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Worthwhile Info - Andy Rix, Dave Flynn, Pat B,Motown

Worthwhile Info - Andy Rix, Dave Flynn, Pat B,Motown cover

Dug this out when revamping content, reckon worth yet a other "bump" up as enjoyed re-reading it


Trivia of a vinyl kind Posted on Wednesday, April 25 2001@ GMT Standard Time by mike h


Vinyl trivia as you may have spotted get quite a bit of vinyl trivia and info, most of it was thrown up on main page and as it gets updated a lot may get missed, so have thrown all bits up here, not going for a well smart layout just a online scrapbook of fascinating facts!!


info on jimmy radcliffe acetate once featured on sounds page from chris


That Is Indeed A Very Cool Jimmy Radcliffe Track. I Beleive It Was Recorded In 1966. In fact The Producers Of The 1997 Film "Eves Bayou" Starring Samuel L. Jackson And Lynn Whitfield Liked The Song So Much The Included It The Film And On The Films Soundtrack Album The Featured Tracks From: Erykah Badu, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Ray Charles, Johnny Ace, Sugar Boy Crawford, Geno Delafose, Etta James, Louis Armstrong With Velma Middleton and A Score From Terence Blanchard. Eves Bayou Movie/Soundtrack Actually The Film Had Two Of Jimmys Recordings The Other One Was A Song Called "Sit Down Sunshine" But The Producers Of The Album Thought That It Was To Close In Feeling To Ray Charles "Dont Let The Sun Catch You Crying" so It Was Left Off The Album.


Info from andy rix on the robbie lawson acetate featured on site its a 7" acetate that simply says "Mr Misery"...when Pat played it at Stafford he called it Robbie Lawson as nobody knew what/who it was.....the copies that surfaced by the Padded Cell are the same vocalist etc...but its the finished track, slightly different vocal take, with strings which ruins it for me cos it makes it real girly and as its a record of despair the sparce backing on the acetate is spot on....

I still call it Robbie Lawson to differentiate the acetate from the vinyl but in reality it is Padded Cell


dave flynn gives the gen on current floorfiller "Baby Yes I Do" recorded at the Virtue Studios at 1618 N.Broad St, Philadelphia on Dec 7th 1966. produced by Jimmy Bishop. band members were Barry Glazer, Ken Halpern, Brian Utain and Daryl Hall. (note John Oates was not in the group at that point). Ive got a few takes of it, but the one I play is the most complete - shame they never got around to adding brass or vibes. Ive always thought that the piano in it is very reminiscent of Damon Foxs classic "Packing up".

Ive also got an earlier "bar bones" take both as an instrumental and vocal, of one of their released Arctic discs, "Girl I Love you", which I might play at the next Dome.

Other sleepers from the same source include alternate takes of house hold favourites by Moses Smith, Kenny Gamble and The Kayettes! Hope that was of interest, and Im glad you like it.

However, you wait till you hear the unissued September Jones Kapp tracks - ouch theyre hot!!!


more from andy rixs keyboard.....


bit of info on andys current spin, Jimmy Radcliffe - The thrill of loving you - Jaysina its a 10" Jaysina Publishing acetate and as far as Im aware its the only known copy...I found this on my USA trip last year in Rose Marie McCoys basement...when I took it upstairs for its first play I instantly thought "this is ace..lovely mid-tempo New York production...and that voice". The voice was so familiar (no label credit) but I just couldnt place it....Rose couldnt remember either but it was a guy that used to cut lots of demos for people....this track was a demo for the Drifters but I dont think they ever recorded it. I get back to the UK and ring a friend of mine in London who is a long-time New York collector...before the first line is finished he says Jimmy Radcliffe...so obvious really. (new 2003 bit since then Colin Wood found another version of "The Thrill is Gone" on Smash that was unknown even to Rose M)


Just as a point of interest anybody who has a copy of Chubby Checker You cant lose something you never had on Kent given out at one of the 100 Club Anniversaries should note that this is also Jimmy...listen to it again and youll see

mikes bit on subject of jimmy radcliffe, have a great track by him called Ill pretend Im loving you - Jimmy Radcliffe - acetate its up on site hit play to hear it, anyone any info as does a lot for me email me please if you have ought on it


back to andys overheated keyboard


When in New York in 98 i met up with Edward Lewis who co-wrote Love slipped through my fingers....he told me that he wrote this song whilst in a jungle in Vietnam and sent the lyrics over to his brother and Marion Farmer to finish off the music and tidy up. I asked him about Sam Williams and the name meant nothing at all to him...as far as he was concerned the version he knew was the one they did on Nate Adams...he had no idea that Sam recorded it, nor the Ohio Players, and had never heard the songs until I sent him a tape...he did tell me they recut the song for Brite-Lite Records in the early 80s on that group who did If you cant tell me something good...my mind has gone a complete blank on the group name...I think that version remains unreleased...was it Major IV... Talking of sam there is a long held belief that Tony Williams of the Platters is Sam Williams but there was another NY based singer called Sam Williams who moved to the West Coast in the ?early 70s so there may be room for confusion here...anybody have any thoughts on this...Ive listened to their voices and Im not that convinced that Sam & Tony are one and the same....anybody ever seen an issue of Sam Williams ?


yet another snip of info from your man


I was thrilled to get the new Marvelettes CD that has just come out on Spectrum..compiled by our cuddly friend Chris King and ably supported by a Motown trainspotter mate of mine called Chris Jenner this is a CD that I strongly suggest you all purchase...details from where later. From a Northern point of view it has some crackers.....I just cant let him down..On the other side of town (a Lowrie spin)...Because I love him ( big for Ginger)....Sugars never been as sweet as you (in stereo)...Boy from Crosstown (Brill)...and my fave Finders Keepers Losers weepers.

There are other previously unreleased tracks of a more melodic, as opposed to four-beats-to-the-bar driven, which are great plus some standard stuff like Reaching for something...Danger heartbreak...I need someone etc... I can recommend this CD and the best bit is it only costs £5.50...you can order i tfrom Jim Stewart at jim@soulsearchingplus.co.uk my bill including P&P using VIsa came to £6.69...bloody bargain


Andy first bit to start off is a brief history of all those unreleased motown tracks, then a bit on vala reegan,


from andy rix


The first batch was from the acetates Tom DePierro got when researching the From the Vaults LP...following his death a tape of part of this find arrived in the UK...this was the first significant collection of unreleased Motown to surface...top tunes from those tapes were Marvin Gaye - This loved starved heart & Lonely lover Originals - Suspicion Gladys Knight - Its too late Temptations - Forever in my heart & Angel doll Martha/Vandellas - Spellbound Marvelettes - Boy from crosstown & Sugars never been as sweet as you Kim Weston - Absent minded lover ....the following were part of that batch but didnt make anthem status Stevie Wonder - I gave up quality for quantity Holland & Dozier - In the neighborhood a.k.a On the avenue Velvelettes - Love is good & Let love live & Beating around the bush Kim Weston - Build up my baby & Any girl in love & After the rain & Look my way Eddie Holland - Twin brother & Welcome back Creations - In the dark ...another tape arrived a little while later...sounds on this were Downbeats - You say you love me Hattie Littles - You got me worried Creations - Say say baby Martha / Vandellas - Keep stepping & Im willing to pay the price Kim Weston - I got a weak heart Shorty Long - A woman just wont do right Velvelettes - Somethings happening & Thats a funny way & Twilight time ...


I think I got the order right but it was a long time ago Then Pete Lowrie scored in Detroit but he wasnt the only one I have to say...these acetates were apparently from out of the Woodward building which had been closed down and had found there way to a local record dealer...in addition there were tapes and that is where the biggest of all came from.. Brenda Holloway - Think it over (before you break my heart)...the original working title of this was Ill meet you halfway...Pete called it Reconsider ..over a period of time Pete got more stuff so the goodies were...note that other people got some of these titles as well, there appeared to be multiples of some tracks... Jimmy Ruffin - I know how to love her Ivy Hunter - Where were you Tommy Good - I gotta get away Sidney Barnes - safety zone Marvelettes - Because I love him & The other side of town Brenda Holloway - Lonely boy & My world is crumbling & Im on the right track Norma Jenkins - Try love (one more time) Liz Lands - Midnight Johnny...alt take Jimmy Ruffin - I gotta let you go Saundra Edwards - True fine boy ..inst ... the next good batch were first played by me..these were Monitors - Crying in the night Kim Weston - You hit me where it hurt me & Gonna make it up to you baby Brenda Holloway - Ill be alright Marvin Gaye - Lucky lucky me Brenda Holloway - Dont turn your back on me Miracles - My business your pleasure Monitors - I cant get along without you that was it until Chris King hit the vaults and as much of that stuff are monster plays at the moment I wont bother to list them



Andy next bit was a reply by andy to a message claiming barbara banks and vala reegan are the same person, as "living in past" was b side of fireman and river of tears I talked to Herb Bernstein about this a while ago and he said that living in the past was one of his fave tunes/compositions...he said something like "when we put that record out we decided to use LITP again cos it was such a good tune". Id always assumed he meant they re-recorded the song with Barbara.. Ive never compared the two versions...he was obviously being literal meaning they used the track again. Vala was actually lead vocalist with a group called the Hi-Fashions and was spotted by Herb at a Laura Nyro recording session...Im fairly confident that they are not the same person as Herb talked about Vala and Barbara as seperate individuals and never said/suggested they were one and the same.



pat brady just gave me some info on one of the sounds that made my "jaw drop":


Regarding The Chandlers, I was always credited as the guy who "discovered" it & it was me who first played it at an all-nighter but in fact, a guy called Andy Riding played it at The Irish League in Nelson for a couple of months before I prized it out of him for 20 quid! (quite a lot of money then in 1976...)

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