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  1. Deptford Northern Soul Club Manchester 08 June 2024

    This incredible Northern soul night is as unique and vibrant as the people who attend. The atmosphere at a Deptford northern soul night is unpalpable.…
      1   Clee93 |
  2. New Kent CD Review - This Is Fame 1964-1968

    Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Fame Records, world renowned recording studio and label is highlighted here with a best of type compilation by Dean Rudland sp…
      4   Chalky |
  3. A Review of Dave Godin A Northern Soul Book

    A review of Dave Godin A Northern Soul, a biography by Stephen Stevlor.  Review by Damian Conaghan.............. aka Dim 
      3   Tam La Motown |
  4. Kenny Carter - Showdown - The Complete 1966 RCA recordings Review

    30 years after recording, Ady Croasdell unleashed the unreleased masters of RCA upon the famed 100 Club dance floor. Amongst them Kenny's What's That…
      2   Chalky |
  5. The Truth About Northern Soul by Stephen Riley Review

    A review. The book is a brilliantly written and well researched look at the Scene from the early days up to the present. It strips away some of the my…
      32   Mike |
  6. Bletsoe to the Wheel and Back.... Norman Rogers Book Review

    When I was first knocking around the Rare Soul Scene, there was a guy from Cambridge called Norman Rogers. He was one of the 'faces'.
      13   Finley |
  7. American Soul - Reflections on the first series - Soul Train

    Peace Love and Soul - American Soul review...
      3   yellosoul |
  8. Review: Spinning Around – A History of the Soul LP Vol 2 by John Lias

    This book review looks at Vol.2 of John Lias's in depth information on Soul LP's. This volume lists the albums by artists from L to Z ... Patti LaBell…
      6   Guest |
  9. Review: Florida Soul by John Capouya

    A review of the book Florida Soul written by John Capouya
      4   Mike |
  10. Review: Soul Survivor: A Biography of Al Green by Jimmy McDonough

    Book Review: Soul Survivor: A Biography of Al Green by Jimmy McDonough
      1   Glamsoulspinner |
  11. Review: I Hear A Symphony: Motown and Crossover R&B - J. Andrew Flory.

    BOOK REVIEW – “I Hear A Symphony: Motown and Crossover R&B” by J. Andrew Flory.
  12. Best Soul Books of 2016

    I think it's been a vintage year for books on the history of soul music....
      20   Enricoacm1899 |
  13. Eccentric Soul: Sitting In The Park - CD Review by John Reed

    A review of the recent released Numero Eccentric Soul: Sitting In The Park CD by John Reed
      6   Soulfinger |
  14. The There's That Beat! Guide To The Philly Sound - Review by Mark Windle

    A new addition to the review section. A look at the recent well received book - There's That Beat! Guide To The Philly Sound
      7   Thinksmart |
  15. Chess Northern Soul Box Vol 2 - Vinyl Review

    The latest review 'just added' to the source review section.
      6   Wiganer1 |
  16. Dan Penn - Close To Me - More Fame Recordings - CD Review

    Iain McCartney takes a look at Ace Records recent Fame related release - Dan Penn - Close To Me: More Fame Recordings  CD CHD 14
      2   Mike |
  17. The Arock - Serock - Sylvia Soul Story Continued - Review

    A fresh add to the review section of a recent release from Kent
      3   Mike |
  18. Modernism - Cd Review

    A trip down to Kent records for the latest addition to the review section from Iain m
      10   Cunnie |
  19. Rare Soul Bible Vol Two - Book Review

    A look at The Rare Soul Bible Volume Two is the latest addition to the Soul Source Review section
      5   Mike |
  20. Young Soul Rebels - Book Review

    Latest add to the reviews is a detailed look at Soul Source member Stuart Cosgrove's Young Soul Rebels History Of Northern Soul
      26   Back Street Blue |
  21. California Soul - Funk & Soul from the Golden State - Cd Review

    Paul Johnson takes a look at BGP latest releasee
      1   Andreas B |
  22. Mainstream Modern Soul - Kent - Cd Review

    A look at the most recent offering from Kent Records by John Reed...
      6   Still Diggin |
  23. The Independents - Complete Wand Recordings - Cd Review

    The first of this months reviews - a look by Iain Mc at a recent Kent release...
      2   Mike |
  24. Searching for the Real James Brown - Book Review

    Latest addition to the new review section... 'Kill 'Em and Leave: Searching for the Real James Brown by James McBride
      1   Mike |
  25. Back To The River Box Set - Cd Review

    Review of a recently released 3 cd box set from Kent
  26. Jack Ashford - Just Productions - Cd Review

    A look at yet another 'just' released this week album from Kent
      11   Mike |
  27. One Track Mind! More Motown Guys - Cd Review

    The reviews continue with a look at a 'just out' motown release from Kent
      5   Mike |
  28. The A & R Man by William Mickey Stevenson - Book Review

    The midweek review takes a look at a recent Motown book
      7   Mike |
  29. South Texas Rhythm & Soul Revue 2 - Cd Review

    This weeks reviews start off with a look and take on a fairly recent Kent Album release
  30. Spinning Around - A History of The Soul Lp - Book Review

    The latest addition to the review section takes a look at a recent just out book all about the Soul LP!
      3   Mike |
  31. Motown - The Sound of Young America - Book Review

    The latest addition to the Soul Source Review feature takes a timely look at an 'Out Today' title...
      3   Frankie Crocker |
  32. Dave Hamilton's Detroit Soul Vol 2 - CD Review

    Latest addition to the fast flowing review section is a review of a fairly recent Kent Cd release
      18   Mike |
  33. What Happened Miss Simone - Book Review

    Latest addition to the review section. A review of a recently published biography by souledtrafford
      7   Mike |
  34. Harmony Of The Soul Vocal Groups - Kent Cd Review

    Just released and just Soul Source reviewed by John Reed- Kents latest Album - Harmony Of The Soul Vocal Groups
      3   Mike |
  35. They Danced All Night - Gethro Jones - Book Review

    ..which focuses on the lifestyle that became known as Northern Soul
      26   Mike |
  36. Anyone Who Had A Heart - Burt Bacharach - Book Review

    his studio work with singers such as Dionne Warwick, the Drifters, Jerry Butler, Cissy Houston, Dee Dee...
      9   Windlesoul |
  37. Clarence Carter - New Kent CD Review

    Kicking the new review section off, a review of a recent released Kent cd ...
  38. A tale of two Dittys - Bletsoe Reunion 2

    I got there pretty much as it was starting, parked the car in a field...
      5   DaveC |
  39. Reflections from the Corfu Weekender May 2015

    So 24 hours or so after the event, I thought it would be right and proper to put together a few words to reflect the weekender as a whole. For those w…
      7   Mike |
  40. Soulshakers Bamberg Celebrates 10 Years

    As always there is a little trepidation in the weeks leading up to this event in our house. Will anyone turn up? Will the guest DJ's fit in ?, Will th…
      14   Mike |
  41. Skegness Weekender 2015 Lookback via Winston

    Skegness weekender and where to start?
      8   Mike |
  42. Rugby and I ain't talking balls - Allnighter Lookback

    Where to begin? It's been a while since I put pen to paper for a Venue review but ...
      9   Mike |
  43. At The Foot Of The Stairs Theres Darkness - 100 Club at 35

    Saturday night in Old London Town made me realise just how special this small 4,000 sqft odd of the capitol city really is.
      15   Mike |
  44. The 2014 Cleethorpes Debrief

    The 2014 Cleethorpes Debrief
  45. Dore L.A. Soul Sides - Kent CD Review

    The compilation kicks of with the vocal group The Whispers. Gordy Harmon a few months prior to this release had left The Superbs and he was joined by …
      2   Mike |
  46. Rugby Soul Club - Rugby UK - Club Feature

    The second in our hoped to be regular feature - A lets have a look at members clubs... Rugby Soul Club
  47. A Review of Tears In My Eyes - Kenny Hamber and John Smith

    From those early discussions the pair decided that Kenny’s long and diverse career was worthy of documenting properly and here, three and a half years…
  48. One In A Million - The Songs Of Sam Dees - Review

    Sam Dees is held in the highest regard by producers and fellow-artists alike. Here are a selection of 22 of his best songs from 1970 to the early 80
  49. Extra Rich In Soul Cd Review - Soul Junction New Release

    Dave Moore steers his ears at Soul Junctions latest Cd Release ..
  50. Prestayn Weekender 2014 - A Lookback by Dave Thorley

    Dave Thorley passes on his take of the just gone weekender

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