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WorcSoulSurvivor blog from 2007

WorcSoulSurvivor blog from 2007 magazine cover

The Glades Kidderminster - 10th February '07

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 06 February 2007

As expected Another great nite by the Kiddy Boys, although they messed up with the bar and venue times, so it finished at 12 rather than 12:30. Started off quite quiet then filled up quick. Boasting Northern Stompers, with the inclusion of well blended modern, the end of the night bought the fast pasers, with songs such as Bob Brady, Curtis Mayfield and ofcourse Human Beinz. Finishing off with

Tobi Ledgend's - Time Will Pass you By, all brilliant sets by Francis, Baz and Steve Russell.

If you missed this one then make a date for the Next one!!

Check out www.soulstuff.co.uk for all local events in the West Midlands and your souly needs

Abbey Soul - The Rsre - 3rd February '07

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 04 February 2007

Last nite a large amount of us attended the ever popular RSRE in malvern, well malvern link. It once again housed some of the best, motown, northern soul, and philly in the scene. A great atmosphere and cheap drinks

For anyone who are interested the next is May 6th.

For Pictures of this event and future events throughout the West Midland and Beyond take a look at: www.soulstuff.co.uk

Coppertops Worcester - 3rd March '07

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 28 February 2007

Another cracking night from the Worcs Soul Crew, with John Barker also playing a great set too. Even though they were a DJ down

they managed to keep the same high standard as usual, with Modern, Motown and Northern Soul played throughout,

Didn't go this time? WELL BE THERE NEXT TIME!!

Soul Starts from the Heart,


Junction 11 Hednesford - 31st March '07

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 28 February 2007

First night at the aquarius and there were a few disapointments, the bar queue was WAY too long!

However, the music was pretty good, a few too many slow ones and repeated ones, but on the

whole it was a good night. They want to get it sorted for next month or they will loose their reputation!

Next events 28th April be there!


Soul Fusion Gloucester - 24th March 07

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 17 February 2007 ·

Yet another great nite for Modern and Northern Lovers, both rooms boasting great sounds, although the speakers did mess up a bit in the northern room for a while, But there were no other glitches. If you still haven't been well you don't have a clue what your missing, go to the following site and register your membership...NOW!!


Bossa Nova

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 17 February 2007

This is a popular Worcester Bar, playing Motown, Jazz and a bit of Northern now and then.

Local band usually perform every Friday, such as the Fantastic Midnight Movers. If your a

local soul band this is the place to go and play.


Soulfull Sessions Keystones Worcester - 16th February 07

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 16 February 2007 ·

A modern dancers nite. While it is good as a social event, meeting up with people and the music

playing in the background. If your a fan of modern or in the mood for a drink. Another good attendance

for the underground venue. Want to know next Soulfull Session Check out the Site,


4th Soultime Torquay Weekender

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 21 May 2007

First time I've ever been to Torquay and I have to say it was GREAT! The Hotel itself caters for the event very well, with a large amount of ammenities...and bars! The rooms are of high standard, although we moreless through our cases in and off we went . The two lounges, one northern one modern, played the best of genres, and the dancefloors allowed easy use....and easy feet. Breakfast was extended to 10:15am so that we could have at best three hours of sleep. All DJ's were at there best, listening to the dancers and slowing the pase when needed! The weekend finished on a high, although we wish we had booked till the sunday....to give a better drive home and a good nights sleep!!!

Definitley one the best weekenders goin.....Next is ofcourse octobers Prestatyn for me

When Music Fills the Air.....DANCE DANCE DANCE!!

Soulfull Sessions Keystones Worcester - 20th April 07

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 09 April 2007 ·

Well another nite to remember!!! The Music was playing and the drink was flowing!! A good turnout with people dancing throughout. Rob and Steve, joined by Mike Shawe kept the sounds playin till well past 1 nd if u didnt make it be there next time with Gavin Page and KGB Kevin Baynham, don't forget your dancing shoes!!

When in Doubt.......DANCE

The Glades Kidderminster - 28th April '07

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 03 April 2007

Another Great Night for the Kiddi Guys although the music slipped for a wile...But it was built back up and the stompers continued. The Times were sorted out this time and that extra half hour makes all the difference!!! Still one of the best venues and soundsystems, meaning loud and clear! If you haven't given the Glades a chance yet you SHOULD!

When In Doubt.......DANCE


Abbey Soul - The Rsre - 6th May '07

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 30 March 2007

Yet again the Worcester Boys did us proud! A great blend of motown, northern, philly and modern kept everyone dancing till the end! The music was great and the Drink was cheap...What more could you ask for? Pics will be up sooon

Live your life from the SOUL


Coppertops Worcester - 7th April '07

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 30 March 2007

Another great nite from the worcester soul crew, although quiter than usual, playing great sound over and over!

Hippo Hipkiss gave a great stint playing true oldies and keeping the floor filled.

Coppertops returns in June.

See You there!


Prestatyn Weekender 12th - 15th October 07

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 26 September 2007

Legends Returns! Sure to be another great weekend for everyone who knows northern, modern, motown (cheese) or soul! Some more great acts live, some of which who havent been "comfirmed."

A tribute has been rumoured to the Late Great Marvin Gaye!

For those who have been before they know why their goin! To those 1st timers, you'll never forget it!!!!


Soulfusion - 15th September 07

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 26 September 2007 ·

Well a Brilliant night at Soulfusion again. The inclusion of a motown room was probably the best place idea in ages and it sure as hell paid off! Problems with the sound system in the Northern Room did play up the sounds just got better and better. Sean Chapman was the guest this month and filled the floor in the Northern Room, but in the modern wasn't so good. Soulfusion returns in November.

Keep The Faith All


Soul Fusion Gloucester - 21st July 07

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 19 July 2007

Another great nite at soulfusion, although the northern room did seem to loose track for quite a while it ended brilliantly! Modern room was packed agen, actually finishing later than the northern room for a change! Some great sounds played through the nite. Soulfusion returns in a matter of weeks, 15th september with legendary DJ Sean Chapman taking a spin! As always Memberships are required so get one if dont have one!

If Music Be The Food Of Life......Dance On!


Abbey Soul - The Rsre - 7th July '07

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 05 July 2007

Another great Cheese filled nite from the Worc Soul Crew. The BBQ must have made a lot of money! The music kept people dancing throughout the nite, all Dj's playing a great set. No-Smoking ban didn't seem to bother people either. Thats it from the RSRE this year, but the Abbey's final nite EVER is sure to go out with a bang in November!


Coppertops Worcester - 16th June 07'

Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 03 June 2007

The Coppertop's Returns on the 16th with the Worcester Soul Crew and Guest DJ...Mr Sean Chapman, which ought to throw some things about!! Be there early to get a spot on the dancefloor and dont forget to have a drink ready for afterwards!

When in doubt..........DANCE DANCE DANCE


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