The Bitter & The Sweet – I Wont Have Any Babies For You

The Bitter & The Sweet – I Wont Have Any Babies For You magazine cover

A Monday morning indulgence! Like me you may have come across the page/site the bitter and sweet dot com a few times on your travels, if you haven't, then read on . The page is basically a mix of all sorts of soul related text though the main meat is the background info on this great too good to be a classic track by The Bitter & The Sweet ‎– I Wont Have Any Babies For You

Here's a clip of the info, link follows

The Bitter and The Sweet hails from Detroit’s North End Northern High School, and Detroit’s Mumford High.  It features Adrienne Bolden Jordan, Katherine Hamilton, Victor Williams, Kenny Jackson & Baraka LeRoi Coleman Jordan.  The lyrics is written by Floyd Johnson , melody by The Bitter & The Sweet, produced by Floyd Johnson, and musically arranged by Motown Record’s Funk Brother lead Guitarist Robert White.

 Robert White is the creator and performer of one of the most recognizable opening guitar licks in Soul, R&B, and Rock music. The opening guitar intro riff on The Temptation’s song "My Girl'' that flows and threads its way throughout the song. 

more background via

and of course the main reason for posting a excuse to play/hear the track itself...

monday morning indulgence

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Chris Turnbull profile photo


Great record - the first DJ I remember playing it was Butch c. 1990 - was it spun much before that? Stafford?

Ivor Jones profile photo


It was getting played at some of the Modern Soul events a good couple of years before that I think from memory. Don't remember it before that though. big at the same time as Constellations "I Don't Know About You", always think of them together for some reason. The other side [P.O.W.] is good as well isn't it ? 

Huge favourite of Tats Taylor I recall……Hi Tats:)

Chalky profile photo


Robin Salter at Stafford as far as I am aware, sure he will confirm, sure I have it on a list of tracks from Stafford we put together.

soultronic profile photo


didn't know it was out of Detroit, great record though. love it


Alan Walls profile photo


Allowing for hazy memories, I'm pretty certain I bought this from someone at Blackburn after hearing Guy play it. Never had it long, I either bought it for £45 and sold it for £25 or vice versa.


That's not really helpful, is it? Sorry...:(

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