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The Second Monkey!!!!! Look back


The Second Monkey!!!!! Look back

Well got there in the end, a bit slower starting this time, but come midnight it was case of Monkey a go go, with the main room full and kicking. As always great sets from regs Andy Rix and Rob Thomas, guests Guy H, Ally M and Phil B did the hardest to give us overload of quality soul

Second Room got off to a cracking first one, thanks to the efforts of the 4 guest second room djs

And as always big thanks to all members who helped, supported, turned up and made the nite.

A well lengthy view on nite is available....

...hit that read more to read more Anyway finally me and Sue got up to hotel. Into the non stop sorting. Plain sailing - yeah sure. Shape of things to come, seems hotel had a fair few changes of staff, so everything that had sorted out in the last one was unsorted, and they weren't eager to go back, plus as new not clued up on what we were about, ho hum ,second room needed fair bit of work, as manager had set it up so could use it for a christening the next day, so didn't really have the look for a sweaty den of hardcore 6ts soul, move tables, more sweat, move tables, then found eldest had borrowed the mixer but forgot to put it back in box, frantic phonecalling and favours finally sorted it. Speaker cable no good. Partner in crime Steve was late, more sweat.. People starting arriving, more sweat, curtains needed sorting as daylight, they had to be in crap order, playlists, lights, yeah think that's it, chance to taste hour old pint. On wind up session well cause of the messing around with me and Steve all over the place - the "monkey wind up" was being done by someone else, no offence to anyone and all that but one choice had even Sue looking amazed. As had strongly pushed the get in early and jump straight in quality on newsletter, was just looking at ceiling at this stage.Quick walk around, nearly slipped over on the dance floor, this was start of the icerink saga. But in between had the not enough bar staff scenario, eventually solved when manager came in.

Last time, though made sure floor was polished first, had a few saying weren't that good, don't know what the hotel had done, but this time it was a skating rink, this was a major problem early on, as was well dodgy, needed the ideal solution, orange juice was one given, sand another suggested, Steve showing his chef expertise threw salt all over the place, nah, even a suggestion of get levine in and then no one will want to use it, by now people had marked their spot threw something down and then refused to budge. Final solution was mop and hot water, which seemed to work a bit.Though if anyone has a proven soloution let us know . OK now about 9 30, and apart from those who thought a promoter meant general handyman, things were on the way up.

Best blagger of the nite award went to the guy who told Sue , " allright I'm Rob Thomas dj-ing" and thus got in free and led to a later "no that's not Rob Thomas " conversation

Most adaptable punter - had a local woman, heard it was a soul nite, assumed to be motown nite, turned up, asked nicely why no temptations, once told checked out second room and now part of the malcolm woosley R&B fan club

Most content person -Small Paul who as hasn't even got a computer isn't doing that bad for online mentions, says cheers to john p

Most unusal punter 1- Carl W who turned down bookings for this nite so could attend event

Most unusal punter 2 - The first ever person at the two events to ask for oldies

Anyway got this far and not a mention of any of real action, well Phil Blacknell did the first guest spot at 840 opening in fine style after the monkey wind up (think this one was wrong word wind up:), followed by Ally Mayer who started off with a early soul acetate recently picked up from new york, the real Rob Thomas was on next , a cracking set, Guy H the main guest was up at 11 - Andy Rix doing the 12 -1 with yet another top of the range set

Phil B finished the nite off with the monkey till you drop spot - which as a bit of a throwback to the chaos early on, also had the new manager first trying to close it at 1.am, then 1.15, and then finally throwing the lights on in a strop about 1.30 with Phil B failing in the attempt to slip just one more on

Off course got all plays logged in head and all the running bout early on didnt affect me, will add soonest

Not just the main room this time, but also the second room was on the go, dj duties split between,

malcolm worsley -

tim fletcher -

carl lloyd-

johnny jones -

all selected to give a fair old balance of non-main room stuff - fresh revivals, little heards, R&B, early soul etc

Students of second room scientology ( was it john p who put up article on it)

may be interested to know our thoughts on it and how it went

Had to give this a lot of thought as looked at modern option and to tell truth dismissed it as to us seemed just to be a "get more thru the door" and as never see that much interaction between rooms, espically modern to main room. Thought wouldn't add anything to event for the mainly 6ts fan which event is about

So decided 60s - then what r&b? name is to some a put off for some reason, and as nearly everyone has their own idea of what R&B is, sacked it

Oldies room ? - Nah defintely not, think thoughts on this was, not what event is about

Collectors Room - Could work, but name would put some off

End Choice - Other Side Of Street - Bit of a mix - said non main hall stuff inc all sorts 60s soul, bit hard to categorize espically the non-main hall term , but thinking being that if have varied styles djs should result in a worthwhile addition to the soul; fans nite, as thats what they come for

End Result - Bit slow to kick off but when it did, yep it worked very well, fairly packed thru out nite, someone said more in than the modern room at lowtown which was funny in a nice way, few ups and downs in numbers.as nite went on But overall 100% success and know all djs got big thumbs up from members. Was a bit of concern with numbers as could always drag people from the main hall, but never a problem, with both busy did close it at 1215. as main effort always gonna be the last 1hr 15.

Plus with room whole event moved up a notch as the other bar was now more availble and the venue had more depth rather than just the one main room.

Well thats the rooms/djs covered ought else... yeah of course most important one the crowd, bit slower filling up than last time, but later on was close to the same as the first one. We were thinking after the first for numbers to improve a bit but pre-event feedback gave better idea, a lot said it was because of clashes, though almost impossible to avoid them this time, and to me makes sense to clash with a commerical oldies nighter than any proper northern event, would like to avoid Bretby but if we did for example then be clashing with Keele for next one, do know a few moved on afterwards to either Bretby or togetherness.

Crowdwise well words getting around a lot of travellers from all over the place down south, midlands and so on and a fair few doing their second visit, crowd yet again made the nite, bit subdued earlier on but made up for it later. Always lots of good comments on the feel and the attitude of the crowd, friendly, up for it being just some of the descriptions.

Photos - well watch out a roving digital camera was busy on the nite, so expect a few laughs, portraits, and all the rest on site

Anyway think thats the end of this lengthy piece, overall after a shakey start, a few problems, and the nite picked up to a well enjoyable one, some well ouch sounds were being dished out by the regulars with the guests doing the buisness as well. The second room format seems to be a winner.Have another all star line up for next one

Think most of the hiccups were ironed out after the first hour or so. Apoligies if any of them had a bad effect on your nite, think most were due to the having new staff,

The manager apoligies for the floor, again it was his first northern one, and think said floor was ideal for ballroom.

He said that will repeat the drinks promotion at the next one in recognition of the problems

Big thanks as always from all the Monkey Team to all members who supported the event, and all those who have helped with event, spread the word and flyers and as we say without you there be no monkey

Next one is 28 Sep

Note: All DMSC members feel free to pass on your views of last nites event, enjoyed it? suggestions? points? and so on

We thrive on feedback!! Just hit that comments

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