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At The Soul Inn


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At The Soul Inn on

This event is now over

Berlins hugest Rare Funk & Soul Night...

Next Date: 04.04.09

Vol. 31

23 h | 5⚬

At the SOUL INN:

Rare Funk, Soul & Boogaloo 45's

Dynamic Don & Kristian Auth

Lido: Schlesische/ Ecke Cuvrystr.,

Berlin Kreuzberg- U1 Schlesisches Tor

March Soul Inn: more than 700 people! Amazing! Thanks again!!!!

New Mix

Kristian Auth: That's how it is (Pt2)...enjoy



Bob French's Storyville Jazz Band - Y'er comes the funky man (Broadmoor)

Mary Love - Born to live with heartache (Elco)

Jimmy Lomax And The Vows - Come on home (CaB)

Lee Moses - Reach out, I'll be there (Musicor)

The Black On White Affair - Bold soul sister, bold soul brother (Topaz)

Chosen Few - Birth of a playboy (Canyon)

Rosco & Barbara - Could this be love (Old Town)

The Incredibles - Miss treatment (Audio Arts)

Darrow Fletcher - What good am I without you (Jacklyn)

Dianne Elliott - When he speaks (New Horizon)

The Experts - My love is real (Tag Ltd.)

Wayne Carter - Mad mouth woman (Mootrey's Studio)

Jackie Shane - Stand up straight and tall (Modern)

The Vonns - So many days (King)

Dusty Wilson - Can't do without you (Bronse)

Bid Daddy Rucker - Just do your thing (GME)

Billy Storm -Apologize (Le Mans)

Honey & The Bees - Love addict (Artic)

Hank Johnson - You lost your thing (Spear)

Harvey & The Phenomenals - Soul & sunshine (Da - Wood)

Executive Jam - I'm into your love (Third Street)

The Ethics - I want my baby back (Vent)

Robbie Hill's Family Affair-I just want to be (Seattle West Rec.)

Towanda Barnes - You don't mean it (A&M)

Fantastics - Me and you (Sound Stage 7)

Louis Curry - I'll try again tomorrow (M-S)

Ronnie McCain - Too much of a good thing (Triode)

Joe Walker - This is my last goodbye (Bold)

Willie Tee - First taste of hurt (Gatur)

Jimmy Ricks - Oh! What a feeling (Festival)

Finally our beloved Party "At the Soul Inn" got its own website: http://www.soulinn.de

The Blog has mainly german content, but we offer some other pages, that might be interesting for other people as well: we have installed a gallery of some of our favourite records, with scan and soundfile. For now we got over 250 45's listed, but I guess we will add a shit loads more over the next months. The gallery is in no particular order, just browse the pages or use the search function on the bottom of the left sidebar. Apart from that we uploaded all the free cd's we gave away over the last 30 months and a lot of old mixtapes and live recordings...If you want to know, where we spin apart from the Soul Inn check Dates! Plus all the other stuff like photos, videos, and so on...

So just have a look or even better drop by: every first saturday at the infamous Lido, Kreuzberg Berlin......Next Date, Sat, 04.04!


Don & Kristian

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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