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Northern Soul Connections #17 Halloween Edition - The Witches and The Warlock

Northern Soul Connections #17 Halloween Edition - The Witches and The Warlock magazine cover

Northern Connections #17 - It’s October. Spooky goings on, as we approach Halloween.

Another Witch uncovered? The double life of the Warlock?

Maybe, maybe not. Judge for yourself.






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Apologies if you have already covered these names....

A picture I got from Billboard I think when we discussed the group elsewhere...

Witches and Warlock in 1967.  L_R: Faye Barnes, Charlotte Parsons, Glenda Barnes & Raymond Berry.


Yhe group are also mentioned I think in the book Girl Groups...again apologies if you have already mentioned.  The book may be the source of the picture come to think about it....

look forward to reading in full, always had an interest in the group. 

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the guy (out of shot to the left in the picture-you can see his hands) is Al Rutledge, Afro magazine editor. He did an impromtu interview them following a Baltimore engagement.

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yes exatly Mike.

3 witches + 1 warlock.

whereas the picture in my article has 4 witches + 1 warlock.

the addition of the new witch =Marie Hicks.

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53 minutes ago, chalky said:

Are we sure ahe is a Witch though and not someone simply there at the time?

Well it is a valid question Chalky. And I guess without talking to her or someone that knows her we will not know. However...the informal chat by the Afro America editor Al Rutledge (11th Nov 1967 when the picture in my article was published) is real and followed an engagement (gig) in Baltimore.

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Here ya go Chalky, a bit more clarity.

The picture caption is Singing Witches.

Matt Parsons was a very accomplished promotions man, and maybe this was ‘the last throw of the dice’ to make things happen for the group with this line up -OR – maybe it was the latest piece of promo publicity.

AA Nov 11th 1967 Witches and the warlock.JPG

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