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[Scan] Shades Of Soul #7 April 1986

[Scan] Shades Of Soul #7 April 1986 magazine cover

Shades Of Soul #7 April 1986 - Fanzine Scan

Editor Derek Pearson aka @Derek Pearson

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To celebrate their first anniversary all-nighter Steve & Alan Walls broke with the tradition of giving away free badges and stickers and instead personally presented everyone with a photo-copied hand written leaflet· outlining the Right Track Soul Club's aims.Madly generous these boys. Clutching this future collectors item,I entered the normally dark hall which was awash with light,for the benefit of a video team,not that this affected the atmosphere as opening DJ Spike had the floor full.Brian Welsh followed and also played a mixture of sixties and seventies where-as the next two stuck purely to sixties-Right Track stalwart Keith Whitson and new boy Colin Law.While Colin was on the sound cleared up a bit so that it was merely painful(can nobody turn down the treble ?),the announcements remaining unintelligible.Dave Thorley came on followed by unexpected guest Guy Hennigan,the man for whom all the chopping and changing was necessary(it was still only 4am).Next was Alan Walls,Dave Thorley re-appeared,then Dave Evison.I missed the last two as i   was in the office preparing to give a novice punters view of northern soul. Mercifully the camera refused to work and i headed back into the hall for the last hour.Brian did another spot,then Keith & Alan rounded off a superb night with a few favourites. Its not just chauvinism that makes me urge more English soulies to make the long haul north,you'd be hard pressed tn hear better sounds elsewhere(with the obvious exception of Stafford/Notts Palais).My only gripe is that the flair and imagination that's shown in the selection of sixties items isnt repeated for the newer sounds.Best records of the night for me were Oliver Norman "Drowning in my own despair"(Decca),Troy Dodds "Try my love"(El Camino),Larry Wedgeworth & Clique "No more games" (Grovehall),Eric & the Vikings "Hurting for your love"(Studio Acetate) and Johnny Moore "Lonely heart in the city"(Blue Rock).If anyone from the West of Scotland is interested in going,phone Brian Welsh(Blantyre 829928) or myself (041-649 5255). Peter McKernan March 1986. ----------------------------


This small Knoxville,Tennessee label is a family run affair,lead by Dennis K.Hardison(the principal),his wife Patricia,their daughters Trinette and Lanise and George Saah(the vice-president) who;s the only non-family principal.The name of the company-Denlatrin was created by combining parts of the family's christian names.Based at Southern Sound Recording Studios, 8616 Kingston Pike,the company acts as agents for several musical groups and arranges and records music. Lanise,Trinette and Dennis K.Harding perform under the name of The Hardisons, whose act features a  mix of singing,dancing and comedy routines. Patricia acts as their manager.Although the groups done few paid performances they've presented many benefit gigs for senior citizens,schools and church's throughout Detroit,Windsor,Ontario and parts of Kentucky. Dennis was born in Detroit,Michigan(his oldest brother,Ira cut a couple 01 discs that received air play in the Detroit area) and at the age of ten formed a group called the Rotations with his brother Calvin aged 7 and a friend called Adolph. During his teens he worked at Motown Records setting up the equipment for Chairmen of the Board,then went onto become a small time promoter.He met and married Patricia then decided to move down to Knoxville-where his wife's family were based ••• "I was struck by the fact that even though the place was close to Nashville(Ed: 200 miles to the West),there was no real music industry here, we have more room to grow here.In Detroit i   was like a small fish in a big pond,down here i can be a big fish in a small pond" says Dennis. The company also manages Katie Griffin -K-Trans bus driver -whoss 45 "Stop look and listen"(DLT-1011)apart from gaining air play on radio stations in Detroit,Atlanta and Cincinnati received favourable comments from collectors this side of the Atlantic(see pg 18,issue 6).Dennis is currently negotiating a national and international distribution deal on this disc.Also on the books are Venuz a female duo comprising of Doris Parker and Brenda Gaskin who'll be singing back-up for a 12 inch single which the Hardisons are due to record soon. Dennis Hardisons ultimate goal is to make Knoxville a national music market,to establish a base of local performers with national recording contracts and have their sounds receive air play across the country. "I'd love to do for this town what Berry Gordy did for Detroit" wishes Dennis •••• if he manages to achieve only a fraction of this ambition he'll keep us soul fans happy for a very long time.

Derek Pearson (Feb 86)

*WARRINGTON PARR HALL 1st ANNIVERSARY 2nd Feb 186 Arrived at 1.15am had to queue till nearly 2 to get in,pushing 'n'shoving. All the elders compared it to getting in at Wigan.Pushing and Pulling (check the Lovemasters on Jacklyn for disc of same name).The Promoters knew they were gonna have a big turnout why didn't they organize the door better? Moan,moan,moan.The place was heaving, the dance floor was solid the music as mixed Imagine being in a packed record bar at an allnighter, music blaring away in the background and there in a corner you spots a group of lunatics crouched round a portable battery run record player listening to discs.Boy,do we live in a crazy world.I spent six hours looking at,talking about ~d trying to sell discs,discs and more discs.Picked up Joseph Moores get to you"on MarVlus and went heavily into debt.(only Joking Gillian if you're reading this).Me remembers the Promoters-3 Voices Soul Club slagging off Sean Gibbons the main man at Morecambe for increasing admission prices at big events such as when groups were performing live at his venues.When Holman and Wylie did Stafford the 3V's held down the admission price and kept it at normal rates.Warrington's regular rate is £3 members,£3.50 non members,tonight it was £4.50 members, £5 non members •••• a bit over the top me thinks,still as a consolation we all that pathetic badge-hell i wouldn't even wipe my arse on that badge. Don't they realise that the era of badge wearing went out with baggy pants and long hair.Best discs of the night that i can recall were Jack Montgomery "Do you believe''(Scepter)-flip to "Dearly beloved" and Chuck Jackson's "Hand it over"(Wand)-released twice on this logo,first on no.149 then 169 also on UK Pye 'live' EP.

Derek Pearson 2/86. 

Thanks to Ian Clark of Guildford for sending the above 3 pics •• Ed:according to the Blue Rock listing in Rod Dearlove's Midnight Express No.6 The Chilites "Never no more/She's mine" was released on B-4037.Check their version of Samuel Moore's-Chicago label-DJO 3004 outing "I'm so jealous" on Blue Rock 4007(released Jan 165).Wasn't it issued as by the Hilites? Back to the Blue Rock listing,there was a gap for release 4035 which was the number for Jimmy Hart's "Tea house in China Town" the flip "Sugar baby" was penned by A.Williams(who also arranged it)& B.Goldberg.Does anybody know if it was ever issued? Fascinators: what a disc,mid tempo Xcellence-too much-too rare.But what a crappy label design,is that just the worst you've ever seen? What was it that Berry Gordy said 'Its whats in the grooves that counts•.Ian also sent a p.copy of his Maltese W.Demo of Norma Jenkins "Airplane song".The second known copy,however its rumoured theres a 3rd copy in Kev Roberts collection



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Shades Of Soul #7 April 1986 - Magazine Scan

Editor Derek Pearson aka @Derek Pearson

32 Issues July 1984 - Jun 2006

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