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  1. Lester Tipton - The Story

    Lester Fred Tipton was born 1st September 1948 in Detroit Mi. along with twin sister Leslie Viola to their parents, Mr & Mrs Willard Tipton.
      24   Mike |
  2. The New Sensations, Detroit - The Full Story by MD Records

    In April 2022, MD Records unveiled a double-sided 45 featuring two tracks from the archives of Pioneer Studio in Detroit. Following our successful eff…
      2   Joel E Turner |
  3. Detroit's Hidden Gem: The Gambrells' Story by MD Records

    Today, we have another story to share - the remarkable tale of The Gambrells, a previously unknown girl group from the heart of Detroit. Thanks to the…
  4. Burford Fishback - A man with many irons in the fire (aka Sonny Fishback / Sonny Fisher)

    Burford Fishback - A man with many irons in the fire (aka Sonny Fishback / Sonny Fisher) Burford 'Sonny' Fishback was born in Nashville, Tennessee …
      4   Mike |
  5. The Bright Side of LIFE - Vel Lewis

    The story of Vel Lewis, Life member and more....
      9   Mike |
  6. Interview with Bonnie & Anita Pointer recorded 2018

    We regret to learn of the sad passing of Bonnie on 8th June 2020 and of Anita on 31st December 2022, Interview with Bonnie & Anita Pointer recorded 20…
  7. Chuck Cockerham - A Brief Interview

    From Doo-Wop to the Drifters to the dance floors of the UK and beyond. A brief chat with Chuck Cockerham.
      15   Mike |
  8. How To Sing Your Way Out Of Jail: The Charles L. Blakely Story.

    Charles L. Blakely from prison to the recording studio and a release on the UK label Soul Junction.
  9. The Martiniques

    A group with just three releases of which until recently little was known about them but they still managed to cause much confusion amongst collectors…
      15   Mike |
  10. Ella Woods & Miss Lady by Kenb

    Ella Woods was born in Lexington, Mississippi and moved with her family to L.A when she was 5 years old...
      5   Blackpoolsoul |
  11. George and Faye Treadwell and The Drifters Story

    An examination of the role of the Treadwell Family , and the history of the Drifters , whose story is told in The Drifters Girl - Opening in London ne…
      3   Blackpoolsoul |
  12. Pee Wee Ellis

    Pee Wee Ellis had worked as Esther Phillips' bandleader back in the 1970's; he said he had a beautiful live show tape...
  13. This Is The Day: Breaking Out Of Obscurity With THE INMATES - Jon Kanis

    Article found on line about the group formed circa 1965 in San Diego and recorded "This Is The Day" on John B Kopit's" KOPIT label.
      15   Mike |
  14. Doris Duke - Deep Soul Queen - Feature

    Doris Duke - Deep Soul Queen. Another quality fully featured article by @Peternickols 
      9   Roburt |
  15. Amy Winehouse: A Personal Tribute .

    A Personal tribute to Amy Winehouse on the 10th anniversary of her death
      18   Moutton Noir |
  16. Timmy Willis Feature - New Revised Pdf Version

    Last year we (Soul Source) had the pleasure to publish a quality fully featured article by member Peternickols. We now have a revised/updated version…
      6   Mike |
  17. Larry Payton - Chicago Soul

    LARRY PAYTON, CHICAGO. This post is an incomplete file with which I have two choices; leave it to gather dust no doubt never to see the light of day …
      16   Mike |
  18. Sandy Hollis : The Lost Detroit Soulstress Found

    Big Wheel recording artist Sandy Hollis contacts Dave Welding and her story is revealed some 50 years after her brief recording career.
      26   Andy Rix |
  19. Willie Weems - His Story

    The story of Willie Weems ...inc The Dontells, 4 Brothers, Sam & Kitty, The Turks and more
      30   shelly |
  20. Jan Bradley Interview - Bob Abrahamian 2008

    A highlight of a forum post by the late Bob Abrahamian back in 2008
      8   Mike |
  21. Little Johnny Jones - Feature

    Little Johnny Jones - Feature. More about this very special deep-gospel recording by Jimmy Jones in due course - but first, what of the vocalist himse…
      5   Guest |
  22. Cry Cry Cry - The Tommy Ray Tucker Story

    The dramatic tale of a white Memphis country boy and his unique twist on a classic song.
  23. Dave Godin Meets Doris Troy 1970

    A recent Doris Troy topic led to a dig through the shoe boxes to find this interview with Doris Troy by Dave Godin orignally published in Blues and So…
      5   Mike |
  24. Smokey Robinson - Artist Of The Week

    Artist of the Week - Smokey Robinson along with The Miracles who were there at the beginning of Motown The work of Smokey Robinson as singer, songw…
      40   Guest |
  25. Jackie Wilson - Artist Of The Week

    Jackie Wilson - Artist Of The Week Jack Leroy Wilson Jr. (June 9, 1934 – January 21, 1984) was an American soul singer and performer. A tenor with a …
      51   Mal C |
  26. The Dells (Artist Of The Week)

    The Dells were an American R&B vocal group. Formed in high school in 1952 by founding members Marvin Junior, Verne Allison, Johnny Funches, Chuck Bark…
      62   Soul Shrews |
  27. Van McCoy (Artist Of The Week)

    Artist of the Week - The Genius of Van McCoy The man behind so many of our much loved records.
      38   Chris L |
  28. Bobby Bland - (Artist Of The Week)

    Latest addition to our Artist of the Week feature - Bobby Bland Bobby “Blue” Bland Biography Robert Calvin Bland (né Robert Calvin Brooks; January 27…
      29   Mike |
  29. Rickey Calloway Talks Tell Me, The UK and His First Guitar

    Well the original "Tell Me," it was funny how that developed. The house I'm living in now, at that time belonged to my mom. The year was 1968 and I wa…
      1   Mike |
  30. Junior Walker & The All Stars (Artist Of The Week)

    Junior Walker & The All Stars Discography (Soulful Kinda Music Link) >>> Junior Walker & The All Stars <<<
      52   Thinksmart |
  31. Mary Wells - (Artist Of The Week)

    Artist of the Week revisits the career of Mary Wells Mary Wells Biography (Wikipedia) Mary Esther Wells (May 13, 1943 – July 26, 1992) was an Ame…
      35   Nickg |
  32. William Bell - (Artist Of The Week)

    This weeks Artist of the Week Celebrates the music of William Bell. William Bell Biography
      43   Mike |
  33. Carla Thomas - (Artist Of The Week)

    Artist of the Week revisits the career of Carla Thomas. Carla Venita Thomas was born 21 December 21 1942. She is one of three daughters of soul artist…
      29   Windlesoul |
  34. The Dramatics - (Artist Of The Week)

    Artist of the Week takes another look at the music of The Dramatics The Dramatics Discography (Soulful Kinda Music Link) >>> THE DRAMATICS <<<
      61   Steveh73 |
  35. The Temptations - (Artist Of The Week)

    This week we turn our attention to the wonderful Temptations as our Artist of the Week.
      31   45cellar |
  36. Kent Harris - Obituary

    Posted in the Kent Harris RIP sad news' topic. Copie dover to our article system
  37. Linda Jones - (Artist Of The Week)

    This week we celebrate the amazing vocals of Linda Jones.
      47   Amsterdam Russ |
  38. Marvin Gaye - ( Artist Of The Week)

    In the week that a commemorative stamp was issued in America on what would have been his 80th birthday we would like to celebrate the music of Marvin …
      35   Graham Jarvis |
  39. Stevie Wonder - (Artist Of The Week)

    A highlight of our Soul Source - Artist Of The Week. Every week we will be setting up a topic where members are invited to talk, post and share info, …
      44   Guest |
  40. The New Creations - The Fish Song - Soul Junction Records

    Soul Junction Records begin 2019 with a collaboration with The New Creations and a reissue of their obscure early 70s 45 "The Fish Song". A track pro…
      4   Guest |
  41. The Jewels Live at The Cheetah 1967 - New York

    The Jewels Live at 'The Cheetah' 1967 - New York club video 24 min
      6   Mike |
  42. Paul Tillman Smith - A Beautiful Heart - Album and Story

    Paul Tillman Smith - A Beautiful Heart on Chump Change Records - Album preview and Pauls own story
  43. Interview with Mark IVs Otis Brown Jr via Cordial recordings

    As part of the release promotion of Mark IV - Hang Ups / Give Me Just A Little (two unissued tracks) Cordial Recordings have pushed out an interview …
  44. The Story - Inspirations - No One Else Can Take Your Place

    Thanks to Kev Roberts the story behind The Inspirations on Breakthrough, one of Northern Soul's rarest records.
      26   Agentsmith |
  45. Linda Tate - Sad News And Her Story

    Despite trying to locate Linda for years I never quite got there ... but thankfully
      2   Mike |
  46. Going Deeper Nick Pride & The Pimptones [Interview]

    Interview with Nick Pride discussing the band's brand new album 'Go Deep'
  47. The Richard Caiton Story

    The Richard Caiton Story - "I never did music for money; it's always been for love".
      5   Mike |
  48. The Esquires - The Family Tradition Continues.

    The musical Legacy of one of Milwaukee’s finest harmony group’s is being kept alive by their children.
      12   Mike |
  49. The Story Of Larry Banks And The Servicemen

    The story of Larry Banks & The Servicemen whose recording career was brief but left some memorable, sought after music.
      31   Guest |
  50. Ken Knox And Co - Give Me Just A Little More Time

    Ken Knox, for over 30 years a member of the Internationally renown Chairmen Of The Board will be touring the UK this Autumn.

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