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Clefthorses 2007

Posted by Rugby Soul Club, 12 June 2007 ·

I was trying to think what to post in the thread but there was so much to say after a whole weekend, that a blog was needed.

I didn't think I was going to be able to get to Cleethorpes this year, trying to sort out someone to look after my two youngest children from Friday after school until Monday late afternoon is not an easy task.

A few months back the daughter-in-law anounced they were going to Thorpe Park from Mon 5th - 8th June.....

The brain started ticking.

If I pay the extra few days til the 11th, can we come up, stay with you and you look after my youngest two..... Oh and can Denise come too coz it's her birthday...

Perfect, the scene was set.

We arrived Friday at noon, chilled til 3pm, picked up tickets, then spent a bit of time with the family.

6pm we had to endure an "eat all you can" meal, then we were let loose.

I'd sorta hoped Friday would just be soul nite hours, then you are forced to rest up a bit ready for the blow out on Sat and don't burn out too wasn't.

I found myself being drawn to the quality music being put out in the modern room and with only a short distance between the two rooms, it was perfect for me. I would have loved to try out the upstairs room but with no lift I wasn't wasting any dance energy on climbing stairs.

Being the sensible person I am, I left at 1pm and went back to the caravan for some rest, obviously Ganche couldn't leave and she assured me she would be fine.

She arrived home at 5.30am and went straight to bed.

I was then in mother mode again and found myself being forced to go to Ingoldmells for the day...

Arrived back at the caravan by 5pm, Ganche was still asleep, I did check her breathing.

With a desperate need for soulie company, I went to find Jo on the site, with grandson in toe.

She smiled as I walked in, said to my grandson "oo, you're a lovely little monkey, would you like a banana"?....

It's a lack of sleep thing, I said a lot more embarrassing things over the weekend but as it's my blog, I don't have to spill the beans.

I dragged her back to our caravan to get ready for the full on, go for it, Sat nite session.

We waited patiently for Ganche to wake up, by 11pm I couldn't wait anymore and woke her......16+ hours she had slept!!!!

We were in silly mood by this time, everyone else was in bed, so we had to get ready very quietly.

There was no door between us and the bedrooms, so when we put on the hairdryers, we had to stand with a quilt against the doorway to muffle the sound.

We got a good picture of me and Ganche being surgeons...

At 1am we got a txt from the bedroom asking when we were leaving and to be a bit more quiet.

We arrived at the venue at 2am and after being in mother mode for far too long, I was ready to burst.

I was a little OTT and some of the things I said and did should not be posted on here but to sum up, I had a bloody great time.

Sorry to Colin Wood (rider) who had to put up with my insane ramblings. Also to Chris & Carlos for bouncing in front of them to show how strong my legs were and saying "I always wanted to be a punk". To Donna, James and Jenny, you were very polite as I talked at you.

To anyone else I may have harrassed...

After feeling so poorly at Rugby last week I needed to let off steam and I did it big style...

Ganche was still recovering from the nite before and saving herself for Sunday...

We had intended leaving about 6am but I was on too much of a high to go back to the caravan and we would have got told off again for being too loud, so we stayed till 8am.

When the music finished, I clapped, yes, I was the only one but I'd had such a ball I didn't care.

Got back to the caravan to all children awake and my daughter-in-law laughing at me nervously.

Grabbed a few hours sleep while they were still there and able to watch the childrem.

They had to leave Sunday afernoon because the eldest son had his grading for his second dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do (and he passed).

I had intended to get to the Sunday afternoon session and take the children but for some reason, I didn't feel too good.

I realised I'd left my shoes in the venue, so had to venture over at 3pm, managed to hear some of Kenny's stuff....

Chantelle took my shoes off me, tied the laces together and proceeded to play footy on the dance floor with my children. I'd given them a lecture on dance floor etiquette that just flew out the door. And I was too fragile to fight back.

I rested all afternoon ready for the Sunday night party. Not having been to Cleethorpes before (yes, I was a virgin), I thought the Sunday nite thing would be quiet, subdued, chilled.

So with kids in toe, in we went. I hid them round the corner in what had been the record room.

I should have known that nothing is quiet and subdued on the northern scene, where everyone got the energy after a very long weekend, I'll never know...

Big thank you at this point for Ady allowing me to drag them along, it was Ganche's birthday at midnight and I so wanted to be there.

Come midnight, we did the cake and candles bit, gave her her pressys and off I went and left her to it.

I would have loved to have stayed till the "small wee hours" but we can't all lock the kids away and go and have fun...

I was still buzzing from the whole weekend, so I packed everything up before I got a few hours kip.

I got a txt from Chris Morgan to say, he'd got Ganche and would bring her back later.

At 7am, I said I would pick her up later, got one back saying pick her up now, so I bundled the kids in the car, thinking she must be ill.

He opened the door and said "I was joking".

Don't you just love the sence of humour of a soulie...

We manged to get out of the caravan for 10am and headed to town for a birthday brekky for Denise. The plan was for whoever was still there or still alive, to meet up with us.

The Rimmer party were still in their caravan tidying up!!!!

Cat's group haven't surfaced yet!!!!

I missed the call from Chris & Carlos, so by the time I realised, they'd left!!!

Never mind, Lionel and Marie managed to find us as it was the cafe next to their B & B.

We left Cleethorpes at 11.30am and I was back in bed by 3pm.

I haven't had so much fun in a long time, good music, great friends, I will be back.....


Dave Rimmer

DJ Prostitute ! Taking Bookings Now.

Posted:Jun 13 2007 09:55 AM

So where is the photo of you and Denise as Surgeons ??????

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