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The Beat Boutique 1st Anniversay


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Paul Jnr

The Beat Boutique 1st Anniversay on

This event is now over

The Beat Boutique 1st anniversary!!

@ The Ruby Lounge

High Street


10.30pm - 3.30am

Door Tax: £5

Hola Folks, i can't quite fathom we've came this far in so little time!..the year has flown in and we're about to celebrate our first Birthday!! (presents are welcomed and will be recieved with open arms just leave em at the door with BIG JOHN!)

1st 100 guests will recieve a free Beat Boutique 1st anniversary cd which will probably be going on ebay in a few years for $267 or around that figure..Paul Barker personally kissed each one for everybody sooo these are just a likkle bit special yeh soooo... be early if ya wants one!!...

Our first anniversary is set to be a fooking EXPLOSION of madness in the meduim of the most amazin tunes this side of Romania, and a club full of Manchester and afar's (there is a guy who comes monthly from the Fauklands Islands!! dont believe me?? i'll point this party animal out if you wish! a legend indeed) smartest dressed, clued up and beautiful crowd I've seen in any club i've ever experienced... enough of blowing your bum trumpets, the club is starting to take off and we'd like to thank you all for making it the special club night it has become..mmmwwahhh!....ON WITH BUSINESS THEN..Get the shoes shined, the dresses tailored, the shirts ironed, the trousers pressed, the bikini line waxed..ok thats just me, booked myself in for a wee trim on the friday you know it gives me an extra edge when i spin and feels a little special too ;) ...


STEVE CATO - SOUL OR NOTHING (MANCHESTER) SOUL REVOLUTION (LONDON)...Where do i begin? those of you who know Steve already know this Soul brother be a stalwart on the Manchester Music scene and has been dj'in all over the world for the past 10- 15 years organising soul partys, sending crowds sideways with his vast knowledge and phenomenal taste in all things SOUL!! He also can be found on the terraces of Huddersfield football club (someones got to!!) Dancing in Moloko videos, starring in films or travelling from city to country village far and wide all in the good name of Rare Soul.. The 1st Anniversary for the Boutique which is Manchester born demanded some of the best from Mancunia and this is why Mr Cato is making his debut on the 20th...man and woman have been known to orgasm on the floor while the mans playing his tuneage!..please clean your bloody mess up though behind you if such an occurance happens its bad enough with drinks being spilt on the floor without Soul Juice everywhere!! i feel a little sick and turned on at the same time while i write this... aaannyyhoooooo STEVE CATO is THE MANIO SO WE'RE ALL IN FOR A TREAT...

GUEST 2...

GAV NEEDHAM - BRIGHTON BEACH...Gav is apart of one of the UK's most famous Retro club nights BRIGHTON BEACH which im sure most of you have heard of or been to in the past and dont need telling how amazing these are..Gav played at the Boutique last year and blew the socks off the place (they were nice red socks too and Paul seems to have lost one, so if anyone finds a red sock its paul Jnr Walkers ok..good..soo...) It was a must that we ask him to come back and being such a top bloke he's agreed to come up for the Anniversary!! GET IN!! BRING THIS SHIT ON I'M ACTUALLY SHAKING A LITTLE THINKING ABOUT THIS NIGHT!!... WE'RE ABOUT THE MUSIC, THE RIGHT PEOPLE, DANCING, SMILING, DRESSING UP, GOING OUT, NEW FRIENDS, AND GETTING THAT BUZZ WHICH CLUBS SHOULD BE GIVING YOU BEFORE YOU EVEN ARRIVE...I HOPE YOU ALL FEEL THE SAME..




ooohhh sorry i almost forgot the Residents, Paul Purple Pants Barker, Paul Shotgun Walker and myself will be as always spinning 45's that we've sweated blood, shed tears and starved ourselves all month for...

Lets make the 1st anniversary a night to remember!..

In Soul


Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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