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The leading allnighter in the UK / An unrivalled DJ line up / Northern & Modern Soul Where else you can hear top dance floor hits like 'The Brothers - Are You Ready For This' to mega rarities like 'Mello Souls - We Can Make It' back to early Soul 45's like 'The Matador - Major Lance'. An unrivalled musical experience.>

Attendees from all over the WORLD!

Tickets are also available from Sarah on 07881-941817 or the following outlets;

Music Mania-Hanley, Replay Records, Tunstall Market, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent(Thurs-Sat) / Robs Records, Hurts Yard, Nottingham(Open daily except Thurs and Sunday) / Terry Finn-Doncaster 01302-768532. Jayne Malone(Bury jaynemalone@hotmail.co.uk)



Many people have likened the King's Hall to the Wigan Casino, the huge main hall is surrounded on three sides by a seating balcony from where you can witness the awesome view of Northern Soul dancers.

The venue was chosen as the main location for the 2009 film SOULED OUT.


Kingsway, Stoke, ST4 1JH STYLE OF VENUE Huge Ballroom with Rare room(Modern venue is optional and adjacent to the venue) and Record Sellers Market place.


The King's Hall is 7 minutes from Junctions 15/16 M6. Located in Stoke Town Centre, part of the Civic Buildings. Approx. 3 minutes by car from the Brittania Stadium. DO NOT head for CITY CENTRE (Hanley).

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The Plough Motel (2 mins away), North Stafford Hotel (5 mins), Holiday Inn Express(7 minutes) VENUE TEL NUMBER 0784 - 1197874 on the night.


From 9pm until 7am Last admission time is 3.30am. BAR TIMES 9pm - 4am* then Soft Drinks and Food until 5.30




The World's Best All Nighter INFO ON EVENT RECORD DEALERS / MERCHANDISING: Purchase a ticket then start selling! No bootlegs or counterfeits please!


"Thought the last allnighter was phenomenal, surprised to see so many younger faces. DJ's were excellent with great sets and tremendous enthusiasm! Well done and congrats to all involved. Keep the faith." Ian (South Coast Soul) "Went to King's Hall in July, it was like going back 30 years, superb night!!" Paul & Lorraine Hildreth, Farnborough, Hants>

"Went to Kings Hall on saturday for the first time. What a night, superb sounds, excellent floor, great sound system, wiganesque sweaty bodies everywhere (ah the memories..)" "Great tunes and great atmosphere. DJs kept the floor full and it was nice to hear records that I haven't heard played for ages!! We were hardly off the dance floor. We will definitely be at the next one. Thanks guys "


2 rooms-Northern Oldies/Rare and Upfront. DJ team- Mick H, Soul Sam, Chris King, Dave Evison,Sean Chapman, John Poole, Nige Brown,Kev Roberts, Bob Hinsley, Ginger Taylor. Steve Guanori, Liam Quinn.

OPEN 9pm-7am Bar until 4 Soft Drinks/Canteen open all night.

Here's a recent blog about the last All Nighter on October 3rd. Courtesy of Soul Source.

I just have to say it's been a long time coming and boy was it worth the wait .

I just knew it was going to be an amazing night from entering the room when Arthur was playing The limelighters ....... what a tune to walk into I had no idea he had it , should have known better.

Kings Hall now has the complete "Soul Trinity" something for everyone to enjoy.

The room took a little while to warm it must have been around 11.30 before its audience arrived. I was so pleased to see the room well suported , for this room to survive in the future it has to have active participants to support the Dj's.

By Midnight it was kicking , in fact the room appeared too small ! The sets were inspiring exciting and you just did not want to miss a track. I felt priveleged to be there for its birth.

I thought it must have been so nice for Butch to play sounds that are still inspiring him to carry on to strive forward in finding new sounds on his HOME patch. I mean I would normally have to travel to somewhere like the 100 club to hear sound of this quality.

All the Dj's pulled the stops out they were brilliant. And everything was upbeat I just can't put into words how good that was to hear so many danceable tracks that I did not know.

I found the room very welcoming , sometimes places can feel intimidating , this did not have that vibe at all , everyone was smiling and just soaking up perfection in soul.

In fact a few dealers didn't even open their boxes they were too busy enjoying themselves watching something very special evolve.

I can only see this room growing , big thanks for the man at the top of the stairs for answering my prayers .

Lovely to see lots of friends from all over the UK , Spot I owe you a slap lol , fancy handing me a menu as I arrive ...you you you ! Actually you dipped out on my picnic of home made cornish pasties .

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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