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hi y'all,

for all of you, who might pop over the next time to Cologne, Germany and askin' themselves what to do there...here is the fokkin' answer.

SOUL CITY | Cologne's Brand New Rare Soul Nighter

This won't be a classic northern allnighter, it's an across the board nighter feat. classic northern, crossover and modern soul, awesome r'n'b mixed with a couple of nice funk choons!

pls join our fb site:

Soul City on Facebook


29th of May 2010

11pm (CET) doors open till Sunday morning

Club "Bahnhof Ehrenfeld"

only 6 ⚬

Line-up for the first nighter:


Henry Storch (Unique Rec.)

Kristian Auth (Soul Inn, Berlin)

Sir Matthew Fox (Rare Rillen Podcasts)


Sir Faulker (Beat d'action)

Dynamic Eric (Soundbar)


how to get there via public transportation:

KVB city train: S 12 und S 13

KVB underground: 3, 4 und 13

KVB bus: 141, 142 und 143


Bartholomäus-Schink-Straße 65/67

50825 Koeln (Cologne)


here are some sample playlists:

Melvin Elling - Lonely Eyes

Tony Clarke - Wrong Man

Freddie Houston - Soft Walkin'

Shade's Of Jade - Is It Wrong

Joe Jama - My Life

Greater Experience - Don't Forget To Remember

Barbara English - (You Got Me) Sitting On The Corner

Ed Crook - It's Alright

Johnny Wyatt - This Thing Called Love

Twilights - You're The One

Willie & West - Get Away From Me Girl

Billy Keene - Wishing & Hopping

Tyrone Thomas - Baby Can't You See

Technics - Cause I Really Love You/

Tobi Lark - Sweep It Out In The Shed

Linda Jones - I Just Can't Live My Life

El Anthony - We've Been In Love Too Long

Tommy Neal - Goin' To A Happening

The Bee Jays - I'll Find You

Shaddows - Together Again

The Sensations - Baby

Volumes - The Same Old Feeling

Hesitations - Is This The Way To Treat A Girl

Eddie Wilson - Toast To The Lady

Onyx - You Never Fail To Amaze Me

Belita Woods - Magic Corner

Florence Devore - Kiss Me Now (Don't Kiss Me Later)

Cookie Scott - I Don't Care

The Profiles - I Still Love You

The Millionairs - And The Rains Came

Paul Sindab - Can't Wait No Longer

Bobby Sheen - She Taught Me What Love Really Is

Pic And Bill - Talk About Love

Ray Scott & The Scottsmen - Right Now

Tammy McKnight - Take Away These Chains

Lucille Mathis - I'm Not Your Regular Woman

Mighty Marvellos - You're Little Sister

Metros - Since I Found My Baby

All Night Workers - Honey & Wine

Joe Valentine - I Lost The Only Love I Had

Four Sonics - Easier Said Than Done

Richard "Popcorn" Wylie - Greater Than Anything

Dickie Wonder - Nobody Knows

Jack Hammer - What Greater Love

Gene & Eunice - Soul Loving

The Vontastics - Never Let Your Love Grow Cold

Barrino Brothers - I Can't Believe You're Gone

Channels - You Can Count On Me

Frank Dell - He Broke Your Game Wide Open

TSU Toronados - Please Heart Don't Break

Billy Storm & The Tempests - Apologize

Mack Rice - Baby I'm Coming Home

Billy Gales - I'm Hurting

Carl Lester - When You See Me Hurt

Tommy Ridgley - I Want Some Money

Bob French's Storyville Jazz Band - Y'er comes the funky man

Mary Love - Born to live with heartache

Jimmy Lomax And The Vows - Come on home

Lee Moses - Reach out, I'll be there

Preston Love - Funky Chicken

Bobby Bland - I aint' myself anymore

Billy Keen - Finally got wise

The Triumphs - Workin

Nino Ferrer - Les hommes a tout faire

Underground Express - I never found a girl

Lee Brackett - Ruby

Frankie Freeman - This old shack

Frankie Seay - Soul Food

Billy Garner - I got some

Apollos Show Band - Peace still is with us

Debow - Crime

James Kinght & The Butlers - Save me

Willie Tee - Funky Funky Twist

The Isonics - Sugar

Lou Lawton - Knick Knack Patty Wack

Sarah Vaughan - Mama

Barbara Mason - You better stop it

The Limitations - All because of you

Bobby Long & The Dealers - I gotta have love

Lefties Soul Connection - You don't know

Soulive - Too much

Kenny Rankin - In the name of love

Ben Westbeech - So good today

The Black On White Affair - Bold soul sister, bold soul brother

Chosen Few - Birth of a playboy

Rosco & Barbara - Could this be love

The Incredibles - Miss treatment

Darrow Fletcher - What good am I without you

Dianne Elliott - When he speaks

The Experts - My love is real

Wayne Carter - Mad mouth woman

Jackie Shane - Stand up straight and tall

The Vonns - So many days

Dusty Wilson - Can't do without you

Bid Daddy Rucker - Just do your thing

Honey & The Bees - Love addict

Hank Johnson - You lost your thing

Harvey & The Phenomenals - Soul & sunshine

Executive Jam - I'm into your love

The Ethics - I want my baby back

Robbie Hill's Family Affair-I just want to be

Towanda Barnes - You don't mean it

Fantastics - Me and you

Louis Curry - I'll try again tomorrow

Ronnie McCain - Too much of a good thing

Joe Walker - This is my last goodbye

Willie Tee - First taste of hurt

Jimmy Ricks - Oh! What a feeling

Otis Clay - That's how it is

Cleo Randle - Big city lights

The Blue Rhythm Combo - Take That Funky Feeling

The Rising Sun - Good Loving

Moses Smith - Come on, let me love you

Rudy Love & Company Soul - Suffering Wrath

Neil Reed - Gonna find a way

Claude Baby Huey - Drifting

Lee Williams - Girl from a country town

Philharmonics - I need, I need your love

Carl Carlton - I can feel it

Vince Evans - Speak ghetto speak

Inell young - What do you see in her

James Booker - Big Nick

The Jolly Jax - Preciate it

E. Jackie Hines - I'm so glad

Frank Dell - Baby you've got it

Jay J. Jones - I don't know about you

Kings Go Forth - One day

Ricky Williams - Discotheque Soul

Buck - It's gonna be alright

Wallace Brothers - What'cha feel is what'cha get

James Lewis Fields - How long shall I wait

Emanuel Laskey - Tomorrow

Dreamflight - Time

Veda - What It's All About

Father's Children - Wild Woman

L.V. Johnson - I'm A Lucky Guy

Ujima - I'm Not Ready

Step By Step - So Very Near

Aristocrats - Let's Get Together Now

Choice Of Colour - Your Love

Willie Darrington - Never Should Have Walked Away

Moses Smith - Keep On Striving

Skip Jackson - I'm On To You

New World - We're Gonna Make It

Mighty Lovers - Ain't Gonna Run No More

Herb Ward - Strange Change

Brand New - 1000 Years

Essex IV - My Heart Just Can't Take It

Bobby Shannon - I Get My Groove From You

Unknown Artist - One More Chance

Al Hudson - Trying To Prove My Love

Sandy's Gang - Hungry

Bottom & Company - Gonna Find A True Love

Strutt - Said You Didn't Love Him

Great Lakes Orchestra feat. Lou Ragland - Didn't I Tell You

Norfolk - Together

Ernie Johnson - Big Man Cry

John Edwards - Ain't That Good Enough

Bingo - We Can't Get Enough

Poison Ivy - I Only Have Eyes For You

Donald Albert - The Hardest Part

Soul Liberation - Touch Me Again

atb! matt

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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