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Theme Park Update (part 3) and reply


Theme Park Update and a reply to guest comment. Firstly i would like to make it perfectly clear to everyone on the scene that the new Manchester Allnighter on December 6th is NOT MY PROMOTION I am simply DJing there so as for putting my money where my mouth is and reducing the cover price/admission this has nothing to do with me, anyhow is £10.00 advance not in line with other current venues, this event is costing a huge amount of money to set up so it has to be covered..........

funny the event has not even started and somone who failed to put their name to the comment has already started to have a go a little, tell you what if that person would like to email me direct bicknellmark@aol.com I will see what I can do as a gesture of good faith to him or her infact Ill pay for your ticket myself ok. See we are not all bad, funny a number of folk seem to think Im behind this event but again this is not the case, yes Im very involved with the DJ side of things etc. but it stops there, we should welcome a new event of this scale with open arms and to be honest £10.00/£12.00 on the door is hardly the kings ransome is it in this day and age, what i can promise is a state of the art venue with easy access from all points of the compass, first class sound system, good music and the promoters hope its going to be a regular monthly Allnighter as its booked for the last Saturday in the month throughout 2004.

A ten hour Allnighter from 9pm through 7am which is a £1.00 an hour...seems ok to me. I dont wish to get into a debate with someone I dont know nor do I want to fall out with anyone but your comment has been noted.

Keep it real - Mark Bicknell.

 100% Right Big Daddy. I just wish to show my support for what mark has said in his above article. There are some people on this Scene who expect to still pay £5 into a major venue. These Tw*ts live in dreamland and may i suggest they wake up and get with the real world. How much work do you think promoters go through to provide you lot with somewhere to go and listen to the music you love and be surrounded by like minded people of all ages. These moaners dont think of all the hassle re venue owners, decks,lighting,bar staff,flyers,adverts,djs,door staff,security etc etc. I remember people going ....oh the CSC boys must be doing alright money wise....i just F*cking Laughed and said little do they know the full extent of running a night and the cost involved. Last xmas Alan and I was £170 down and some nights made £40 (the djs get £80/£100 each). All i can say mark is F*ck them let them moan on the grave of the Northern scene cause if this underlining crap continues we will lose young promoters and dJs. People listen to me...a nightclub will cost you £15 with a bottle of beer £3+ and the music will be chart sh*t and maybe a fight or witness someone getting glassed etc. If you dont wish to pay £10 for a nighter then F*ck off somewhere else.

 People have to be paid a decent wage (door staff,djs etc) and venues are not cheap...may i suggest your local old mans/womens club where you can sit and moan allnight to like minded people (not fair on the workers club really i know), Good luck a say to all Promoters except the real con artists. I cant wait for the return of the rare soul scene to return to the pub basement to be honest with ya. Then itll be back to £5 and youll have something else to moan about.

Give it up to the Bicknell whos Dad drove the greatest band ever! The Beatles.



 ps We be giving out over 100 free cds at the 4th anniversary of the CSC and im sure some people will find something wrong with that also . Put them up against a wall and shot the lotta them i say LOL

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