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Rare Soul Bible Vol Two - Book Review

Rare Soul Bible Vol Two - Book Review magazine cover



Dave Rimmer is a well-known and respected figure in Northern Soul circles and in his 25+ years on the scene has DJ'd just about the full length of the U.K. As well as Europe so clearly he knows his onions,

His second instalment of his "Rare Soul Bible" series is a welcome source of reference for artists & label info such as release dates, label release numbers as well as those very useful flip side titles, so for this type of reference this bible is essential.


   rare-soul-bible-2z.jpg      rare-soul-bible-3z.jpg          


Interspersed within the listings are Dave's personnel recollections & photographs from the many live appearances & events that he as attended over his many years on the circuit.

Comprehensive listings of a vast number of artists, plus many listing individual group members’ names as well, thus makes this my type of reference book, quite why so many of us soul lovers like this sort of detail is a mystery but the fact is we do!

A number of artists within the book have been selected for in depth coverage, with a detailed biography & discography listing some fascinating tales & recollections, likewise selected label imprints & owners are given similar in depth features, one particular one that caught my interest was Don Robey`s Peacock record stable that included Back Beat, Sure Shot & Duke from all accounts Mr Robey sounds a larger than life character who’s business operations often stretched the limits of legality!    

From Artic, Arock imprints all the way through to Zell’s & Zodiac & I certainly didn't spot any gaps, a number of interesting topics are also dealt with such has "Don't become a D.J.!", "So you want to run an All-Nighter?"........


A true labour of love just like his acclaimed website http://www.soulfulkindamusic.net this has understandably taken Dave some fourteen years to produce & that is not at all surprising when you consider the shear mass of detailed information included, as stated in his mission statement it is his aim "to produce the most complete discography section of sixties soul artists possible, and to set them out in a clear and easily understood format." Well the book delivers in full, my only criticism would be that all the photographs are reproduced in black and, but this may well have been out of Dave`s control nonetheless this is a recommended purchase and worthy of a 4-star rating.

Paul Johnson May 2016





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Dave Rimmer profile photo


And if anybody wants to buy a copy, email me for payment details.



Peter99 profile photo


You've been around the scene for more than 25 years surely Dave? I've been knocking around it since 1979 and I'm only 37! 

The book looks good - I'll order one later.





Dave Rimmer profile photo


21 minutes ago, Peter99 said:

You've been around the scene for more than 25 years surely Dave? I've been knocking around it since 1979 and I'm only 37! 

The book looks good - I'll order one later.





Yeah, that's why it says 25+ years lol. 

Dave Rimmer profile photo


I would say that Paul has critcised the photos for being in B & W, and then loads the two most horrendous quality scans into the review.

Well a) The photos were taken as B & W photos, because that's what I like doing, and b) This is the original quality of the photos in the book.


Baby Washington.jpg


Frankie Crocker profile photo


Great photos Dave. I'll be getting the book shortly.

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