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The Most Sought After Rare Northern


This list contains what I consider the most sought after and rare original release Northern soul 45s at this point in time. It contains some seriously rare 45s and includes many that have been deemed to be ‘the hot collectable to have’. Records that have eluded collectors over the many years of searching for them and the ones that keep you awake at night, brooding if you’ll ever own them.  The records are not listed in any particular order, just as they came into my head. I checked with a few well-informed people on the Scene and it looks like such a list has not yet been compiled?

The criteria used to assemble this list is loosely:

1.    A proven rarity over a reasonable time span.

2.   Are sought after by many collectors.

3.   That it has a great sound.

I suppose a few people will want to know, how do you know what are the most coveted records of this genre, as there is a lot of secrecy, fabrication and fake news within the collecting fraternity. Plus it must be difficult keeping track of the movement of all records over a fifty year period, especially these days where the majority of collectors constantly recycle and refresh their collections almost on a weekly basis.  Yes, it is quite clearly impossible to know exactly, without implementing a Doomsday survey of some sort, but there are ways to collect relevant information, which help make informed judgements about rarity and what’s sought after:

Rare soul bragging rights have always been a big part of the Scene; just remember the old flyers from the Blackpool Mecca and their exclusive playlists etc. Today, something similar happens on the Internet, where some individuals and their hot-boxes do some persistent boasting, telling others about their precious vinyl treasures. 

Sales lists over the decades have been a wonderful place to buy records, but also a great source for collectors to compile information. The lists have been numerous, but some were streets ahead of the others, selling unknown Northern that no one had heard before. 

Other information gathering comes in the form of numerous stories that abound on the Scene about missed chances to buy a record and not having a sniff of a copy since, ruing that time for not taking that opportunity.  Or about owning a record and foolishly letting it go in a trade, or for a ‘not to be missed price’ and regretting that decision ever since.  And tales of record digging trips to America, unearthing rare vinyl gems.

This is where some invaluable information comes from to formulate such a list and having spent over 40 obsessive years, digging and collecting Northern and its numerous spin-offs, constantly immersed in the inner world of rare soul, I assumed that i could make a decent stab at compiling the list.


I remember a time in the mid 70s when the Scene contained only a handful of record collectors, who had an interest in the obscure import. For the majority, Oldies, as they became to be known, were king and that suited us just fine, because we faced no competition when acquiring our next purchase.  This was all to change in the early 80s as the Northern soul scene contracted and spawned a very much smaller scene that thrived on the esoteric. Ultimately, this had a seismic effect on the collecting habits of the rare soul scene and what was deemed collectable. Today, 40 years later, it is a standard default position for most rare soul collectors, to dig for the illusive and exclusive.

By the 90s the expansion of the soul scene into Europe and then worldwide was underway, culminating today into a global collecting phenomenon. This has had a big impact on a dwindling resource, as ever more international collectors begin to build impressive collections.

Not being able to acquire various records has been a major and vexed problem for most Northern buyers since the inception of this scene and that problem escalated with the expansion of the scene into Europe, Japan, Australia and America (plus the recent arrival of the millionaire collector)

Ebay and the Internet initially did make an impression, throwing up some amazing finds and for a period, satisfying the collectors. But that didn’t last very long and now we see the result: scarcity and high prices. Who in the early days of collecting, could have imagined that sometime in the future, Northern soul 45s would regularly sell for £5000 plus.


Some Northern soul folk may want to evaluate and compare this list with the Northern Soul top 500 list. They are in essence a similar thing and a number of records appear on both lists. However, the lists are two different entities; one appearing to represent the scenes majority Oldies crowd and the other a smaller, more dynamic, experimental and younger minority crowd. Virtually all of the 45s on the Northern Soul top 500 list, to put it mildly, have in the past 50 years been totally over-played, engendering an indifferent and weary attitude to them. Whereas, most of the records on the Sought after Rare Northern list have received less exposure in the clubs, have a vibrancy about them and are still relatively unknown to the greater bulk of the Northern Soul public.  This list will probably appeal to the person who takes a sustained, time consuming and determined approach to rare record collecting and doesn't mind spending the majority of their income on rare vinyl.


Not included on this list are 45s from the Modern side of the rare soul scene, concentrating on the bread and butter: Northern.  Maybe the Modern list will come later, but I suspect for various reasons, that will prove to be a very difficult task.

The list has an obvious relative aspect to it. Some of you will read the list and be asking where is such & such a record.  The simple answer is that Ive compiled the list myself and somewhat reflects my own personal taste in what i consider good and not so good Northern. I may have missed the odd title and will probably after some nudging from fellow collectors will be including any omissions later.  It is therefore a dynamic and fluid list and records will be added or deleted as time passes.

I haven’t included any recent, new discoveries, or cover-ups, as they haven't yet had time to prove their rarity and longevity.  No doubt many will reach their potential and move onto the list at some point in the future.    No studio acetates either.







Eddie Parker I'm gone Awake

C.O.D.s She's fire Kellmac

Combinations What cha gonna do Kellmac

Del-larks job opening Queen city

Don Gardner cheatin kind Sedgrick

Larry Clinton She's wanted Dynamo

Damon Fox Packing up Fairmount

Salvadors stick by me baby Wise World

Lester Tipton this wont change La beat

Gwen Owens Just say you're wanted Velgo

Admirations I want to be free Peaches

Jimmy Burns I really love you Erica

Bobby James I really love you Karol

Yums Yums gonna be a big think  ABC

Mel Britt she’ll come running back Fip

Classics so glad I found you Yan G

Parliaments This is my rainy day Cabell

Springers Nothings too good for my baby Wale

Magnetics lady in green Bonnie

Magnetics I have a girl Rahsel

Ramona Collins you've been cheating Clarks

Appointments I saw you there Delite

Lou Pride Im com’un home in the morn’un Suemi

Billy Woods Let me make you happy Sussex

Young Brothers Whats your game Soul Power

Junior McCants - Try Me For Your New Love - King

John & the Wierdest Cant get over these memories Tie

Johnny Hendley My baby came from out of nowhere Mutt & Jeff

Prophets If I had -Shrine

Counts Peaches baby Shrine

Cairos Stop overlooking me Shrine

JB Bryant I wont be coming back Shrine

Eddie Daye & 4 Bars Guess who loves you Shrine

Ray Pollard This time Shrine

DC Blossoms Hey boy Shrine

Les Chansonettes Dont let him hurt you Shrine

Shirley Edwards Dream my heart Shrine

Cavaliers Do what I want Shrine

Tomangoes I really love you Washpan

Jimmie Bo Horn I cant speak Dade

Paris Sleepless nights Doc

Sam Williams Love slipped through my fingers Tower

Al Williams I am nothing La Beat

Servicemen Sweet magic Chartmaker

Servicemen Are you angry Wind Hit

Vondells Hey girl you’ve changed Airtown

Walter & Admerations Man Oh Man La Cindy

Yvonne Vernee just like you did me SonBert

Del-Tours Sweet and lovely Starville

Bernie Williams Ever again Bell

Chuck holiday Just cant trust nobody gloria

Four Voices Our love is getting stronger Voice

Richard Caiton I’d like to get near you Up Tight

The Butlers with Frank Beverly Because of my heart Rouser/Fairmount

Precisions Sugar aint sweet Drew

The Poets Wrapped around your finger J2

Kell Osborne Law against a heartbreaker Highland

Margaret Little Love finds a way Genebro

Sandy Golden Your love is everything Masterpiece

Delites Lover Cuppy

Pat Lewis No one to love Solid Hit

Jesse James Are you gonna leave me Shirley

Mr. Soul what happened to yesterday Genuine

Al Scott what happened to yesterday Genuine

Mello Souls We can make it Mello

Tommy Ridgley My love gets stronger International City

Professionals Thats why i love you Groove City

Cashmeres show stopper Hem

Camaros We’re not too young Dar Cha

Ray Agee im losing again Soultown

Archie Hodge I really want to see you Narco

Debonairs Loving you takes all my time Solid Hit

Robbie Lawson Burning sensation Kyser

Little Wille Faulk Look into my heart M&H

Ree Flores Look into my heart M&H

Empires You're on top girl Candi

Arthur Willis The hurting is over Mars La Tour

Lillie Bryant Meet me half way Tayster

Little Stanley Out a sight loving Vance

Inticers since you left Baby Luv

Executive Four I got a good thing going Lumar

George Blackwell Cant lose my head Smoke

Johnny Hampton Not my girl Dottys

Leonard Jewel Bettin’ on love Terri De

Gaylettes heartaches i cant take Black jack

The Proffs Look at me Curr

Inspirations No one else can take your place Breakthrough

Jackie Beavers I need my baby Revilot

Adlibs You'll always be in style Blue Cat

Ivories Please stay Wand/Despenza

Arin Demain Silent treatment Blue Star

Joe Matthews Aint nothing you can do Kool Kat

Jimmy Gresham This feelin’ i have Terri De

Esther Grant - Let's Make The Most Out Of Love - Wilstone

Magnetics When Im with my baby Sable

Lee McKinnney Ill keep holding on Sable

Mac Staten There she goes Prelude

Bobby Kline Say something nice to me MB

Tommy & Derbys Dont play the roll Swing

Tommy & Derbys Going back to Houston Kool

The Trips There’s that mountain Soundville

Precisions I wanna tell my baby D Town

Colt 45s Lady lady Jerry

Cody Black Its our time to fall in love Gig

Timmie Williams - Competition - MaIa

Bobby Wisdom Handwriting on the wall Out a Site

Imperial Cs Someone tell her Phil LA Soul

Willie Hutch The Duck Dunhill

flouorescent Smogg all my life W.G.

Little John Just wait and see Gogate

Ernestine Eady Lets talk it over Phil LA Soul

Rita & Tiaras Gone with the wind is my love Dore

Milton James My lonely feeling Dore

Little Johnny Hamilton Keep on moving Dore

Superbs On a day when its raining Dore

Nabay Believe it or not Impact

Emanons Orchestra Bird Walkin’ All Brothers

Freddie Chavez They'll never know why Look

Chuck Cockerham Have I got a right Mala

Don Varner Tear stained face Quinvey

Fascinators In other words Bombay

Sag War Fare Dont be so jive Libra

New Wanderers Aint gonna do you no harm Ready

Nurons All my life Nu-Ron

True Image Im not over you yet Super Smash

Connie Clark My sugar baby Joker

Honey Bees Never in a million years Garrison

William Powell Heartaches Souvenirs Powerhouse

Robert Tanner Sweet Memories Magatone

Checkerboard Squares Double Cookin Villa

Earles Everybodys got somebody Tee-Ti

Billy Arnell Tough girl Holly

Buddy Smith When you lose the one you love Brute

Tranells Blessed with a love Flo-Jo

Emeralds Beware Vick

Stanley Mitchell Get it baby Dynamo

Caressors I cant stay away Ru-Jac

Stewart Ames Angelina Oh Angelina J&W

Sensations Demanding man Wayout

Combinations Im gonna make you love me Kimtone

Walter Wilson Love keeps me crying Wand

Ty Karim You really made it good to me Senator

Brooks Brothers Looking for a woman Tay

Jimmy Raye Philly dog around the world KKC

Frankie Karl You should o held on Philtown

Utopias Girls are against me La Salle

Danny Monday Baby without you Modern

George Juke Byrd Im available Pay-Tons

Fortson & Scott Sweet Lover Pzazz

Lonnett Blue Jeans M-S

Districts One lover Nile

The Crow Your autumn of tomorrow Inner Ear

Yvonne Daniels I dont want to get away from your love Sterling

Carlettes Im getting tired BR

Rufus Wood Before 2001 Espanola

Dynamic Three You said yeah Del-Val

Billy Floyd My oh my Arctic

Precisions My sense of direction HenMar

Kenny Gamble The jokes on you Arctic

Four Andantes Hipper than me MoDo

Blendels You need love Dontee

Ruby Feminine ingenuity Gold Token

Nolan Chance Just like the weather Bunky

Soulettes Bring your fine self home Scope

Sequins Try my love Detroit Sound

Groovettes Think it over baby Reness

Salt & Pepper A man of my word Heatwave

William Cummings Make my love a hurting thing Bang Bang

Jimmy Andrews Big city playboy Blue Jay

Frank Wilson Do I love you Soul

Cresa Watson Salvation Charay

Martha Starr sweet temptation Charay

Telma Laverne Baby dont you leave me Northern Del-La

Four Dynamics Things that a lady aint Peachtree

Eddie Billups Ask my heart Peachtree

Anderson Brothers I can see him loving you GSF

Ronnie McNeir Sitting in my class De-To

Willie Tee You're gonna pay some dues Bonatemp

Willie Tee I peeped your hole card Gatur

Willie Tee Im having so much fun Gatur

Willie Tee Please don't go Nola

Anthony & Delsonics Every time Emerge

Larry Wright Sweet sweet kissed Agogo

Joseph Webster My love is so strong Crow

Cecil Washington I dont like to lose Prophonics

Vickie Labat Got to keep hanging on Shagg

Eric Mercury Lonely girl Sac

Hank Hodge Eye for an eye Eye

Dennis Edwards Johnny on the spot International Soulville

Donna King Take me home Hot Line

Sonatas Going on down the road Hot Line

Benny Harper My prayer Harper Soul

King George I need you Audio Arts

Volumes Aint gonna give you up Karen

Sam Ward Sister lee Groove City

Norma Jenkins Airplane song Maltese

Roy Roberts So much in love Sugar

Vanguards Good time bad times Lamp

Lynn Vernado Wash & wear love Gator

Lynn Vernado Second hand love Yumie

Gene Toones What more do you want Simco

The saints Ill let you slide Wigwam

Tempos Ill never forget Diamond Jim

Mini Stokes & Spyder Turner Get yourself together Sound of Soul

Just Brothers Carlena Garrison

Lonnie Russ Say girl Kerwood

Joe Hicks I gotta be free AGC

Phonetics Just a boys dream Trudel

Brand New Faces Brand new faces Lujuna

Melvin Davis Find a quiet place Wheel City

Bob & Fred Ill be on my way Big Mack

Jay Bee Praying for an answer Thunderbolt

Johnny Barnes Nothing without your love Jab

Flirtations Stronger than her love Festival

Bernard Drake Ive been untrue La Louisianne

George Hobson Let it be real Sound City

Lil Lavair Ill be so happy Lenann

Terri Goodnight They didnt know Phelectron

Mr. Lucky Born to love you Stardom

Patti Young Head and Shoulders Ernstrat

Tamala Lewis You wont say nothing Marton

Eddie Foster I never knew In

Satans Breed Road runner Jenges

Harry Moon Womans man Jenges/Sin

Just Brothers Sliced tomatoes Lupine

Differences Five minutes Mon’ca

Masquaraders How La Beat

Patrinell Staten Little love affair Sepia

Joni Wilson Losers seat Volt

Antellects Love slave Flodavieur

Sweets satisfy me baby Soul Town

Eddie Hughes Soul searcher Bard

Out of Sights For the rest of my life Saru

Milton Parker Women like it harder Closet

Inspirations Your wish is my command Midas

Ernie Johnson I cant stand the pain Artco

Little Willie Johnson Loneliness Vandellas

Candi Staton Now you've got the upper hand Unity

Primers How does it grab you Hale

Softiques Bashfull Sheldon

Jokers Soul sound Skofield

Billy Prophet What can I do Sue

Joe Jama My life Optimum

Herman Lewis Who's kissing you tonight Stone Blue

Limelights Dont leave my baby Uncle

Charles Mintz Running back Uplook

Ron Baxter This is it Ole 9

Grey Imprint Do you get the message Clear Hill

Silhouettes Not me baby Goodway

Moments Baby I want you Hog

Soul Incorporated My proposal Coconut Groove

Montclairs Hey you Arch

Six Pack Midnight brew Trip Universal

Montiques Take another look Lamp

The Contessa I need you baby Las Bar

Joseph Moore I still cant get you Marvlus

Little Al Lonely days of my life Shell

Little Ron & Esquires I found someone Charade

E Rodney Jones R&B time Charisma

Hytones You dont even know my name Southern Artists

Martha Starr Love is the only solution Thelma

Ty Karim Lighten up baby Car-a-mel

Ty Karim You just don't know Romark

Intensions She needs somebody USA

Voltaires Movin movin on Bacone

Volumes Ive never been so in love Garu

Nat T Jones Moving forward Wilshire/Goliath

Oliver Joy Keep love growing Big Deal

Ernest Mosley Stubborn Heart La Cindy

Locations Mr diamond man Ron Paul

Matt Lucas You better go go Karen

Celebrities I choose you baby Boss

Pamela Beaty Talking eyes Tip

Soul Bros Inc Pyramid Golden Eye

Thee Midnighters You're gonna make me cry Whittier

Tiaras Foolish girl Opart

Eddie Whitehead Just your fool Black Jack

Lil Major Williams Girl Williams III

Tut Sutton I can feel the tears USA

Betty Wilson Im yours Dayco

Patty Stokes Good girl Mir-a-don

Gene Woodbury Ever again Del Val

Fabulous Jades Come on and live Rika

Jades Lucky fellow Mode

Wendell Watts Kiss a good thing goodbye Reforee

Webs Dont hurt me baby Dynamic

Topics Have your fun Dream

Keith Curtis I got to keep you baby Smoke

Barbara Jean Why weren't you there Big Hit

Noble & Uptights Dont worry about it Action

Little Joe Romans When you're lonesome Tuff

Royal Imperials This heart of mine Mellow Town

Richard Caiton Reflections Up Tight

Royal Robins Something about you TruGloTown

Gail Nevels Taking my mind off love Star Track/Dottys

Notations Trying my best to find her Tad

Parisians Twinkle twinkle little star Demon Hot

Antiques Go for yourself La Salle

John Leach Put that woman down Lawn

Prince Ella Baby sugar I love you Prince

JoAnn Courcy I got the power Twirl

Johnny Honeycutt Im coming over Triode

Flash McKinley Ill rescue you Bombay

Don & Ron Im so sorry White Cliff

Minnie Jones Shadow of a memory Sugar

Jimmy Mack My world is on fire Palmer

Nat Hall Why Loop

Willie Mason Why KaLaMa

Dusty Wilson Its gonna be a tragedy Mutt

TSU Tornadoes A thousand wonders Ovide

Modern Soul Trio You're no good Youngstown

Purple Mundi Stop hurting me baby Cat

Eddie Rey Ive got something of value True Soul

Johnny Rodgers Make a change Amon

Charles Holiday Dont lie Playboy

John Wesley Loves such a funny thing Melic

Stormie Wynters Life saver Mercury

Appreciations Its better to cry Sport

Appreciations I cant hide it Aware

Jades Im where its at Nite Life

JT Rhythm All I want is you Palmer

Troy Dodds Try my love El Camino

Little Nicky Soul I wanted to tell you Shee

Eddie Parker But if you must go Mico

Sidney Barnes I hurt on the other side Blue Cat

Eddie Daniels Is he better than me Boots

Ster-phonics If you dont do right Enjoy

Bobby Rich Theres a girl somewhere for you Sambea

Clarence Reid Carry on Reid

Kings of Soul Is your love for me Down to Earth

Betty Lou & Bobby Adams Dr. True love Tar-x

Lovers Without a doubt Frantic

Universals Diamonds and pearls Cooking

Jimmy Delphs Dancing a hole in the world Carla

Eula Cooper Let our love grow higher Super Sound

Paulette Love you baby Contact

Charlene & Soul Serenaders Can you win Paradox/Volt

Ascots Another day Mir A Don

Charles brandy I cant get enough Blue Cat

Capitals Cant deny that I love you Omen

Lynn Terry I got a good thing goin’ La Salle

Turbines We got to start over Cenco

Fred & Turbins Bernadine Cenco

Allison & Calvin Turner Everytime Im near you LuLu

Two Plus Two Im sure Velgo

Lou Ragland I travel alone Amy

Venturas Heart of love Greenlight

Vickie Baines Country girl Parkway

Lou Pride Your love is fading Semi

Paul Kelly Its my baby Lloyd

Twans I cant see him again dade

Pee Wee Shuck & Huey Beside myself Flagg

Betty Fikes Prove it to me Southbound

Scott Three Running wild March

Vivian Carol Oh yeah yeah yeah Merben

Soul Brothers Inc Teardrops Salem

Masquaders Thats the same thing Soultown

Soul Shakers You're turning Terri De

Sandi Sheldon You’re gonna make me love you Okeh

Carpets I just cant win ViJ

Tony Hestor Watch yourself Giant

Charles Smith Come and see me Music World

Eddie Smith I didnt realise Mellotone

Dave Charles Aint gonna cry no more Donnie

Summits Ill be over United International

Adams Apples Dont take it out on this world Brunswick

Karmello Brooks Tell me baby Milestone

Tiaras Loves made a connection Seton

Grambling College Marching Band Harlem rumble Spontaneous Arts

Frank Foster Harlem Rumble Top Level

Nomads Somethings bad Mo-Groov

Rotations Put a dime on D9 Frantic

Moments Hey boy Deep

Smith Brothers There can be a better way Soul Dimension

Conquistadors Cant stop loving you Act IV

Soul Communicators Those lonely nights Fee bee

Precious Three I need a man Reforee

Little Tony & Hawks Give me your sweet love Etah

Superbs  Wind in my sails Dore

Al Gardner Sweet baby Sepia

Trey Js I found it all in you Tee Gem

Little Eddie Taylor I had a good time Peacock

James Lately Love friends and money Temple

Fabulous Performers One little kiss Blackjack

Informers Baby set me free Blackjack

Barbara Acklin Im not mad anymore Special Agent

Appointments Keep away Redd Coach

Chandlers Your love makes me lonely Col Soul

Gerri Hall Who can i run to Hot Line

Delreys Incorporated Destination unknown Tampete

Carol Anderson Taking my mind off love Whip

Oscar Perry Face reality Feron

Ellusions You didnt have to leave Lamon

Othello Robertson So in love Baby Luv

Tobi Lark Sweep it out in the shed Topper

Cal green Ill give you just a little more time Filmtown

Sugar Boy Free man  Shades

Martells Where can my baby be  A La Carte

James Bell The love of my girl PRP

Chuck Flamingo Whats my chances Rojac

Gentlemen Four You cant keep a good man down Wand

Chico Lamarr What do you think I am Fuller

Underground Express A man’s temptation UGE

Exits Another sundown in watts Kapp

Tropics Hey you little girl Topic

Virginia Blakly Let nobody love you MoJo

Mamie P Galore No right to cry Sack

Agents Trouble Liberty Bell

Mal Adams Since man began Emerge

Tootsie Rollers Give me love Me-o

People’s Choice Savin my lovin for you Palmer

Lenny Vestel Its paradise Sanla

Celeste Hardie You're gone Reynolds

Gambrells You better move Carla

Sam Moore Give you plenty of lovin Atlantic

Hank Hodge One way love Eye

Otis Lee Hard road to hoe Quaint

Reatha Reese Only lies Dot

Johnny James Tell you about my girl Circle M

Four Tracks Like my love for you Mandingo

Edith Brown You did it 4 Brothers

Billy Thompson Black eyed girl Columbus

Sammy Lee What goes around Promco

George Pepp The feeling is real Coleman

El Corols Band Chick chick Tiny

The Devils Love and understanding Cuca

Benny Sigler Who you gonna turn to Phil La of Soul

Penetrations Champagne Terri De

Johnny Mae Mathews I have no choice Big Hit

Oracles I aint got time OM

Waymond Hall What will tomorrow bring Jamal

King Sound Interpreters Hi note Talent of Music

Calvin Grayson Love just begun In

Inmates This is the day Kopit

Stormy I wont stop to cry Twilight

Clay Brown Everybodys talking Aljon

Jackie Day Naughty boy Phelectron

Tommy Turner Lazy Elbam

Little Johnny Hamilton Oh how I love you Dore

West Coast Distributors Girl  Jam Cha

Ritchie Adams I cant escape from you Congress

Bob & Gene I really really love you  MoDo

Kell Osborne Small things Newbag

Decisions Do I love her York

Kenard What did you gain Dore

Hyperions Why do you wanna treat me like you do Chattahoochee

Kelly & Soul Explosions Talking about my baby’s love DynaMite

Idols Check her out USA

Sound Masters Lonely lonely Julet

Inverts Time will change Broadway

Duke Browner Crying over you Impact

Herb Ward Strange Change Argo

Gloria & T-Airas Im satisfied Betty

Talmadge Armstrong Gigi Spindletop

Freddie Butler Save your love for me Wheelsville

Jock Mitchell Not a chance in a million Impact

Clarence Townsend I found a love Clara

Hopkins Bros. Shake Cheri Magnetik

Buddy Conner When you’re alone Breakthrough

Monique If you love me Maurci

Carl Underwood Aint you lying Merging

Honey & the Bees Be yourself Academy

Sonny Parker What can I do Hitts

Re-Vels I want a new love Trent Town

Chryslers & Monarchs Band Im not gonna lose you JE

Don Hart Turn back Mary Jane

James Dockery My faith in you is all gone Soul Craft

Rotations A changed man Frantic

Passionettes I'm not in love with you anymore Soul Burst

Belita Woods Magic corner Karen

Startones Lovin’ you baby Billie Fran

Four Sights Love is a hurting game Shy Soul

Betty Lloyd Im catching on BSC

Moses Dillard Ill pay the price Mark V

Constellations I dont know about you Gemini Star

Court Davis Try to think East Coast

George Lemons Fascinating girl Gold Soul

Limitations Im lonely Im troubled Bacone

Shirley Johnson Too big to cry Lashawn

Eddie Campbell Contagious love Artco

Bernard Smith Gotta be a reason Groove

Cleveland Robinson Jr. Love is a trap Nosnibor

Cynthia & Imaginations Why weren't you there Blue Rock

Traditions On fire Artco

Big Bo & 4ms Ive got to go Gay Shel

Chandlers Your love keeps drawing me closer Bleu Rose

Bruce Cloud I wish Motif

Mighty Lovers Aint gonna run no more Soulhawk

Vivian Copeland Chaos D’Oro

Rita Dacosta Dont bring me down Pandora

Timmy Carr Workin’ Kee

Andy Fisher My hearts beating stronger Fat Fish

Prince Paul In the beginning Parker

Elbie Parker Please keep away from me Veep

Dynamics Im a lonely man Dyna

Changing Scene You cant destroy my love Jo-Vee-Jo

Fiery Spartans Talk about love Charay

Wade Flemons Two of a kind Ramsel

Trends Thanks for a little lovin'  ABC

Flint Emeralds Just like a baby Gateway

Blue Jays Point of view Jay


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23 minutes ago, neckender said:

News/Article/Feature Highlight:

The Most Sought After Rare Northern.
This list contains what I consider the most sought after and rare original release Northern soul 45s at this point in time.
Read on...


Only got 80 of them so some way to go😁

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Miles ahead of me. Owned a dozen from the list in the past, but my paltry contribution is just five from the list at the moment. Serious insurance policy needed if you've got 100+ from the list!

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Can I offer a few to that list Mark? 

The Extremes - How I need Your Love / 4J

June Jackson - your Welcome  / Musette  

D.C Magnatones - Does She Love Me / D.C Magnatones (think the group is the label name?) 

the Shaddows - Together Again / United Audio 

the Fabulous Impacts - my baby / Bomb 💣 

Terrifics - I’ll get him back / Diamond Jim ( saw tempos but don’t think this one  was in) 



Edited by Mal C
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A great list a few others I love


richard marks various tracks Speak now being the best ?

barbara hall 2 on tuska

fred knight on maxine

jimmy church peachtree

charles burns and jimmy Braswell on gene

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Just five I have, and the rarest of the five would be Stanley Mitchell on the Dynamo issue.

 Excellent list though, thank you so much for posting. 

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43 minutes ago, Andy Rix said:

Thanks Mark for posting a really interesting perspective ...  the context you provided for its compilation was thought provoking indeed ...  enjoyed reading through the list and probably like many others went " had that .. had that" .. but no longer


Hi Andy ,

If it's any small consolation the minty Carol Anderson on Whip that I prised from your grasp at the Embankment Club around '96 is still tucked away safe here (and still minty) ... :hatsoff2:

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Over the year had 116 of the titles through 5 collections  only have 7 now, moral of story never sell 🤣🤣 great to see loads of your early plays in their Mark 

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3 minutes ago, neckender said:

Its not a list of the 'rarest of the rare'  Its a list of 'sought after' 45s.

Hi Mark ,

Good to see you not mentioning that little thing on D+W , I guess one punter continually pestering you about it doesn't qualify it for "sought after" status .. :lol:    :dash2:  :hatsoff2:

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Great list, but would the record that fetches the most money on the rare occasions  it comes up for sale not be classed as the most sought after by definition?

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Great article and mouthwatering list! 

My only challenge is this bit:


..because the majority on the list seem to be records that were known / played / big in the 80s / 90s on the side of the scene I was involved in. That was 30+ years ago. So from my perspective, these are oldies, just a different generation's oldies.



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12 hours ago, Gilly said:

About 45 and some in quantity, 25 + Toppers, 3 James Lately, 25 Cynthia on Big Hit, 2 Magnetics ill keep holding on, 5 Tomangoe's, 3 Sister Lees 

I'm a has been, i don't own hardly any of them now tough 


10 hours ago, neckender said:

Its not a list of the 'rarest of the rare'  Its a list of 'sought after' 45s.

Didn't see GEORGE LEMONS / ANTIQUES / GUITAR RAY / HAMILTON MOVEMENT on the list ? Also TYREE DAVIS (METROLINA SOUL, prob not well known enough)


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14 hours ago, Chalky said:

Excellent article, very good brief history of collecting and the appeal.  Some list too and hard to argue with any of those on the list.

It would make some nighter hearing that lot over 8 hours

A few off top that could be considered for inclusion, mainly on the rare side of the scene...

Defenders - Sermon (When I’m Down) (Possibly too obscure and not had any exposure really for some years?)

Helen Smith - The Pot Can’t Talk About The Kettle

Helen Smith - You Got To Do Your Share

Royal (Texas Slim) Bell - Sweet Little Girl

Sir Joe - Everyday

Sir Joe  - Nobody Beats My Love

Ravins - Your Love Is What I Want

Johnny Praye  - Can't Get Too Much 

King Cobras - Thank You Baby


What is this defenders tune chalky? Sound file anywhere?

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15 hours ago, Chalky said:

Excellent article, very good brief history of collecting and the appeal.  Some list too and hard to argue with any of those on the list.

It would make some nighter hearing that lot over 8 hours

A few off top that could be considered for inclusion, mainly on the rare side of the scene...

Defenders - Sermon (When I’m Down) (Possibly too obscure and not had any exposure really for some years?)

Helen Smith - The Pot Can’t Talk About The Kettle

Helen Smith - You Got To Do Your Share

Royal (Texas Slim) Bell - Sweet Little Girl

Sir Joe - Everyday

Sir Joe  - Nobody Beats My Love

Ravins - Your Love Is What I Want

Johnny Praye  - Can't Get Too Much 

King Cobras - Thank You Baby


Love the mention of The Defenders (out of the Big Don's Rebelion stable, Don Bennett) Brilliant Chalky

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Great list interesting read I’m astounded by rarity on the items discussed but not surprised. 
Be interesting to see if other genres catch up as sweet soul , modern  / boogie records reach new heights ? 

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21 minutes ago, Winsford Soul said:

Could I add. Hank Hodge. Eye for a eye . Eye records.  to this list 

It’s on the list already, and rightly so selling for big bucks last month.

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2 minutes ago, Frankie Crocker said:

It’s on the list already, and rightly so selling for big bucks last month.

Thanks mate. I must have missed it in all my excitement seeing such a list 😁🤔

Edited by Winsford Soul
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1 hour ago, Dobber said:

What is this defenders tune chalky? Sound file anywhere?

Saus has the only copy that I know of (in this country), one in the states I think that I was aware of.  Not to say there are not others mind.  It's the same as the Arter Set if memory serves but the two don't compare tbh.  It's far too fast for us old timers too.  

The Defenders - Sermon (When I'm Down) - Sama.mp3


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1 hour ago, Dobber said:

Also I notice the “emeralds-beware” is on the list,would it not be the other side “catch me I’m falling” be the desired side?

Both have been "desired" after in recent years, great record.

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12 minutes ago, Chalky said:

Saus has the only copy that I know of (in this country), one in the states I think that I was aware of.  Not to say there are not others mind.  It's the same as the Arter Set if memory serves but the two don't compare tbh.  It's far too fast for us old timers too.  

The Defenders - Sermon (When I'm Down) - Sama.mp3 2.12 MB · 1 download


Cheers for the soundfile,not a bad tune that! 

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12 minutes ago, Chalky said:

Both have been "desired" after in recent years, great record.

I remember beware being more mid tempo? Falling is on YouTube but not beware?

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Thanks for posting Mark. Must have taken hours to compile it and type it up. I wouldn’t dispute any of records included - I would like to own them all but so far have only 60. I also enjoyed the write-up...are you thinking of doing a book on the subject?

Tim Brown’s  Record Collector article over 20 years ago and John Manship’s ‘Rarest Of The Rare’ book have addressed the the theme of rarity/value but your list is more comprehensive.

I would add a few more names on the basis of being sought after such as Little Joe Roman, Bill Bush, Johnny Maestro, James Fountain, Tommy Bush, Sherrys, Devotions, Gwen and Ray, Senator Jones etc possibly a few more on Okeh and Shrine.

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Thanks for taking the time and using your extensive knowledge, to compile what's clearly a definitive list in summer '20.

I hope you're well and am looking forward to catching up with you on the other side of this. 

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Fascinating read Mark,happy to have a dozen or more in the collection.I'm sure as you said over time more titles can be added to an already extensive list!!

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Very interesting Read.. think Dave Flynn compiled a list of current rare tracks, many years ago on an old forum, would like to compare.. Thanks Mark enjoyed the read..

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Great article.  I will always welcome any alternate view to the usual Top 500 oldies list, because I'm interested in how things have changed.  I'll certainly be delving into Excel spreadsheet territory, to get a feel of how many I know/ I've heard played out over the past 10 years, and in comparison to other material already mentioned.  Anyone who currently owns 20+, I think they are doing exceptionally well under the circumstances!

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1 hour ago, Pomonkey said:

Hi Chalky and Dobber, re the Defenders - Sermon FYI 2 of us here in NYC each own a copy, faster sounds like this are more popular here and this one is pretty perfect.

Thought one of you might have it. Was popular here but never played now 

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