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Gangland Shocker: Francis T

Posted by lloydee, 15 June 2009 ·

I could'nt believe it: there I was round at me Mum & Dads for Sunday tea, sat there with abeer reading the local rag; The Stourport News and Kidderminster Times. Thereon page 14 was the big story of the week that even The Express & Starseemed to have missed.

Below is an extract from last week's paper:

Reports are coming in that a local Gangland or Mafia style'hit' was carried out on a local business man last Tuesday. Francis T, full name has not released byPolice, was involved in a 'hit and stop' incident in Church Road,Kidderminster. Mr T was hit by aspeeding car, believed to be travelling well above the limit, 38mph andsustained serious damage to not only himself but the road surface and thevehicle in question.

The vehicle, a Vauxhall Viva purchased some months before froma Ludlow man was found to be driven with no Road Tax and steering wheel, thedriver has not been named.

Church Streetwas closed for over 90mins as firemen and ambulance crews battled to free Mr Tfrom the front of said Viva. Mr T hassince been reported as being in a comfortable position in hospital on Wednesdaynight and Sunday afternoon, staff at the Worcesterhospital have offered more pillows.

A local friend, Shel B, has commented that this incidentcould have a serious effect on the local economy; "Mr T's Shop is a centre ofactivity in these parts and if Mr T carn't open up we may have to walk anextra 500yards to get similar goods and service, weÃÆ’¢âÅ¡¬âž¢re thinking of starting acampaign! yam yam yam ......"

Insiders within the Kidderminster and Stourport area haveexpressed some concerns recently and this Reporter has been supplied with interestingfacts that may lead to some mis-conclusions and wrong reporting: It is believed that a local 'vinyl pressing' war may have spilled out onto the streets of Kidderminster. Francis T, who co-owns and runs a verylucrative 'vinyl recording' company with world wide distribution, was taken 'out' by local reveals. Names in theframe so far but not currently available for comment (mainly cos I can't be ar'edto phone them and the bacon butty has just arrived and I've a deadline to workto you know..) are John "Johnny The Concrete" Barker, Michael "Mr Mow Town" Bennett and an un-named third party, believed to be supplying the money (petrolmoney only) from the Malvern area in South Worcestershire. Currently Mr T is being held on a secret wardat a Worcester Hospital, next to the Hawks Ward, security has been organisedand supplied by Farrell & Hurcomb Vinyl Security Services but where notavailable for comment today; their out of office message said something aboutgetting back to you once "they'd done Cleethorpes"; this firm it would seemcover more than just the Worcester Area!

Now to say I was shocked is a understatement, to say it's all made up, well nearly!; Get Well Soon Francis, we'll miss your sales box and company over the next few months while you recover. Worcester Soul nights, including this Fridays SoulfulSessions will be a little bit quieter


Posted:Jun 18 2009 05:46 PM

Thanks for sharing a full and fair version of this terrible tale. I heard it was a cake related injury with no mention made to forces of evil or crime. Would you please pass on my very best wishes to Francis for a full and speedy recovery.



Posted:Jun 23 2009 05:07 PM


There was no mention about cakes in the article but I've done some asking around and it appears that's Francis's route on that fatal days was; out of the shop and turn left, through the underpass, stopped to look in the newsagents windows at the free Ad's, into Greggs the bakers for a current iced bun, into the chemist for his bum cream and then 'BANG'.........

This information was supplied by one eyed jack with the walking stick shop upon returning from his visit to AA

As to whether Francis got to eat said cake, I'll ask him when I see him

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