in, not sure who was on earlier on though.Kitch and Andy D were on the case when was in main room, followed by guest Soul Sam (or was it Butch before). Sam gave out a fairly wide mix, stuff like Hamilton movement, Fluorescent Smogg, King Moses - Got this feeling -Margaret Little — Love Finds A Way Joseph Websters knock knock song My Love Is Strong, goes pear shaped now can't suss this one out was it Jerry Washington on tk label Glades, titles gone, -"waste your time" or something ? whats score on this, not sure if heard Sams annoucement right and thought heard it again later. Someone help me.

As said Butch was either before or after, Mick H was then also up and at them, and don't even think asking me who finished

Honey & The Bees, Tolbert , Jean Wells, Butlers, Sensations, Betty L & Bobby A, Eric Lomax c/up, Hank Hodge being just a few grabbed from memory


on the scene - latest issue out now and was being passed on

mags - dunno whats going on but in last week or so must have read 7 or 8 or more different mags, and still couldn't get away from them tonite with latest issues of Soul Up North, Shades of Soul and SKM all on offer. Shirley gave us a personalised lesson on how to complete her "hard as nails " quiz in SUN and even after the tution still only managed to get just the one right.

events - lots of new venues being flyered and talked about. Buzz word seems to be quality soul

monkey - fair old amount of regulars knocking around ( though due to gap its hard to remember what some look like:) hopefully be able to pass on that fairly important news on may event very soon

after 7 - main room shut and decks in back sparked up, mental note for future use that Mick H has "happy to be "

Nods - loads of catch/meet ups, fair few who knock around here and lots of laughs

endnote - well after 8 weeks since the last one,to me seems the second was as good as the first, dunno offical figures but seemed like another sell out.

My view simply another cracker.

Hats off go to all the lifeline team, promoters djs, door people , Rodz and Chris and all who were involved

next one think was said 8 weeks time

daved Posted: 2004/4/18 19:48 Updated: 2004/4/18 19:48


Joined: 2002/9/2


Posts: 37 Jerry Washington

Mike, the title of it would be "Don't Waste My Time" from 1976. It seems to be very popular at the moment. Nice tune.

Guest Posted: 2004/4/18 20:52 Updated: 2004/4/18 20:52

Re: Jerry Washington

Slightly popular to say the least Dave. Great record and it could almost have been written to follow Joseph Webster on Crow in a set which is one of the reason's Sam was desperate to get it.

Sounds like it was another cracker just a shame we had to pull out at the last minute as we were both really looking forward to it.

John N

Just realised i'm not logged in ooops

mike- Posted: 2004/4/18 22:23 Updated: 2004/4/18 22:23

team member

Joined: 2002/8/26


Posts: 2248 Re: Jerry Washington

Thanks Dave and John for info, Sams intro confused me a bit:)

How scarce? Current going price? :)

Johnny One Trout Posted: 2004/4/18 23:53 Updated: 2004/4/18 23:53


Joined: 2004/3/23

From: Behind you, behind you!!!!

Posts: 1744 Re: Jerry Washington

It's hard to say Mike as you said it is on Glades a TK subsiduary so you wouldn't have thought it was that hard but apparently Sam was after it for years with no joy, and after Steve Gaurnori played it at Yarmouth a couple of weeks ago interest has gone through the roof with the crossover boys so demand would be quite high. Sam did tell me that he did pay quite a bit for it because he was desperate to have and the seller didn't really want to sell, but he didn't mention a figure and i didn't ask.


Not much help i know but....

mike- Posted: 2004/4/19 0:00 Updated: 2004/4/19 0:00

team member

Joined: 2002/8/26


Posts: 2248 Re: Jerry Washington

.. a lot of help john!

think the term "interest gone thru the roof" says it all, its when the interest has sunk thru the floor that I can make a move:)

thanks again

worked well to my ears

Guest Posted: 2004/4/19 20:33 Updated: 2004/4/19 20:33


tickets were sold out, although a few who reserved tickets didn't turn up therefore denying someone a ticket :-/ with the guests, dj's etc there was just under 300 though the door.

I didn't take notes this time as Steve Phillis said he was doing a review and playlist, will post when sent.

Next one June the 19th, Tony Smith and Soul Sam as well as the regulars.

g.davis r.tyler Posted: 2004/4/20 14:50 Updated: 2004/4/20 14:50


Joined: 2004/4/20


Posts: 1 lifeline 2nd nighter sheridans 17th april

as chalky's said iv'e wrote reveiw and play lists a couple of titles and labels missing as i didn't quite catch them as i wrote it whilst dancing at the same time. e.mailed you a copy hope you got it .all in all a bloody brilliant night music top notch, not one complaint as far as im aware,floor got a bit slippey all the sweat from the dancers soon rectefied by opening a door,made a change to go to a nighter and not hear any of the top 500 most played out oldies good as they are it's time to give them a rest ? if more promoters took note of what mike and andy are achieving the the scene would be better for it as they've proved the dancers want new quality sounds plus underplayed oldies long may lifeline continue to be just that ,the countries no1 upfront venue. can't wait till june get your tickets know cause it's gonna be another sellout.

Guest Posted: 2004/4/23 11:43 Updated: 2004/4/23 11:43

Lifeline review & playlists from Steve Phillis

Big thanks to Steve Phillis for the following review of the last Lifeline all-nighter....



O.K. just how do you try and write a review on what’s probably the best upfront niter since Stafford, a venue the scene as been crying out for, for the past 10 years or more. A venue where the dj’s aren’t afraid to play something new and different well here we go.

Arriving early with Mick H the doors were due to open at 9.30pm but many people arrived early as it was a sell-out, by 10 pm the place was buzzing; the record bar was crammed to capacity with both dealers and punters, the main dance floor was jammed solid and the atmosphere was electric.

This reminded me of the same atmosphere you got as you walked through the casino doors, we even had the condensation dripping from the roof, the floor was packed too capacity with dancers from every corner of the country, London, Edinburgh, Norwich, Manchester, Notts, Leicester, Wales etc. Everyone there all to listen too what can only be classed as the best and rarest new sounds in the Country, The dj’s on the night where Nick Stevenson, Mick H, Andy Dyson, Kitch, Butch, and guest Soul Sam. There must have been near on a million £’s worth of vinyl behind the decks the music policy upfront new 60’s 70’s and rare and underplayed oldies, and that’s just what we got.

What followed was a true soul fan’s dream come true, 9 ½ hours of pure soul the crowd knowledgeable and appreciative gave every dj and record the recognition they deserved, for those people who haven’t been I say open your minds and visit this venue, as the records that are played here are the oldies of the future. The atmosphere on the night was the best I’ve sampled at a niter in many a year.

Not one person I spoke to had a bad word to say about the music or the dj’s, some people may think me bias as I’ve known both Mick and Andy for more years than I can remember, special mentions to Gilly ,great to see you out again mate also to Dallas daughter of Fran who gave me her top 5 and with both mellow souls and Mac Staten in the top 2 there’s a future for the scene yet, also a special mention to Mandy and Wendy who greeted on the door, these girls worked tirelessly on the door also Chris and Rodz whom without their cooperation the night wouldn’t have been possible.

The spot’s where brilliant one after the other big sounds, unknowns, rare oldies, each received with enthusiasm from the floor, which was packed solid right up till 7.30am then we moved too the record/chill out room until 9.30am. This is by far the best niter in years get a ticket for Junes event and see for yourselves, what is the dj’s play list’s the calibre of which you’ll never see at any other niter in the country. Thanks to Mick and Andy for the sight the inspiration and the guts to put on such an excellent night. This venue is a breath of fresh air too the scene as there are far too many niters you go to play the same old time tested top 500 played out oldies I say too everyone open your minds and ears visit this brilliant venue as it really is the scene’s life line

Rating 100% pure soul

K.T.F. Steve Phillis

Nick Stevenson 9.30-10.30

Monique Nobody Baby Maurci

Delicates Stop Shoving Me Around Soultown

Clyde Allen Little Sister Movin'

Southern Sounds Of Soul I Really Love You ?

Mick H 10.30-11.30

Pat & Blenders Just Because Fast Eddie

Heartfield Bros Sweet Somebody ?

Sensations Demanding Man Way Out

Mel Williams Sweet Little Girl Buddah

Johnny Rodgers Gonna Make A Change Amon

Anthony & Delsonics Everytime Emerge

Don Gardner Cheating Kind Sedgerick

Carpets Just Can't Win VIJ

Appointments I Saw You There De-Lite

Ray Agee Losing Again Soultown

Joe Jama My Life Optimum

Softiques That Kinda Girl Sheldon

Honybees Let's Stick Together Garrison

Inmates This Is The Day Kopit

Andy Dyson 11.30-12.30

Emery & Dynamics Lets Take A Look At Our Life Peachtree

JJ Jackson Too Much Love Cover up

Little Charles It's A Heartache Decca

Homer Banks Sweetie Pie Genie

Tommy Knight Baby My Love Abtone Acetate

Rita & Tiaras Gonna Walk Right Out Of Your Life Cover up

Patrinell Staten Little Love Affair Sepia

Robert Tanner Sweet Memories Megatone

Belita Woods Foolish Girl Cover up

Teddy Pendergrass We Got Love Unissued

Icemen It's Time You Knew Ole 9

Calvin Grayson Loves Just Begun In

Honeybees Dynamite Exploded Arctic

Kitch 12.30-1-30

Freddie Butler Save Your Love Wheelsville

Johnny Summers I'm Still Yours Yorktown

Locations Mr Diamond Man Ron Paul

Bobby Angelle To Much For You Money

Fabulous Impacts My Baby

Other Brothers I'm Gonna Find Love Modern

Poets Wrapped Around Your Finger JV

Unknown Sailor Little Girl Acetate

Primers How Does It Grab You Hale

Buena Vistas A Go Go Acetate

Bernard Williams Tears Tell The Whole Sad Story Virtue Acetate

Reggie Lamont Can't Get Along Without You ?

OC Tolbert Shooting High Acetate

Butch 1.30-3.00

Johnny Howard The Chase Is On Bashie

Gerri Taylor It's Beautiful; Cover up

Billy Hambric She Said Goodbye Drum

Lancaster Johnson Two Can Play Cover Up

Stormy Wynters Lifesaver Mercury

Jesse James Love IS Alright Virtue Acetate

Jean Carter I Wanna Know Decca Acetate

Mighty Lovers Everyone's Saying Cover up

Al Gardner Sweet Baby Sepia

Rita & Tiaras Gonna Walk Right Out Of Your Life Cover up

Joseph Webster I'll Let Love Grow Stronger Crow

Eric Mercury Girl Your So Good To Me Cover up

Vanguards Good Times Bad Times Lamp

Temptones That’s When You Know Your In Love Unissued Acetate

Barons Of Soul You Need Love Virtue Acetate

Martha Jean Love Long Time Lover Cover up

Mellow Souls We Can Make It Mello

Jimmy Williams Too Be Around Me Acetate

Roy Roberts I Know What To Do To Satisfy You Tina

Belita Woods Foolish Girl Cover up

Mac Staten & Nomads There She Goes Prelude

Soul Sam 3.00-4.30

Tommy Ridgely My Love Gets Stronger International City

Robert Tanner Sweet Memories Megatone

Hamilton Movement She’s Gone Look Out

Jerry Washington Don't Waste My Love Glades

King Moses I Got This Feeling Pet

Margaret Little Love Finds A Way Genebro

Cashmeres Don't Let The Door Hit Your Back Hem

Cameros We're Not Too Young Dar Char

Celebrities I Choose You Baby Boss

Gentlemen Four You Can't Keep A Good Man Down Wand

Bobby Kline Say Something Nice To Me MB

Tolbert I've Got Love Rojac

Bill Brandon Whatever I Am I'm Yours Moonsong

Combinations I'm Gonna Make You Love Me Kimtone

Cynthia & Imaginations Why Weren't You There Blue Rock

Kenny Carlton Lost And Found Blue Rock

Joseph Webster I'll Let Love Grow Stronger Crow

Wee Try Me Owl

Earnestine Eady Lets Talk It Over Phil-LA-Soul

Eddie Whitehead Just Your Fool Blackjack

New Wanderers Ain't Gonna Do You No Harm Ready

Chuck Holiday I Still Love You Hemisphere

Out Of Sights For The Rest Of My Life Saru

Mick H 4.30-5.00

Brooks Brothers Looking For A Woman Tay

Appointments Keep Away De-lite

Bobby Montgomery Make Me Yours Generation

Flash McKinley I'll Rescue You Bombay

Sinceres Girl I Love You Pzazz

Ree Flores Look Into My Heart M&H

Soul Set Will You Ever Learn Bi Me

Steve Flanagan I've Arrived Era

Nat Hall Why (I Wanna Know) Loop

Aspirations You Left Me Peaches

Little Stanley Outta Sight Lovin' Vance

Soul Bros Inc Teardrops ?

William Cummings Make My Love A Hurting Thing Bang Bang

Ascots A Few Feet From the Gutter American Playboy

Anna Raye Will You Love My Child ?

Carol And Gerri On You Heartaches Look Good MGM

Patti Young Head & Shoulders Earnstrat

Passions If You See My Baby Elvitrue

Faye Hill Where Did You Go Acetate

Butch 5.00-5.30

Unknown Baby I Need You Acetate

Diane Lewis You Ain't Got A Chance Unissued

Antellects Love Slave Flodavieur

Sensations Demanding Man Way Out

Lou Pride ? Cover Up

Charles Mintz running Back Up Look

Soundmasters Lonely Lonely Juliet

Primers Howe Does It Grab You Hale

Martha Jean Love That's The Way The Story Goes Cover up

Inspirations Treat Myself To A New Love Mercury Acetate

Vines After The Rain Acetate

Milton James I'm Lonely Dore

Andy Dyson & Mick H 5.30-7.30

Earles Everybody’s Got Somebody Tee Tie Andy

Four Arts Who Do You Think You Are Shee Mick

Ralph Soul Jackson Set Me Free Black Cat Andy

Volumes Never Been So In Love Garu Mick

Eddie Hill You Got The Best Of Me Thelma Andy

Hytones Good News Unissued acetate Mick

International GTO's I Love My Baby Rojac Andy

Walter & Admerations Man Oh Man (What Have I Done) La Cindy Mick

TJ Williams Girl I Need You Josie Andy

Grand Prixs I See Her Pretty Face Big Mack Mick

Jackie Payne No Puppy Love Jet Andy

Mac Staten & Nomads There She Goes Prelude Mick

Gwen Davis My Man Don't Think I Know SS7 Andy

Monique If You Love Me Maurci Mick

Turbines We Got To Start Over Cenco Andy

Ascots Another Day Mir-A-Don Mick

Buddy Smith When You Lose The One You Love Brute Mick

Newsounds Don't Take Your Love From Me Turbo Andy

Magnetics Count The Days Sable Mick

Patrinell Staten Little Love Affair Sepia Andy

Young Brothers Baby Soul Power Mick

Eddie Ray I've Got Something Of Value True Soul Andy

Honeybees Let's Get Together Garrison Mick

Volcanoes Laws Of Love Arctic Andy

Professionals Did My Baby Call Groove City Mick

Kenny Ballad There Will Never Be Another For Me Dynamo Andy

Roosevelt Matthews You Got Me Diggin' King Mick

OC Tolbert All I Want Is You Acetate Andy

Springers Nothings Too Good For My Baby Wale Mick

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