The Real Motown by Rob Moss

The Real Motown by Rob Moss magazine cover

The recent Live 8 thing made me realise just how lucky we are. Unlike those unfortunate millions who happily accept and enjoy geriatric rockers churning out the same old tried, tested and then tried again rubbish at every conceivable excuse for a benefit concert, we enjoy a style of music that seems to be constantly evolving, developing and expanding. Whether it be records you didn't know before, or missed when they were first 'discovered', obscurities on tiny labels that have only recently come to light, previously unreleased material that the major companies have been sitting on, gloriously unaware that there was any demand or interest in them or different styles within the genre, the choices available are varied, wide ranging and extensive.


It's easy to see why soul music from the past decades is flourishing. ...little more than unintelligible, inane drivel...Popular musical culture has ground to a creative


note from the soul source team - sorry but all Robs non-current articles are now clipped due to a future book release - watch out for news of that!

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