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Rare Rillen Show - Northern, Crossover & Modern


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Rare Rillen Show - Northern, Crossover & Modern on

This event is now over

"if this spirit moves you, let me groove you" (marvin gaye)

This is the philosophy of Sir Matthew Fox. His aim is to provide music lovers "the hard to find original records to the just plain good ones". Every 3rd Saturday at 8pm (CET) | 7pm (in the UK) you are going to listen to 2h well-stocked with awesome soul choons! Take a deep breath, sit down & relax yourself. It's all about the perfect groove in this show! Matt Fox has/had appearances on several radio stations like: Jazz Syndicate Radio (UK), Radio Pelle Nera (Italy), Radio Canora (Spain) & Cold Funk Radio (USA).

Matt Fox & Guests focus Northern/Crossover & Modern Soul. But sometimes they will break in on you by spinning Boogie, 2 Step, Deep Funk, European Rare Grooves and jazzy choons. This tasty mix will make your day quite chilled. Quality soul food! Most of his guests are great and well known collectors & DJs on the scene. Make sure to tune in!

more general info: http://rare-rillen.de (radio show)

to listen live to the show - pls visit right in time: http://soulsender.de and push the play button on the website ...

soulsender is a web radio - so everyone is able to listen to the radio show!!! just tune in and don't miss this episode ...

Rare Rillen - every 3rd Saturday on air:

Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, South Africa a.s.o: 8pm (Saturday Evening)

UK, Portugal: 7pm (Saturday Evening)

Denmark: 9pm (Saturday Evening)

Russia (Moskow): 10pm (Saturday Evening)

USA: NY 2pm (Saturday Noon) | LA 11am (Saturday Morning)

Canada: Toronto 2pm (Saturday Noon)

Australia: Sydney 4am (Sunday Morning)

Japan: Tokio 3am (Sunday Morning)

Brasil: Rio 12pm (Saturday Noon)

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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