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Soul Source 6 Pacs from 2000 - Revisited & Rehoused

Soul Source 6 Pacs from 2000 - Revisited & Rehoused magazine cover

Long time Soul Source members may remember how about 20 years or so ago we used to have a 6 Pac audio feature here on Soul Source,

Basically as part of our audio output we used to offer audio rare soul 6 Pacs, which were a session made up of usually 6 tracks off one members current plays, which were mixed into one session, and posted up on site with a bit of info and such added as well.

The onsite 6 Pacs went quite well for a few years but as with all things their use faded away as other audio and site features took over.

However, after stumbling across them the other day during a recent dig in the Soul Source archive the other day, and then having a most enjoyable time revisiting some of them, my thinking is that it may be worth a sort out, as others may enjoy the revisiting as well.

So, after a bit of a digging around and as we now have the option of now using mixcloud, we are now able to re-offer these 6 Pacs from long ago.

For now, to get things going, here's 20 x 6 Pacs from the long-gone year 2000, more to follow if this goes well...


Soul Source Members Rare Soul 6 Pacs 2000 (site note: all the track titles are from that year)


Andy Rix Session 1 - 6 Pac Summer 2000

@Andy Rix

Andy was a main reason for the development of the 6 pacs feature, as he once shared with us all on here about 70 odd clips of his latest plays/discoveries/rarities. We then had to deliver to all you members the clips in a user-friendly way, which led us to set up and use the actual 6 Pac format.

This was the first one, as said words and titles of all these 6 Pacs are from the time.

She's Not The Marrying Kind - Kenny Lewis - Acetate
Don't Stop - Royal Five - Impact Sound Acetate
You Made A Man Of Me - Scott English - Associated Acetate
In One Ear And Out The Other - Cindy Scott - Virtue Acetate
She's Wanted - Larrys Boys - Virtue Acetate
Still Remember The Feeling - Rose Marie Mcoy - Acetate


Andy Rix Session 2 - 6 Pac Summer 2000

@Andy Rix

You Left Me - Admirations - Peaches
Don't Let The Door Hit Your Back - Cashmeres - Edgewood Acetate
Love Is All Right - Harthorn Band - Virtue Acetate
I'm Bringing It Home - Tony Mason - April And Blackwood Acetate
Small Things (Make A Big Difference) - Keli Osborne - New Bag
Like A Love I Never Had - Enchanters - Frankford Wayne Acetate


David Flynn 6 Pac - Sep 2000 - various - 6 pacs

@Anoraks Corner

You Can Say - Gary Dean - Young
Your Future - Robert "Redtop" Young - Soulsations
My Proposal - Soul inc - Coconut Groove
This Ones For You My Love - Benny Spellman - Alon
Just Can't Let It Ride - Dexter Manley - cover up
The Greatest Story Ever Told - Billy Arnell - cover up


Dave Rimmer - 6 Pac August 2000

@Dave Rimmer

Oh What A Feeling - Jimmy Ricks - Festival
The Yesterday Of Our Love - Jimmy Seals - Challenge
I Have A Girl - Magnetics - Resal 
Vondells - Hey Girl - Airtown Custom
Harlem Rumble - Frank Foster - Triode
Look Ahead - Gordon Keith - Calumet


Ian Cuncliffe Session 1 - 6 Pac August 2000

Lookin' For A Woman - Brooks Brothers - Tay
Lazy - Tommy Turner 
Save Your Love For Me - Freddie Butler - Wheelsville
Mean Mis- Treator - Joyce Taylor - Wally
I Got To Tell It - Joni Jones
Take A Little Give A Lot- Eli 'The Prophet' - Ala


Mark Hanson - 6 Pac August 2000

There's  A New Thing - Dean And Damons Cover   
Get Off My Back - Marvin L Sims - Revue  
Black Is Beautifull - Trinikas 
I Need A Man - Precious Three 
Little John - Just Wait And See - Gogate
Use It Before You Lose It - Bobby Valentin - Fania


Alan Handscombe Sesson 1 - 6 Pac Late 2000

Alex Hassilev - Young Man - Rca 
Barbara Redd - I'll Be All Alone - Spqr
Eddie  Roberts - Immaculate Love - Time Records
Eskew Reeder - Undivided Love - Instant.
Curtis  Knight - Voodoo Women - Gulf
Phonetics - Pretty Girl - Trudel


Alan Handscombe Sesson 2 - 6 Pac Late 2000

The Allen Sisters -I'm In With The Downtown Crowd - Quality
Delores Clark - I'm Living To Please - Antares
Don And Ron - I'm So So Sorry - White Cliff
Peppermint Harris - Wait Until It Happens To You - Jewel
El-Corols - Chick Chick - Rouser
Betty Lavette - You'll Never Change - Atlantic


Ian Cuncliffe Session 2 - 6 Pac Aug 2000

I Was Born To Love You - Mr Lucky - Stardom
Lonely No More - J J  Barnes - Mickays 4471
What Can I Do - Joyce Taylor - Wally
Say Girl - Lonnie Russ - Kerwood
It's Better To Cry - Appreciations - Sport 
Will You Ever Learn - Soul Set - Bi Me


Terry Davis Session 1 - 6 Pac late 2000 

The Blues- Johnny Wyatt Cover Up 
Secret Of Mine - Lost Souls - Raven 
Constellations - I Don't Know About You - Gemini Star
Jimmy Ruffin  - Stop Leading Me On - Motown Studio Acetate
Harvey And Jokers - Soul Sound - Schofield
Easy Street - O C Smith - Columbia Demo


Terry Davis Session 2 - 6 Pac late 2000 

Thanks For A Little Lovin' - The Trends - Abc Demo
Don't Let The Door Hit Your Back - Cashmeres - Hem
Hard Row To Hoe - Oc Lee - Quaint 
Point Of View - Blue Jays - Jay
What More Do You Want - Gene Toones - Simco Demo  
Lead Me On - Gwen Mcrae - Columbia Demo 


Andy Rix Session 3 - 6 Pac Summer 2000

@Andy Rix
The Thrill Of Loving You - Jimmy Radcliffe - Jaysina Acetate
One More Day - Kenny Smith - Flo Roe
Nothings Too Good For My Baby - Springers - Unreleased Alt Take
Drowning In Your Love - Lyn Roman - A&R Acetate
I Should Cry - Ronnie Walker - Virtue Acetate
Faye And Hillettes - Just The Way I Feel - Audiodisc Acetate


Andy Rix Session 4 - 6 Pac Summer 2000

I Gotta Find A Way (To Get You Back) - Tammi Terrell - Jobete Acetate
With My Love - Jean Wells Band - Select Sound Acetate
Sock It To Me - Commotions - Rca Custom Acetate
That's The Same Thing - Masquaders - Soultown
Switch Around - Wallie Hawkins And Rose Marie Mccoy - Beltone Acetate
Right Direction - Herman Lewis And Gerri Jackson A&R Acetate


Ritchie Conn Session 1 - 6 Pac Sep 2000

Billy Lennox - Baby I'm Lost Without You - Cover Up
The Topics - Hey You Little Girl
The Dramatics - Toy Soldier
The Intentions - My Love She's Gone
Lillie Fields - I've Got To Tell You
Vips - Strange Little Girl - Congress


Ritchie Conn Session 2 - 6 Pac Sep 2000

The Enchanters - There's A Look About You
The Rotations - I Can't Find Her
Cheryl Swope - Cant Get Him Off My Mind
The Ten Spots - Where Did I Go Wrong - Cover-Up
The Soulfray - Little Women - Cover Up
The Diplomats - Cards On The Table - arock


Andy Rix Session 5 - 6 Pac Summer 2000

@Andy Rix
Dreamlovers - Getting together - Virtue 
Daisy Burris - Four strong winds - Deesu 
Passions - If you see my baby - Elvitrue & Satelite 
Royal Five - Nobody else - Impact Sound 
Appointments - I saw you there- De-Lite 
Dorothy Moore & Dolletts - Believe it or not - ABC 


Andy Rix Session 6 - 6 Pac Summer 2000

My Love - Tommy Knight - Abtone
Love Is Allright - Jesse James - Virtue Acetate
I've Gotta Get Away - Tommy Good - Jobette Acetate
I Can't Turn My Back On You - Vince Appolo - Imperial Sound Acetate
Gonna Get Even - Ray Williams - Space
Mister Misery - Robbie Lawson - Acetate


Andy Rix Session 7 - 6 Pac Summer 2000

World Of Happiness - Cindy Scott - Virtue Acetate
Keep On Searching - Brenda Jackson - Sunshine Sound
Who's That Kissing You Tonight - Herman Lewis - Bell Sound Acetate
Speak On Up - Joe King - Prix
Baby - Young Brothers - Soul Power
Tell Me You Love Me - Accoustics - Acetate


Andy Rix Session 8 - 6 Pac Summer 2000

Faye & Hillettes - Where did they go - Audiodisc 
Anthony & Delsonics - Every time - Emerge
Luther Randolph - I just gotta have you - Virtue
Linda & Pretenders - Believe me - Assault
Charles Mintz - Running back - Up Look
Admirations - I want to be free - Peaches


 Pete Coulson - 6 Pac Dec 2020
@Pete Coulson
Joe Tex - I Wanna Be Free - Dial Go
Stevie Wonder - Contract On Love - Tamla 
Lois Blain - Here I Am - Open-G-Records 
Richard Berry - Have Love Will Travel - Flip 
Carol Fran - Knock Knock - Excello
Barbara Lynn - Second Fiddle Girl - Jamie

Site note - Pete sadly passed on last year (2019) 
I have added below Petes own words on his selections and intro as posted on Soul Source at the time Dec 2000

1) Joe Tex - I Wanna Be Free - dial got this courtesy of Steve Thomson, blew me away first time of hearing, i played it for Shifty at Lowton and he tells me he has now got one, typical Joe Tex with plenty of breaks and changes, i am always getting asked for this, a great dancer.

2) Contract on Love - Stevie Wonder - Tamla i have been after a copy of this for about two years but nobody would sell me one, i eventually settled for the album which i bought of Bob Hinsley, about a month later i was found a copy by Simon, so if anyone wants Stevie Wonders Greatest Hits i have one for sale.

3) Lois Blain - Here I Am - Open-G-Records this great dancer chugs along with the breaks coming via the catch in Lois voice, out of New York just wonderful soul music.

4) Richard Berry - Have Love Will Travel - Flip-  I am getting lots of requests for this top dancer, out of California i suppose it could be classed as doo wop if you wanted to pigeon hole it, got this of Carl Willingham when he acquired the demo, he won't have an issue in the house if he can get the demo, and the bugger has most things on demo, mostly white of course.

5) Carol Fran - Knock Knock - Excello -  I first heard this about six months ago on a tape and had to have one, trouble was nobody had heard of it. i mentioned it to Ian Cunliffe and lo and behold he turned on up within a couple of months, we are not worthy Ian, brilliant R&B with a distinctive start.

6) Barbara Lynn - Second Fiddle Girl - Jamie - This was an unknown Barbara Lynn track to me, my good mate hoss played this to me at my house after a niter and it blew me away. always one of my favourite artists due to the diversity of her music. i had the privilege of meeting her and interviewing her for my magazine northern essence (plug) at last year's cala gran and the lady is just that, one of the nicest most unassuming people i have ever met.


About me  I started on the northern soul scene about 1968 when I first went to the twisted wheel in Manchester, I was a regular there until it finished and then went to the Blackpool mecca until i was married and then all things have to change. I was off the scene then until about seven years ago, now with my second wife Viv we found that the scene was thriving more than when I left it. After our first soul night we were hooked and have not looked back since, I think we have made up for those lost years a hundred times over since we started back, in fact it has virtually taken over our lives. I have been involved in most aspects of the scene, as a promoter, dj and editor of my own fanzine Northern Essence, the mag has been great for me, I have met so many of the artists i have admired over the years, , to name a few, Barbara Lynn, Eddie Holman, Jerry Williams, Terry Callier and Dean Courtney and they have all been such nice people, just like most people on the scene.

The great thing about the scene IS the people, we have made so many real friends from all over the country and making new ones every week, yes the music is important but if you are progressive thinking and you go out every weekend then you are going to have a lot of disappointing nights if you do not put the company you are with first, then if you get a good night s music as well it's a bonus.

If you like the tunes mike has put on his site you can hear them and more like them every month at Lowton Civic hall where i am resident in the R&B room along with regulars Carl Willingham, Roger Banks and Malc Worsley plus guests. the next one is fFriday8th December, by the way i will also be djing in the main room that night, my next few dates this month are at the Savoy Hotel in Blackpool on Saturday December 22nd, Bolton Anglers Club on Boxing Night, the White Hart in Farnworth December 27th and again at Lowton on New Years Eve.

Pete Coulson Dec 2000

RIP Pete

Ok so that's all of the 20 members rare soul 6 Pacs from the year 2000, hopefully this set up will provide a more solid home for the next 20 years!
Watch out for more from the following years soon...



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I listened to about half of these while enjoying a few glasses of bubbles on the balcony last night.

Thoroughly enjoyed everything I heard and a great format for easy listening.

Time to revive the concept?

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Some excellent sets there. Even in 2000, you had to get out to hear some of these records as they weren't on youtube or (for a lot of them) on CDs. 

I remember the Andy Rix CDR which was given away on this site which contained a load of goodies featured in the 6 Pac sets.


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Andy Rix certainly had (has?) some tunes - remember some fantastic sets from him around that time, on a par with Butch for a while I would say in terms of rarity, quality and quantity of blinding records 

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