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  1. Artists Sad News

    Sad news about the soul artists.

  1. Bobby Freeman RIP

    Soul Artist News · soul source · ·   7

    Just had the sad news highlighted by member that Bobby Freeman passed on 28th January 2017 in Anson, Texas, U.S.A.

  2. Tommy Tate RIP

    Soul Artist News · LocoBop Records · ·   6

    Tommy Tate Dies Mississippi.

  3. Sven Zetterberg passed away

    Soul Artist News · Christian Punky · ·   3

    Sven Zetterberg sadly passed away this sunday.

  4. Miss Ray RIP Raynoma Gordy Singleton

    Soul Artist News · Andy Rix · ·   12

    Raynoma Gordy Singleton passed on 11 November aged 79....

  5. Sharon Jones RIP - Passed Away Friday

    Soul Artist News · mike · ·   31

    Very sad news just breaking from Daptone records. We are deeply saddened to announce that Sharon Jones has passed away...

  6. Double Exposure's Jimmy Williams RIP

    Soul Artist News · mike · ·   5

    Soultracks reporting the sad news of Double Exposure's Jimmy Williams passing on.

  7. Robert Big Sonny Edwards of The Intruders RIP

    Soul Artist News · soul source · ·   10

    Yet more sad news, just reported by @kevinsoulman the sad news that Robert "Big Sonny" Edwards of The Intruders has passed away

  8. Robert Bateman R.I.P

    Soul Artist News · soul source · ·

    Reported in the forums by Neil Rushton the sad news that Robert Bateman has passed on

  9. Sad News : Clifford Curry Article

    Soul Artist News · mike · ·

    The Knoxville Mercury marked the sad news with an article about 'one of its great voices'

  10. Curtis Anderson - Sad News

    Soul Artist News · DtheD · ·   10

    Came across this last night and don't remember it getting a mention on here last year. Apologies if it did, but thought it might

  11. Sir Mack Rice RIP

    Soul Artist News · mike · ·   2

    A news post of the sad news regarding the passing on of Sir Mack Rice reported in the forums by member David Meikle

  12. RIP James Wright - Spellbinders

    Soul Artist News · Chris L · ·

    James Wright founding member of the Spellbinders passed away this morning. A talented singer and writer James like most of his..

  13. RIP Nate Neblett (Nite-Liters/New Birth)

    Soul Artist News · Kris Holmes · ·   4

    Just heard via his brother James Gaylyn that Nate Neblett passed away last Sunday.

  14. Robert Peterson (Volumes) R I P

    Soul Artist News · Roburt · ·   3

    Robert Peterson (Volumes) shot & killed in a home invasion May 17/18th. His home had been broken into numerous times.

  15. Frankie Kennedy (Frankie & the Spindles) R I P

    Soul Artist News · Roburt · ·   4

    Franklin (Frankie) C Kennedy, lead singer of Baltimore's Frankie & the Spindles has passed away, aged 67.

  16. Sad News Billy Paul RIP

    Soul Artist News · soul source · ·   14

    Philadelphia soul singer Billy Paul died at the age of 81 this Sunday morning at his home in Blackwood, New Jersey, 

  17. Billy Jackson R I P

    Soul Artist News · Roburt · ·   10

    Famed Philly writer / producer / arranger dies

  18. Jack Hammer RIP

    Soul Artist News · Kris Holmes · ·   7

    2016 continues taking artists from us. Sad news.

  19. Leon Haywood R I P

    Soul Artist News · Roburt · ·   12

    It has been reported on Facebook that Leon Haywood has passed away. Nothing more known at present. 

  20. Sad News James Jamerson Jr RIP

    Soul Artist News · mike · ·

    James Jamerson Jr passed on last week. He was 58.

  21. Terry Johnson -- Mar-keys R I P

    Soul Artist News · Roburt · ·

    News has hit the wires of the passing(at age 72) of ex Mar-keys drummer Terry Johnson ...........

  22. Lee Andrews R I P

    Soul Artist News · Roburt · ·   5

    Being reported on Facebook that Lee Andrews has passed away. No further details at present.

  23. Tommy Brown (blues singer) R I P

    Soul Artist News · Roburt · ·   3

    It is being reported that Tommy Brown, blues singer, who cut in the 40's & 50's has passed. In the 60's / 70's he switched to be

  24. Ernestine Anderson Sad News RIP

    Soul Artist News · soul source · ·   4

    Member Venus reported over the weekend Ernestine Anderson passed away last Thursday....

  25. C L Blast R I P

    Soul Artist News · Roburt · ·   3

    Birmingham based singer C L Blast passed away almost 2 weeks ago ............

  26. Gavin Christopher R I P

    Soul Artist News · Roburt · ·   4

    It seems that MS artist Gavin Christopher has passed. Don't know too many details yet but it has happened ..........  

  27. Maurice White - RIP

    Soul Artist News · Addio · ·   24

    Another genius passes away. Thanks for the memories - RIP Maurice

  28. Clarence Reid aka Blowfly - RIP

    Soul Artist News · soul source · ·

    Today it has been reported in the forums that Clarence Reid has passed on at the age of 76

  29. Eddie Sullivan R.I.P.

    Soul Artist News · Boxy · ·   1

    Just got this news from my Chicago buddy Edward Keyes.

  30. Eddie Foster R.I.P.

    Soul Artist News · Big Gordy · ·   31

    Just read on Facebook from a friend in LA that Eddie Foster of "I Never Knew" fame has passed on.

  31. Otis Clay R.I.P

    Soul Artist News · kevinsoulman · ·   27

    Heart & Soul artist management is very sad to announce Otis Clay passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack

  32. R.I.P Nicholas Caldwell of The Whispers

    Soul Artist News · Kev John · ·   4

    Today, reports are surfacing that Nicholas Caldwell

  33. Wally Roker - Sad News RIP

    Soul Artist News · Dave Thorley · ·   8

    West Coast producer, label owner and one time member of The Heartbeats

  34. Arthur Brooks - Sad News RIP

    Soul Artist News · soul source · ·   1

    Sad news reported in the forum by Soul Source member John Smith (Roburt) of the passing on of Arthur Brooks

  35. Billy Sha-Rae - Sad News RIP

    Soul Artist News · soul source · ·   1

    Jerry Zolten recently passed on the sad news to the site regarding Billy Sha-Rae passing on

  36. Ronnie Abner RIP - Sad news and request for assistance

    Soul Artist News · Venus · ·   4

    Sad news, it has been confirmed by his daughter that Ronnie has died.

  37. Luther Davis - Sad News and Article

    Soul Artist News · soul source · ·

    The Bakersfield Californian web site reported a few days ago the recent passing on of Bakersfield musician Luther Davis...

  38. Sad News: Allen Toussaint R I P

    Soul Artist News · Roburt · ·   13

    It has been reported by WWL-TV in New Orleans that Allan Toussaint passed away on Monday .........

  39. James Lewis (Sho-Nuff) R I P

    Soul Artist News · Roburt · ·   2

    James Lewis, a long time fixture on the Jackson music scene, has passed...

  40. Al Abrams - Sad News RIP

    Soul Artist News · mike · ·

    Reported in the forums by @chalky the sad news that Al Abrams has passed on.

  41. Sad News - Wilton Felder RIP - Crusaders and more

    Soul Artist News · kevinsoulman · ·   6

    added by site Houston and the world lost a giant today with the passing of Wilton Felder, saxophonist for the fabled Crusaders.

  42. Sad News - Peggy Jones (Lady Bo -The Jewels)

    Soul Artist News · mike · ·   1

    Sad news reported of the passing on of Peggy Jones at the age of 75.

  43. Don Griffin of the Miracles RIP

    Soul Artist News · kevinsoulman · ·   2

    RIP to Billy's brother

  44. George McGregor and Big Frank Murphy RIP

    Soul Artist News · mike · ·

    A recap news post about two artists passing on. Posted in the forum during the last couple of days

  45. Arthur G Wright - Sad News RIP

    Soul Artist News · mike · ·

    Ady C posted up in the forums today the sad news that Arthur G Wright passed on last week

  46. Lucky Cordell R.I.P.

    Soul Artist News · Dave Thorley · ·   4

    Besides DJing he also turned his hand to record producing, occasionally singing and label owning

  47. Mel Waiters R I P

    Soul Artist News · Roburt · ·   8

    The Boogie Report web site is reporting that Mel Waiters passed earlier today.

  48. Ortheia Barnes RIP

    Soul Artist News · Larry Semmins · ·   22

    Veteran Detroit singer Ortheia Barnes, known for her rich alto voice, and also her ministry and work in Africa, died Friday...

  49. BB King Rip

    Soul Artist News · mike · ·   21

    BB King has died in Las Vegas at age 89, his lawyer says.

  50. Ben E King Rip

    Soul Artist News · BIGSOULMAN · ·   51

    Just on news Ben has passed away.

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