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Matt Male Blog from 2006-7

Matt Male Blog from 2006-7 cover

August Buys

Posted by Matt Male, 26 August 2007

August 2007:

Well here's what i bought this month... Only four months to go...

Ann Sexton - I Still Love You - Seventy Seven-Demo

Gene Anderson - Baby I Dig Your Act - Royal-Tone

Jo Ann Garrett - A Whole New Plan - Chess

Michael Washington - Stay Mine - Capcity (why don't i here this every time i go out?)

Tavares - My Ship - Capital

Willie Tee - Thank You John - Atlantic (has Willie ever made a bad record?)

January Buys.

Posted by Matt Male, 14 January 2007 · 2 views

Buys of 2007

Like Dave Rimmer (thanks for the idea Dave) i'm going to try and list what i buy each month, if anyone is even remotely interested. This is also a way of me keeping track. I'll stick some comments on each as well.

January 2007:

CeCe Rogers - Someday - Atlantic (1980s soul that i reckon is dancable and deserves a spin in a northern room)

Carol Fran - Any Day Love Walks In - Port Demo (another excellent mid-tempo dancer from Carol)

Maxine Brown - Put Yourself In My Place - Wand (first heard on Maxine's Kent LP years ago, brilliant)

Pretenders - Part Time Sweetheart - Port (don't get excited everybody, this one is Doo Wop)

Masters of Soul - My Face - Ovide (ok a bit of strange record, but there is something about it..)

Latons - Love Me - Port Demo (one more for the Port collection)

The Continentals - Fine Fine Frame - Port (most of the earlier Port are Doo Wop, but some could get away in an R&B spot)

The Gems - I Can't Help Myself/Can't You Take a Hint - Chess (bought for the flip side, first played to me by Tommo in the car after Stafford once, i think at the time he said it was The Crystals, probably trying to cover it up... Took a while to find)

The Steinways - You've been leading me on - Oliver (Loved this since the old Hinckley Leisure Centre days but never owned it. Well I do now...)

Freddie Scott - I'll be gone - Shout (potentially popular again?)

Jeffrey Osbourne - Don't you get so mad - A&M (Stafford 1983, played at a niter and brand new in the charts! How many times does that happen these days? Never heard it since... )

Freddie Scott - Are you lonely for me/Where were you - Shout (buying blind here, just to see if any more Freddie Scott's are any good, he seems to have done loads for Shout, i don't want to end up collecting another label though )

Lafayette & Le Sabres - Free Way/ Cure For Love - Port (another one for the collection)

Johnny Newbag - Sweet Things - Port Demo

that's all for now

Where I've Been Lately

Posted by Matt Male, 10 December 2006

Goin Out

November 4th 2006

The last niter i went to was Worcster Marrs Bar on 4th November (managing to keep up my one niter a month average). Absolutely brilliant! I've been a few times but this was the best of all, possibly the best niter of the year. Hoping to get to Keele next weekend and then i expect that will be it this year. Unless i get a passout for New Year's Eve...

January 27th 2007

Wolverhampton - Junction 11 allnighter. Failed to keep to one nighter a month, but will try to catch up this year. Junction 11 was great, a great venue and the right mix of oldies, current knowns and a few unknowns to keep me busy on ebay on Sunday. Mick H. always does a great spot and it was good to hear Joseph Webster again. Joan did the best spot for me over all with loads of uptempo R&B, especially the great Bonnie Brisker. Only the second time i'd heard Andy Dyson and he was superb. This is a great venue, excellent dance floor and well ventilated, although upstairs where the record bar was it was too hot and i couldn't spend long up there. Ronnie Walker was great, although i'm not a big fan of live acts especially without a band so i could have gone without the hour long interruption in the sounds. All in all, great and i'll definately go again.

February 11th 2007

Rugby Soul Club Alniter - Ben Hall. This is another classic venue, brilliant dance floor and huge hall. I've been to a couple of the soul nights here and this first niter still felt like an extended soul night, and to me that was a good thing. It was friendly, informal and if you wanted to dance all night you could, if you wanted to stand and chat in the record bar all night you could. It was a 'no pressure niter'. For the first time in i don't know how long i didn't dance at all (not a reflection on the music btw), i was able to have a few beers (cos Mark was driving) and i found plenty of people to talk to in the record bar. At the same time i could listen to the music next door, which was uniformly excellent and across the board as you'd expect. Picked up another nice Port 45 from Adam (see my blog) and had a great time. Unfortunately we had to come away about 4 as Mark was working the next day, but it was on a high just after Guy's spot so good stuff. Thanks to everyone involved. Next time i'll be in a dancing mood....

February 24th 2007

Bretby Conference Centre allnighter.


Connaught Hotel, Wolverhapton soul night.

May 5th 2007

Nuneaton Coop soul night and Worcester Marrs Bar allnighter.

June 2nd 2007

Rockingham, Chesterfield soul night (still just about managing somewhere each month... )

June 16th 2007

Souldham - Oldham. One of the most amazing venues i've ever seen. Reminded me a lot of the big hall at Hinckley Leisure Centre in the 80s, nice high balcony at the back overlooking the hall, very high ceiling giving the impression of almost a cathedral. This could be a great venue of the future, i'm amazed it's never been used before.

July 14th 2007

Middleton Civic Centre - Allniter. Absolutely superb niter. Brilliant venue, great crowd, excellent sounds all night, dancing all night as well. R&B room was excellent as well. Definately going again next time it's on.

August 5th 2007

Nuneaton Co-Op - Soul Night.

August 11th 2007

The Aquarius - Allniter

September 14th 2007

Nuneaton Co-op - Soul Night.

September 15th 2007

Middleton - Allniter

November 9th 2007

Rugby Soul Night

November 15th 2007

Warwick Soul Night

November 17th 2007

Middleton Allniter - Haven't really had a favourite permanent regular allniter since Stafford in the 80s. 3/3 now for Middleton and intending to keep it up. Brilliant niter which has everything for me, wide range of music, massive dancefloor and a huge record bar.

My Personal History

Posted by Matt Male, 10 December 2006 ·

The Past

1978 - Go up to secondary school and start becoming more interested in music generally. Start attending youth club disco at Alderman Smith school where the DJ, Dave Hall, plays a 'Northern Soul' spot amongst all the chart stuff. Turns out years later he was a regular at Wigan and was bringing this stuff back with him. Usual youth club faire, '9 times out of 10' 'If you loved me' (massive) 'On a magic carpet ride' 'Interplay' etc... but I'm hooked, especially as it seems to be a music which lads can dance too alone without looking idiots and even look cool. Start going to other local discos and notice on Friday nights at the local Labour Club a group of older lads and girls in soul bags and circle skirts carrying bags covered in patches. They all leave early. Later find out they are off to catch the train to somewhere called Wigan...

1980 - One of my mate's older sister is part of this group and she goes to Wigan regularly. I eventually persuade my parents to let me go with the older ones. We go with the older crowd but we don't really hang around with them. My first time at an allnighter, Wigan casino. I'm 14.... Go regularly until it closes. My last nighter at Wigan is the final Oldies allnighter 4th September 1981.

1982 - After Wigan closes we all wonder what next but we didn't have to wait long. Stafford, Leicester, Morcambe Pier, 100 Club, Bradford Queens Hall, Hinckley Leisure Centre... the 'glory years' to most people, me included. I was 16, exactly the right age to really enjoy myself. Wigan was always for the older crowd and I always felt like a gatecrasher, but now this was definitely 'our' scene. Most of the Nuneaton older crowd pack it in after Wigan but us young 'uns keep going...

1986 - I suddenly pack it all in. I never understood entirely why, I was still single, no mortgage, no kids etc.. Unfotunately drugs had started to become more important than the music, I was very thin, very paranoid and the scene had become quite dark and bitchy (mentioning no names). It just wasn't fun any more and I was also trying to hang on to a good job and got the impression that I wouldn't have it long after a weekend of gear and no sleep. I sell my records, throw away my memberships and my patches and flyer collection...

1987 - Somehow, and I'm not sure how this happened, I end up being persuaded to go to the Oddfellows niter in Leicester. I am thinking about getting back on the scene but it's a bad move. A bunch of local wannabe soulies from years back that we used to take the piss out of are now swaggering around like they own the place. We meet up with an ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, not good, and I crash my car on the way to the niter... At the niter I don't know a single record, it feels a bit weird, I don't dance and get thoroughly depressed. I leave early and get the bus home.

1988 - 1992 The wilderness years. I get into rock music and indie music and apply the same dedication with which I followed Northern, but there are no drugs and no allnighters. I keep my job, live a 'normal' life, I still occasionally see people off the scene but they are very much druggies first soulies second. Some people die, everyone else I know (with a couple of exceptions) packs it in, gets married, gets a mortgage and settles down. I buy a house but not married yet and no kids.

1993 - I'm at university in Kent and I start seeing adverts in local papers about Southeast Scooter clubs and scooter sales. I start buying Scooterist magazine and amazingly I discover there are still Northern Soul nights and allniters going on around the country (I shouldn't have been surprised really). When I'm home for the holidays from Uni I dig out some ancient tapes from 1982 and begin to listen again, they sound unbelievable and I can't understand why I packed it all in. I don't go anywhere though and just sit on my hands and live my memories for three more years.

1996 - I've finished university and I'm looking for a job. I move back to Nuneaton and my girlfriend moves down from Scotland to live with me. Things are pretty settled. Then one day I run into Mark Freeman in town on a Saturday. I've known Mark since we were eight and had seen him regularly around Nuneaton for years and obviously in the past at niters. He tells me he's still into Northern (always has been) and he runs a soul night at the Old Hall in Nuneaton, I should come along. Saturday evening comes. I don't know what to do, I'll be going on my own, do I really want to relive the past? I'm very nervous. The Old hall is only a short walk from where I live, so (unfortunately) it's no hardship getting there. No excuses. I decide to go. When I walk in I can't believe it. A huge wooden dance floor, northern blasting from the sound system, and dancers, the room is packed! Everyone I've ever known in Nuneaton on the scene is there, from old Wigan goers to ex-close friends from the Stafford days. Soon I'm mingling and chatting as if I've never lost touch. I know every record played and I dance to 70% (this time without the use of drugs, although it's obvious some people are still using). I'm back.

1997 - Things move rapidly now. Mark runs more soul nights in Nuneaton, The Crazy Horse is one venue, and I attend when I can. I go to my first niter in 11 years, Stoke Kings Hall. I know it has its faults but for anyone who's been away Stoke is a good starting point and like stepping back in time into Wigan and will hook anyway not on the scene for a while. I couldn't believe how many records I knew. Probably 90%, but I was also puzzled. How come I didn't know a single sound at Leicester in '87 but now I know them all? The answer of course was that Stoke was an oldies niter and everything played was probably discovered pre-1986. It seemed like Stafford and Leicester had never existed, but I still wanted to hear those sounds too again. I start going other places and discover the scene has indeed moved on (thank God) and the rest, I suppose (as they say) is history...

1997 - 2006 Still going strong(ish), slowed down a bit now to maybe one niter a month and occasional soul nights now I have two kids under 5, collecting again as much as I can afford to, always trying to listen to new stuff (especially things I missed on my time out). I suppose I might be frowned upon as a dirty 'returnee', by some people but I'm older, wiser, and I don't give a toss these days. This is the greatest dance music ever created and every time I take to the floor it feels like the first time 28 years ago. I'll never leave again...

July Buys

Posted by Matt Male, 06 August 2007

July 2007:

Here we go again, time to bore anyone who reads this with my latest purchases. Sorry but i said i would do this all year and i'm damn well going to! Not a bad month July, but i did get a telling off so August might be a bit lean....

Jesse Fisher - You're Not Loving A Beginner - Way Out

Barrino Brothers - Trapped In A Love - Invictus

Barrino Brothers - I Shall Not Be Moved - Invictus (this is great uptempo 70s)

Steelers - Can't Take This Pain - Epic (demo)

Deon Jackson - That's What You Do To Me - Carla

Mickey Lee Lane - Hey Sah-Lo-Ney - Itzey (forgotten how catchy this is, time for reactivation?)

The Webs - I Want You Back - Verve

The Masqueraders - I Ain't Gonna Stop - GAP


June Buys

Posted by Matt Male, 01 July 2007 ·

June 2007:

Just me and Supercorsa carrying on with this then? Come on Dave i thought you were going to list what you'd bought as well?

Anyway, another lean month with just 5 this time. Next month promises to be much better with no need to fork out 50 quid a week petrol

Ike and Tina Turner - A Fool In Love - Sue (gorgeous mid tempo R&B from 1960)

Fantastic Four - As Long As I Live - Ric Tic

Betty Lavette - Let Me Down Easy - Calla (you must be dead if you don't love this)

Archie Bell - A Thousand Wonders - Atlantic

Odds and Ends - Yesterday My Love - Today

Nuneaton Soul

Posted by Matt Male, 14 June 2007

The Present

In a few weeks time i'm starting to create a website about the history, music, venues, life and times of rare and northern soul in Nuneaton. I've always considered Nuneaton a very soulful place, especially when i was growing up and thought it would be nice to document the soulful history of the town as well as bring everything up to date with what's going on these days and also mentioning Nuneaton's contribution to soul nationally.

Like i say this will begin in a few weeks time (coinciding with my summer holidays ).

In the meantime if anyone wants to send me any pictures/personal histories/memories of venues or people/playlists or top tens from years gone by/audio files etc... feel free. I'd like to it be a collaborative effort with Nuneaton soulies proud to be represented on the site.

If you're not from Nuneaton don't worry. If you have any memories of Nuneaton, or you've DJ'd in Nuneaton or you know Nuneaton soulies (i hear people mentioned on here all the time) or if you live near Nuneaton please feel free to contribute.

You can send anything (and i mean anything) to me at matthew.male@ntlworld.com or PM me, or stick something on this thread. Or if you'd like to post me something, or phone me, PM for my address or phone number.



May Buys

Posted by Matt Male, 04 June 2007 ·

Buys of 2007

May 2007:

Another embarrassing month record-wise. Had to pay out 2k for the bathroom last month so i'm a bit skint, plus it's hard to justify buying records to my wife when we are slightly short of cash. I see supercorsa has kept up with his records of 2007 and buys, so i will oblige and do the same. It doesn't make extensive reading as you can see...

Donny Mann - The Girl Next Door - UNI (popular Rocket sound)

Sister Sledge - Cream of the Crop - Cotillion (Mark Freeman recommendation)

The Voice Box - I Want It Back (Your Love) - Loma (Excellent rarely played Wigan sound)

That's all folks. I'm determined to do at least 4 next month...

April Buys

Posted by Matt Male, 02 May 2007

April 2007:

Ok i said i'd do this all year... and i will.

Unfortunately this month it's a bit embarrassing. Only three 45s bought. We've got to fork out about three grand for a new bathroom at the start of May, so not a good time for buying records. Anyway, here's this months...

Freddy Scott - Are you lonely for me - Shout

Freddy Scott - Cry to me - Shout

Freddie Scott - I'll be gone - Shout

Marrs Bar on Saturday so i'll take some money with me... who knows eh?

March Buys

Posted by Matt Male, 24 March 2007

Buys of 2007

Continuing with keeping track of what i buy this year. March so far...

March 2007:

The Incredibles - Miss Treatment - Audio Arts

Sylvia - My Thing - Vibration

Linda Jones - I Can't Stop Loving My Baby - Loma

Tenison Stephens - Where Would You Be - Aries

Leroy Jones - C'Mon and Swim - Hit

Aaron Neville - Why Worry - Par Lo

Miami - Party Freaks - Drive

Otis Leaville - Love Uprising - Dakar

The Fortunes - I've Gotta Go - Press

100 Proof - Somebody's Been Sleeping - Hot Wax

Jodi Gales - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Savern

Little Milton - Just One Step - Glades

The Vibrations - What Made You Change Your Mind? - Checker

Little Mack Simmons - You Got To Help Me - Dud Sounds

February Buys

Posted by Matt Male, 01 February 2007 ·

Buys of 2007

February 2007:

The Five Stairsteps and Cubie - Love's Happening (LP) - Curtom (I bought this for the brilliant 'I'm the one who loves you' someday i'll get to play it out maybe).

Joanne Touchstone - Walk Softly - Sound Stage 7 Demo (Lovely little song, with great lyrics. Deserves more plays.)

Ted Taylor - Somebody's Always Trying - Okeh Demo (Tough 60s gritty soul, brilliant)

Martha and Vandellas - Show Me The Way.. - Gordy (A classic dancer)

E. Rodney Jones - Peace of Mind - Tuff (more 60s.. seem to be buying a lot of R&B lately... )

Kathy and the Calendars - Please Don't Go - Port Demo (absolutely stunning dancer, why i never hear it more often is beyond me.. )

Oliver Norman - Drowning in My Own Misery - Decca Demo

I, She and Me - McDougal Street - Port (another later Port, one of the better numbers)

Wally and the Knight - Hang on Little Mama - Trax

Lee Shot Williams - I Hurt Myself - Shama Demo

The Shells - Whiplash - Conlo

That's it for February. March will be pretty lean as i've got to fork out for a new bathroom...

Port Collection

Posted by Matt Male, 18 January 2007 ·

The Present

Here's another ongoing post i'll add to as we go...

I started collecting the Port label a while back. I already had a few, Carol Fran, King Coleman, Daisy Burris, The Soothers... so i thought, why not? It's a nice simple label. The little blue ship on a blue and white background (demos are black and white, although i have got some blue and white demos of earlier numbers, not sure why). Below is the label listing (thanks www.Soulfulkindamusic.com) and i've highlighted in blue the ones i have so far. Like i say, i'll add as we go and maybe add some comments on each. I migh even find the elusive missing numbers...

The Port Label

5000 - The Five Chancellors - Tell Me You Love Me / There Goes My Girl

5001 - The Five Dreamers - Beverly / You Don't Know

5002 - Fay Simmons - I Can See Through You / Hangin' Around

70001 - Casanova Jr - Sally Mae / They Call Me Casandra

70002 - Chuck Howard - Can't You Tell / Crazy Crazy Baby

70003 - Sunny & The Gang - Babette / I'm A Rollin'

70004 - The Ssedates - Please Love Me Forever / I Found

70005 - Birdie Castle & The Sungazers - Crazy Beat / Rockin' With The DJs

70006 - The Gofers - The Headhunter / Scotch On The Rocks

70007 - Al & Jet - C'mon Baby / Come Please Dance With Me

70008 - Tony Reese - Lesson In Love / Just About This Time Tomorrow

70009 - ?

70010 - The Fascinates - Pizza Train / Southern Flashback

70011 - The Suburbans - Alphabet Of Love / Sweet Diane Cha Cha

70012 - Tony Alamo - Fabulous / For All We Know

70013 - The Eboniers - Hand In Hand / Shut Your Mouth

70014 - The Channels - The Closer You Are / Now You Know (I Love You So)

70015 - The Bean Brothers - Honey Babe / Tuh Too Duh Doo

70016 - Jimmy Oliver & The Rockers - Slim Jim Part 1 / Part 2

70017 - The Channels - The Gleam In Your Eye / Stars In The Sky

70018 - The Continentals - Dear Lord / Fine Fine Frame

70019 - The Teardrops - The Stars Are Out Tonight / Oh Stop It

70020 - Little Woo Woo - My One And Only / This Wonderful Girl Of Mine

70021 - The Bluenotes - If You Love Me / There's Something In Your Eyes Eloise

70022 - The Channels - Flames In My Heart / My Lovin' Baby

70023 - The Channels - I Really Love You / What Do You Do

70024 - The Continentals - Picture Of Your Love / Soft And Sweet

70026 - The Ebb Tons - Ram Induction / Rockin' On The Range

70027 - Bobby Holiday - Come Home / My Letter

70028 - ?

70029 - The Beaumarks - Little Miss Twist / Lovely Little Lady

70030 - The Latons - Love Me / So In Love

70031 - The Impressions - Listen - Shorty's Got To Go

70032 - The RPMs - Love Me / Street Scene

70033 - The Laurie Sisters - Somethingold Something New / Stand A Littklle Closer

70034 - Hal Hearn - Turkey In The Straw / King Kemo

70035 - Curtis Blandon (Mr. Soul) - Mr Imagination / Soul

70036 - Lafayette & Le Sabres - Free Way (Instrumental) / Cure For Love

70037 - The Royaltones - See Saw / Poor Boy

70038 - The Caterpillars - Happy Happy Happy Goodbye / The Caterpillar Song

70039 - Charlie Russo & His Orchestra - Goofin / Party - 1964

70040 - Jimmy Jones & The Pretenders - Close Your Eyes (Sleep And Dream / Part Time Sweetheart

70041 - The Soothers - The Little White Cloud That Cried / I Believe In You

70042 - The Jades - He's My Guy / There Will Come A Day

70043 - Doug Clark - Chestnuts / Peanuts

3000 - Carol Fran - Crying In The Chapel / I'm Gonna Try

3001 - Tarheel Slim & Li'l Ann - Close To You / I Submit To You

3002 - Big Maybelle - Let Me Go / No Better For You

3003 - Wilbert Harrison - Baby Move On / You're Still My Baby

3004 - The Clovers - Poor Baby / He Sure Could Hypnotise

3005 - Carol Fran - It's My Turn Now / You Can't Stop Me

3006 - Carol Fran - I Know / World Without You

3007 - Daisy Burris - I've Learned My Lesson / Take The Same Thing

3008 - Johnny Newbag - Sweet Thing / Little Samson

3009 - Wilbert Harrison - Don't Take It So Hard / Sugar Lump

3010 - The El Dorados - Knock Knee / New Breed

3011 - The Gee's - It's All Over / Love's A Beautiful Thing

3012 - Carol Fran - Any Day Love Walks In / Just A Letter

3013 - Baby Jane & Rockabyes - Heartbreak Stomp / Dance Till My Feet Get Tired

3014 - Jimmy Mayes & Soul Breed - Drums For Sale / Pluckin'

3015 - King Coleman - Do The Booga Lou Part 1 / Part 2

3016 - The Jets - I Was Born With It / Everything I Do

3017 - King Coleman - When The Fighting's Over / Get On Board

3018 - The Intrigues - Don't Refuse My Love / Girl Let's Stay Together

3019 - The Jury - Please Forget Her / Who Dat

3020 - Robert Neal - Goodbye Now / I'm So Glad /

3021 - Chris Towns Unit - Turn To Me / You Don't Know What You're Getting

3022 - Bobby Lee - Cut You Loose / I'm Just A Man

3023 - Kathy And The Calendars - Back In Your Arms Again / Please Don't Go - 1966

3024 - I, She & Me - Look / McDougal Street

3025 - Kathy Young - A Thousand Stars / Eddie My Darling

3026 - The Innocents - Gee Whiz / Please Mr Sun

3027 - Conroy Wilson - Canadian Sunset / Secret Love

Getting Out More This Year... Fat Chance!

Posted by Matt Male, 16 January 2007 ·

Goin Out

I seem to be finding it harder and harder to motivate myself to go out to niters and soul nights. I never did that many anyway. In the last month i intended to go to The Wilton and Halfway Soul Club which is just up the road from me travel-wise, but didn't make it to either. Part of the problem is i hate going anywhere on my own. There are always plenty of people to hang about with when i get there, but it's the getting there that seems a pain in the arse.

My usual companion, Mark Freeman, hasn't been able to make the last couple i fancied and when it got to Saturday night i just seemed to talk myself out of it after looking forward to it all week...

It two weeks time i was looking forward to middleton, then Mark suggested Studio 1, but now that's been cancelled and i also promised my wife i'd go to her mate's birthday party with her.

I promised myself i'd try and make at least one nighter a month this year... but the way things are going i'm not going to make it. I suppose i'll just have to do two next month.

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