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rugbysoulgirl blog from 2008-9

rugbysoulgirl blog from 2008-9 magazine cover

Crossfire 12.04.09

Posted by rugbysoulgirl, 14 April 2009

Wow, this place was hot!

We queued for 20 minutes to get in, and when we finally made it down the stairs we could see that the place was absolutely rammed! Found some friends & set up camp near the stage on the right. Managed to get onto the dancefloor once or twice but the air con wasn't switched on & it was just too darn hot!

Had a wander round, the r'n'b room was buzzing (& cool!) & the pysch room was, well...a bit freaky but they all looked like they were having a great time so who am i to judge?

Enjoyed my chat with Laura & Ollie about old ladies & cats!

Thought Ginger Taylor was the bee's knee's! Did enjoy the other sets as well but Ginger seemed to have a slight edge on them. Maybe it's his accent?

Again we were flagging by 4am so snuck off into the night. The training for Cleethorpes isn't going so well so far!

Rugby 11.04.09

Posted by rugbysoulgirl, 14 April 2009

Well, Rugby never disappoints & this night was no exception!

Was really looking forward to Keith Money & Johnny Fingers & boy did they work the floor?! Johnny played 'Stick by me baby' by The Carstairs! Had never heard it before & thought it was fantastic!

The place was packed to the rafters with people. Great to see so many friends & make some new ones. Did wander into the freestyle room where everyone seemed to be having just as much fun but it really was the main room that did it for me.

Lots of people popping their Rugby cherries, i hope that they'll be back!

Unusually for us we were flagging by 4am & with another nighter to attend that weekend we sloped off but we will be back in June & we'll be there until the bitter end!

100 Club 28.03.09

Posted by rugbysoulgirl, 14 April 2009

Bit late with this one!

Had a ball just like we always do. Must say though that without Dave there with his sales boxes it is rather odd, looking forward to you coming back to your normal seat Dave! In fact there were quite a few regulars missing. Didn't dampen anyones sprits though. Thought 'Young Brett' did a sterling job, he didn't seem nervous at all! He had a full dancefloor most of the time & really mixed it up imo, playing records that i wouldn't have thought went down well (but they did!) Don't ask me what they were, i've been to two all nighters since!

Had a giggle talking to Jo Wallace & Richard Bayley is officially the funniest bloke i know!

Had a reet good dance & a yabber & thats about all you need from a nighter! Until next time....

Bisley 11th Anniversary 07.03.09

Posted by rugbysoulgirl, 09 March 2009

As a Bisley virgin i was really looking forward to this & it didn't disappoint!

Managed to find the place easily & it didn't take too long to get there. Arrived to a packed out full to the rafters hall about 10pm. Made a beeline for Theresa as i knew that she had the champers on ice!

Thought the DJs were great. Special mention to the DJ (sorry, can't remember his name) who played The casualeers, Dance,dance,dance. I know that the record was really over played & an out and out oldie but i haven't heard it played it ages & ages. In fact the last time i heard it was when Rugby was still soul nights & not the nighters so over 2 years ago! I used to drive my dad mad by having that record on repeat!

Anyway, as said the place was packed, great to see fellow soul sourcers & meet some new folk!

All in all a top night!

Green Onions 28.02.09

Posted by rugbysoulgirl, 09 March 2009

Bit late with this one!

Green Onions is a local (to me) soul night in Hertford. I must admit that i went along with the idea that the place would be full of 'normal folk' with drinks on the dancefloor & people taking the pee out of the dancers, how wrong was i?!

Got there about 9pm, the place was starting to fill up nicely. Is a great venue with really high ceilings & a lovely dancefloor.

There were a lot of local people in that apparently go every month as they love the music! Talking of which, i thought all the DJs did a good job. Dancefloor was packed a lot of the night!

Had a really good time, got talking to a few of the locals. One girl told me that she only discovered soul recently & would love to go to an all nighter but one of her friends told her that she would get ridiculed because she didn't dance 'the soul way'! I assured her that as long as she really did like the music, soul folk would welcome her with open arms!

I wasn't driving so did get a little tipsy.. ...but managed to sleep through my hangover the next day!

I can't recommend this place highly enough!

100 Club 22-02-09

Posted by rugbysoulgirl, 01 March 2009

Well, what a fab night! I missed the January one as i was at my mums birthday party so i was so excited about this one!

Got there about 11pm & the place was just starting to fill up. Ady was spinning some tunes & the atmosphere was just warming up!

Had such a laugh with Sian & Denise (my fellow Rugby ladies!) & spent a large portion of the night talking at people-just to make a change!

Was really impressed with Donna D's sets, liked the records she was playing but it was mainly her enthusiasm behind the decks. Is great to see someone DJing, dancing as much as the people on the dancefloor! Butch was & is always worth the £12 door tax & Keith Money & Matt Bolton were both superb as well.

Not so many of the regulars there but they missed something special that night. There was just such a great buzz & apart from 'losing' the car keys briefly & finding them in the drivers side door of the car (4 hours after supposedly locking it!) that night ranks in my top 10 of best nights out ever!

Rugby 6th Anniversary All Nighter!

Posted by rugbysoulgirl, 09 February 2009 ·

Being a Rugby lass i was so excited about Saturday night! Rugby is always a top night & you are guaranteed a fab time!

Was a little worried about the numbers being down as there was so much else on & the weather wasn't great but it was a packer. The record bar was buzzing (as was the alcohol selling bar!), the freestyle room was busy a lot of the night & the main room had a full dancefloor nearly the whole time!

Had to laugh when we got there, there was Krispy Kremes from Theresa, home baked pies from Di and sweets from Del!

Had a brilliant time, danced loads due to all of the DJs pulling it out of the bag, especially (imo) Karl Heard & Phil Shields! Was great to see so many fellow soul sourcers & Rugby virgins!

Stayed right until the end (though my legs were like concrete by 6am!) & got home about 8.30am for tea & toast & to sleep all day! See you in April!

P.S The anniversary CD is fantastic!!

Januarys Events

Posted by rugbysoulgirl, 05 February 2009 ·

As we're only in the 2nd month of the year i thought i would take up a friends suggestion & start a blog of all the events i go to in 2009. Give the grandkids something to read when i'm long gone!

January kicked off on the 3rd with some good old fashioned boogaloo'ing at Boogaloo in Saaaarf Laaanden. Only my 2nd or 3rd visit (i can't remember now! ) which i intend to remedy this year as it's a gem of a place! Top music, top people & such a great little venue. The DJs kept the dancefloor busy & Mr Ady C was on top form. Always a pleasure to see Mr & Mrs Boogaloo on the door & the bar is cheap! The place was packed to the rafters & bursting at the seams with atmosphere. Would really like to make the next one but alas i'm elsewhere. Will be there in March though-and you should be too!

January 10th saw us travel to Cambridge for the Cambridge soul collectives 2nd anniversary. A journey that should of taken us 40 minutes but due to a slight postcode error ( ) took us the best part of 2 hours! Despite that we had a fab night! Plenty of smiling faces & another heaving dancefloor! Soul Sam really did the business & the other DJs didn't disappoint either. Gave Geoff a laugh when i told him how old i thought Soul Sam was ( ) A wee bit too modern for my tastes but the majority of punters enjoyed it & thats what counts! Will be going along to the next one!

Finally (due to my selfish family having birthdays & Golden wedding anniversary parties! ) my last do in January was the excellent Walls of Heartache in Walthamstow, East London.

Very easy to find, an intimate place but with bags of character. Musically, it made a nice change. No rare soul or undiscovered gems but plenty of classic stuff with some motown thrown in. We knew what to expect & really enjoyed ourselves.

I've driven home from the last two venues so roll on Rugby on February 7th where i shall not be the one driving home!

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