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Mo Do Records Online Article Feature

Mo Do Records Online Article Feature cover

Many thanks to member pottsy for flagging this up in the Box forum here on soul source.

It's from the Billy Nunn website and just one page of what is a fairly extensive decent soul site. As the title of this piece says the page flagged up concerns itself with the Mo Do label. While last years Daptone releases of Bob and Gene Lp and 45 brought the spotlight onto this label, its still worth a shout as its just one of those great informative info page's that simply just deserves a bit of a shout about.

A couple of clips and link below, as said the rest of the site is well worth a look around, pics, videos and more

The soul links section on here is currently a temp "work in progress" affair but when it does return fully (soon honest!) this will be up there

"...as The Parakeets in the late 50s & early 60s, William Sr. valued song writing immensely. With no real local business model, he was forced to improvise resulting in the birth of Mo Do Records..."

"...their own dance routines. Unlike the rest of the releases on Mo Do recorded at 50 Orange Street, Bob & Gene's debut single, "Your Name/You Gave Me Love" was recorded at a house in Williamsville, a wealthy suburb North of Buffalo. Their friend, Karen Renshaw aka "The Runt", sang back up on this release and the bulk of their output. Bobby's girlfriend's favorite Billboard chartbuster at the time was Linda Jones..."

Link to Mo Do Records feature: updated 2015


Link to site


Link to soul source forum post


Link to Daptone Bob and Gene LP release



photo from http://s255.photobuc...hehoneydripper/

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