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The Greatstone Last Saturday

Realy busy night again this month, new faces again complimented the hard-core regulars, a lot of people travelling some distance to get here, a real compliment to all involved, thank you.

Not going to waffle on too much here, as I'd rather let the people who attended, voice their opinions and thoughts on the events thread.
So enough said, just thought I'd post up some of the play- lists, mine and Paul Sadot's to follow.....if you like what you see , give us a try.....Alway's The Third Saturday Of The Month
Take It Easy......Tony

Mark B's Play-List



len wade what you gonna do dial
liberation love looks good on you S.O.A.
brenda jones big mistake mercury
markIV signs of a dying love O.T.B.
5th ave band one way or the other reprise
gil billingsley i'm me just me landy bug
mighty pope if you want a love affair
bitter and the sweet P O W anything everything ( other side of i won't have )
velvet hammer i can't beleive chila
maqueraders how big is big bell
johnny vanelli something to sleep on blue dolphin
bull bygones bell
pretenders it's evrything about you that i love carnival
the j's when did you stop dante
the committee give in to the power NMI
rivage strung out on your love tempus
kenny lewis whats her name buddah
tootsie rollers give me love me-o

Kenny Burrells Play-List...Greatstone Soul Club--16th July thumbsup.gif

1. NURONS (Nu-Ron) All of my life
2. CHICO LAMARR (Fuller) What do you think I am
3. ELAINE JONES (Angel-town) Your friends
4. SPRINGERS (Wale) Nothings too good for my baby
5. JIMMY ELLEGE (Sound Town) Sad Town
6. WARD BURTON (Panther) Sweet temptation
7. TY KARIM (Romark) You just dont know
8. ANTELLECS (Flodaviour) Love slave
9. ESTER GRANT (Wilstone) Lets make the most out of love
10 BOBBY RICH (Sambea) There's a girl somewhere
11 COCO & BEN (Earth World) Good feelin'
12 SATIN (Good) Give all your love to me
13 DREAMETTES (Dreammaker) Thats not love
14 DAVID GAGE (Hawk) Can I depend on you
15 MARLYN BARBARIN (Nola) Just a teenager
16 SHADDOWS (United Audio) Together again
17 MELLO SOULS (Mello) We can make it
18 PEGGY BYRES (Virtue Acetate) World of Happiness
19 JIMMY GRESHAM (Teri-De) Put it out of your mind
20 GERRI SHIVERS (Pat) Lets try it again
21 LYNN TERRY (La Salle) I got a good thing going
22 CODY BLACK (Gig) It's our time to fall in love
23 JOAN DOVALLE (Hot) Holiday
24 JIMMY DELPHS (Carla) Dancing a hole in the world
25 SWEETS (Soultown) Something about my baby

Stevie Z's Play-list

Wayne Boling-Girl I'd like to dance with you
Bobby Guy-Good enough
Wane harrell-Lonely boy
Herman Lewis-Who's kissing you tonite
Karmello Brooks-tell me
Don Hysong-Soul searcher
George Smith-Pretty little girl
Sound masters-Lonely lonely
Tommy Ridgley-My love keeps getting stronger
Bobby Mac-shy guy
Mal Adams-Since man began
Jimmy Philips-she belongs to me
Oberia Martinez-Think it over
Linda & Pretenders-Believe me
Overtones-What would I do
Sammie Campbell-Listen to my radio
Connie van Dyke-Don't do nothing
Shirley Edwards-Dream my heart
Five Chances-I'll miss you
Andy Fisher-Hearts beating stronger
Sir Ceaser-Show me the time
Louis Paul-The change will do you good
Otis Brown -Southside Chicago
Lydia O'conner-nobody wants you
Inverts -Time will change
Robert Tanner-sweet memories
Plus 3 cover ups too!

Paul H's Play-list

The arabians-today i kissed my new love-staff
Ascots-another day-miradon thumbsup.gif
Pacesetters- my ship is coming in-mica thumbsup.gif
August moon-wasted years-o-gee
Mary wright-i was a fool-kim shades.gif
Bonnie herman-hush don,t cry-columbia
Lavon bridges-with a smile on my face-gloreco
The deans-no not now-panik
Spaniels-maybe-buddah thumbsup.gif
Kenny lewis-whats her name-buddah
Flora wilson-dancing on a daydream-soulvation army
Guitar ray-you,re gonna wreck my life-shagg
Pat johnson-east of the sun west of the moon-win or loose
brad stuart- i wouldn,t mind-sir graham
Paul smith-i,ll run-jacklyn paul



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