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The term Northern Soul means so.....

The term Northern Soul means so..... magazine cover

The term Northern Soul means so.....

A post in the "all about soul" forum by soul source long timer in town mikey that just needed to be lifted


For me the term Northern Soul, means so much more than just the music. I dont mean 'just the music' in a derogatory way.

Northern Soul encompasses the whole concept of the scene. The camaradrie that spills out into our whole life away from clubs and record bars. The type of person even willing to endure some of the lengths we go to, to enjoy our music. The collecting Gene. The dancing Gene.

It is a suitably generic all encompassing term that doesnt narrow the concept of a scene that plays a varied style of music. (Some not remotely soul).

It was perfect for when the majority of the clubs were in the north, but timeless enough to carry 30+ years of recognition by people who dont really know anything about our music. Apart from hazy memories of schoolmates in youth clubs leaping around dancefloors to records these people didn't know, and they probably brought along themselves and badgered the DJ to play.

It says to me, meeting people in motorway services and spotting that person you have known for 20 years, and cant ask their name, because after all this time you probably had been told it once, but cant remember what the hell it was. But still greet like a long lost brother or sister.

It says talking with people where noone cares if you are a millionare, or on the dole. A school teacher or a Lorry driver or a famous singer, an actor off the TV. You are just a Northern Soul fan, and that is generally all you need to make a friend.

It says, add alcohol/drugs whatever, and still people know how to interact in the cordial way, that seems impossible in many other scenarios for the public at large.

It says sweaty clubs, empty clubs, nice venues and dives. It says here is part of my life I have never regretted.

It says every time I drive through Yate, or pass Stafford on a train, or visit aunties and cousins in Leicester, I have to go a certain way that takes me past the old venue, or crane my neck and try to glimpse the old place as the train trundles to a halt at Stafford station.

It says whenever I walk down Oxford Street I HAVE to peer through the doorway. I dont know why, but it has to be done.

It says when Soft Cell or Yazz come on the radio I feel the urge to change station. but in a knowing, almost pitious way. Not quite contemptuous. Not quite.

It says mates still think I am mental 30 years later, and dismiss my bleary eyed stop off for a pint on Sunday lunch time, on my way home to bed.

It says Matt and Conway and Vince and Bob and Hippo, and a thousand others I still see regularly at Soul nights.

It says Mike and Bernadette and Kevin and Andy who I see about town, but who dont go any more.

It says Paul who we lost in a car accident, but think about almost everyday, and not just at Easter.

If it was just Soul, jeez no-one would have given our music more than a second thought. It sets us and our music out as different, and the term is probably IMO, more important than Wigan and Stafford, the Torch, 100 club etc etc all added up and put together.

And it even means Poo Pan is something to be sought after. How many people can say the same!!??



(Can anyone tell I havent had internet access for a few weeks? )


posted in the forum originally

in this thread in "all about the soul"

read the northern soul term post here



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