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love is allright - background andy rix

This great bit of background info was originally posted on a soul list by andy rix who ok'd it to use, well interesting stuff-

<< Question.. "Love is allright" Volcanoes (cover up) anyone know `owt about it? >>

First played by Butch, covered-up as the Volcanos, ..the second acetate was obtained by myself when I became aware that the song was an alternate version of Cliff Nobles vocal of The Horse...Jesses James confirmed that he was the vocalist on this 65 version recorded at Harthon, in Philly, with Luther Randolph playing piano and producing the track. Jesse told me he thought it was an appalling track and probably the worst thing he had ever done.

He was opposed to the arrangement of the song but did it despite this...following the session Luthers reluctance to change the construction of the song made Jesse decide that the only way to do things the way he wanted was to be in control...therefore he severed his relationship with Harthon and set up on his own. He finally got to cut Love is all right the way he felt it should have been done in the first place..but this time using Cliff Nobles...the flip picked up the air-play becoming a million seller.

As Jesse felt his version of the song was so bad it took me months to persuade him to let me have his acetate...he just could not see the attraction. When I was at his church for Sunday morning service in 98 he sang an a cappela version substituting the word Love for God ...as he is a Reverend it worked very well ...funny when we view it as one of the best Northern tracks of all-time that he views it as possibly the worst thing he'd ever been involved in


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