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Organiser Steven Tulip has been a Soul Fan since 74 aged 12 1/2 when Alex Lowes was a regular visitor to the Tulip household, generally armed with his latest acquisitions. At the time Steven was listening to Northern, Motown, Stax, Atlantic and Seventies Soul and Funk. Since then he has explored all aspects of Soul, Jazz,, Blues and Reggae extensively ( also serious rock ) and became a key player on the Modern scene of the early nineties in the North East and beyond.

High points include: shaking hands with Frankie Beverley on the video for Too Many Games, the look on Alexs' face when Sam Dees walked in to Fleetwood and asked for Steven, and one of the Dramatics telling him he has a good ear for music.

' There seems t be two schools of thought in this country at the moment ' he says, ' those who think the best Soul Music is hidden away in a vault somewhere, and those who think the best Soul Music was spread all over the pop charts, in books written by people whose preference is for pop music and/ or country and western, and in films like the BluesBrothers and the Commitments. Of course there are brilliant obscure Soul records and wonderful commercial Soul records but, broadly speaking, the majority of the best Soul Music falls somewhere in between these poles and part of my aim is to give some exposure to some of these all but forgotten gems. '

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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