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YORKSHIRE RIDER 15/03/03 Review


March has been a full month of great soul so far. Col&I went to both

the Prestatyn and Llandudno weekenders - whod have thought soul heaven

was in Wales;-)))))) Both of these weekenders were excellent, great

soulies, great soul acts, great music thanks to the organisers of both

these weekenders all their hard work certainly showed in the end

results. Im already looking forward to the next ones in 2004.

Although the weekenders did take some recovering from, theyre well

worth almost certainly knocking ten years off my life. I sometimes

have flashes of the distant (I hope) future, in these flashes Im at the

nursing/retirement home that my daughter has thoughtfully picked out

for me, Im always sat in the Shackleton high seat chair (you know) with

the incontinence knickers safely in place and left over dried food stuck

to my chin - lovely picture Im painting;-)))) The only difference

between myself and the other residents is the huge smile on my face, as

I recollect perfect memories of the wonderful soul filled days of what

some might say (non-soulies) is a mis-spent "middle age." Well I can

safely say Ive never misspent anything and Im hoping for many more

memory forming soulful years


Anyway old age looming aside at least there was the Rider soul night to

anticipate, but then even this usually looked forward to event in my

social calendar seemed to be developing all the hallmarks of an

impending disaster. Saturday had started badly enough with the bad news

about Sid Barnes (see end of review for more details). We were also a

resident DJ light as Alex had told us the month previous he was going to

a mates stag do at the Cala Gran Togetherness extravaganza, Eddie one of

the other residents was going to be doing an early spot as he was doing

a guest set later on that night at the Greatstone Hotel, Manchester. We

had compensated for this asking Mark Hanson to do a set, but then as we

arrived at the club to set up for the night we received a message from

Guy saying he had an emergency on and wouldnt be able to come that

night. So we were two residents light, I myself thought this would be

to my advantage as I would get to hear more of Colins records played

out, but it wasnt to be as Mick H (who was doing a guest set at the

Golbourne nighter later) arrived and said hed do a set for us. Joking

aside thanks to both Mark and Mick for helping out and Col still managed

a fine set at the end of the night so I think everyone was pleased at

the final outcome.

Numbers through the door were as expected considering we were up against

two allnighters, one weekender and numerous soul nights up and down the

country so it was a great to see all those soulies that chose to come to

the Rider. Apart from three unhappy soulies, well two unhappy and one

disgruntled, every one seemed to enjoy the good company and great toons.

I asked one of the three soulies that left early, why they hadnt

enjoyed the night, he said that they didnt know any of the toons played

(see playlist, yes I even managed a playlist this time, at end) "Not

even the Vanguards" I replied "We travel all over" he said "and Ive

never heard that before". I responded by telling him that we too

travelled all over and that I heard that particular toon so many times

that I had renamed it "Good times, Bad times, 6 times" (good sound

though nevertheless) Still they came along and even though they probably

wont come again at least they gave us a try. They were obviously into

the more well known oldies and as we all know Northern soul venues are

split into many different factions which all come under the umbrella of

the Northern Soul scene. It wouldnt do for us all to like the same,

the whole scene would become staid and boring very soon if that was the

case. Its also part of whats kept Northern soul alive for so long.

Traveller of the night award was going to go to another pair of Rider

Club virgins Gordon Hamilton&Julie this time from Edinburgh, Gordon or

Hammy as he is known (dont know why hes called Hammie, he never

explained his nickname;-)))) is one of the promoters of Souler Power in

Edinburgh. It was also his birthday on Sunday, but he started to

celebrate as the clock struck midnight, he was bemoaning the fact that

he was 29!!!!! If only!!!!!!! (see previous whinge about my birthday on

the Friday;-)))))

Thanks to Eddie and Mark for helping Colin set up for the night and our

heartfelt thanks to everyone who came along for making it as usual a

great night.

Referring back to my earlier mention of Sidney Barnes, as some of you

may already know, and for those of you who dont, we have unfortunately

had to cancel his live appearance at the Rider in May due to unforeseen

circumstances. To those of you who had already purchased tickets,

thanks, the money will come in very handy :-)))) Seriously folks, a

refund is on its way to you, even as I type Colin is busy sticking n

licking and I wish hed stop it as its beginning to chafe a bit now

:-)))) No, no seriously folks, we would like to say how sorry Col&I

are for bringing you this bad news. We hope you will be able to catch

Sids performance at one of the other venues he will be appearing at.

Now for those of you who like lists, heres the Rider playlist for the

night, apologies for any errors that you eagle eyed knowalls :-))))))

But as Ive said many, many times before what seems perfectly legible on

leaving the club, a week later seems to transform into hieroglyphics:

Colin Wood (warm-up)

Archie Bell&The Drells - Giving up dancing

Mighty Sam - Georgia pines

Jackie Wilson - Just be sincere

Millionaires - Cherry baby

Vince Apollo - I cant turn my back on you

V Wagers - Lucky I found you

Jack Montgomery - Baby take a chance on me

Eddie Engel (getting warmer)

Dusty Springfield - If it dont work out

George Scott - Family tree

Tata Vega - I just keep thinking about you

Freda Payne - I do anything for you

Purple Reign - Loves shortage

I.A.P.Co - Check Yourself

Tutti Hill - Hes a lover

Alex Hassilen - Young man

Barbara Jackson - Second best

Bill Baker - Another sleepless night

Jerry Tiffe - Hey whatcha doing

Steve Alaimo - Little girl

Orlons - Envy

Minnie Jones - Shadow of a memory

Sunbreakers - Trying to get back to you

Mikki Farrow - Set my heart at ease

Lou Ragland - I travel alone

Antiques - Go for yourself

Alex and Guy didnt seem to be their usual selves tonight and appeared

to have come disguised as Mark Hanson and Mick H :-))))) Once again

thanks fellas for the fine sets you played.

Alex Hennigan (Mark Hanson)

Volumes - I just cant help myself

Al Williams - I am nothing

Vondells - Hey girl youve changed

Topics - Tears said the whole sad story

Soul Inc - My proposal

Artistics - This heart of mine

Tony Colton - I stand accused

Parliaments - Cry no more

Spyder Turner - Im alive with loving feeling

Cavaliers - Dance little girl

Gary Soul - Holding on

Jackson Brothers - Ive got to hear from you

Baby Huey&The Babysitters - Just being careful

Vashonettes - Mighty good lover

Stoppers - Come back baby

Jerry Taylor - Empty arms and bitter tears

Gracie Dumas - Song of a woman

Eddie Daye Band - Guess who loves you

Johnny Sayles - I cant get enough

BJ Thomas - Keep it up

Ravenettes - Since youve been gone

Guy Jones (Mick H)

Mayfield Singers - Dont stop none

William Cumming - Love him

Carpets - Just cant win

Trannells - Blessed with a love

Royal Esquires - Aint gonna run

?? Perfections - Im gonna lose you

Johnny Rogers - Make a change

Vanguards - Good times bad times

Rober Tanner - Sweet memories

Tim Harris - Dont say you want me

Eddie Huges - Soul serenader

Prince Paul - In the beginning

Bernard Smith - Gotta be a reason

Sensations - Demanding man

Magnetics - When Im with my baby

Nu-rons - All my life

Masquaders - The same thing

Brenda Holloway - Crying time

?? Carlin Gaye - Heartaches

Passions - If you see my baby

Ralph Graham - She just sits there


Poets - I want love

Judy Stokes - A real man

Appointments - I saw you there

Charles Mintz - Running back

Primers - How does it grab you

Mello Souls - We can make it

Servicemen - You aint got love c/u

Precisions - I wanna tell my baby

Devotions - Do Do De Dop

Poets - Wrapped around your finger

Admirations - I want to be free

Locations - Mr Diamond Man

Dusty Wilson - Gonna be a tragedy

Colin&Mark (wind down - I dont think so!!!!!)

Soulville All Stars - Im gonna get to you

Johnny Watson - Aint gonna move

Rivieras - You counter feit girl

Delfonics - Youll get enough

Righteous Brothers - Its up to you

Tammi Terrell - Tears at the end of a love affair

Temptations - Who you gonna run to

El Corols - Chick Chick

The Q - Thats the way

Archie Bell&The Drells - My balloons going up

Ambassadors - Good love gone bad

Ambers - I love you baby

Platters - Going back to Detroit

Geno Washington - Ill be around

Jimmy Holiday - Ive been done wrong

Chosen Few - Birth of a playboy

Volcanos - False alarm

Unlimited Four - Walk away lover

Big Dee Irwin - You satisfy my needs

Considering that this soul night could have almost been Eddie, Kitch and

three hours of Colin behind the decks, (dont get me wrong, I wouldnt

have complained at that prospect) we were treated to some additional

gems from Mark and Mick and as you can see some spanking toons hit the

decks that night.

So if there is a moral to this story:- All you budding jocks out there

take note, it may be worthwhile taking a playbox out with you on the off

chance that one of the listed DJs at the venue you have chosen for your

evenings entertainment doesnt make it :-))))))

Whilst I am on the subject of DJs not being able to make it, next

months guest DJ is not as flyered. Ion will not be able to make the

trip this time so we will be entertained by Paul McNamara, who I believe

is stocking up on Goldmine and Grapevine discs in anticipation of his

unexpected guest spot at the Rider on April 12th :-))) Joking aside

having heard Paul DJ at other venues I know he has some great records,

lets just hope he fetches them with him


If you cant wait until next month get yourself to the Yorkshire Rider

website, http://totn.topcities.com where youll hear loads of good


See ya next month.

Soulfully yours,



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