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New Century Soul Manchester Allnighter


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Chris Waterman

New Century Soul Manchester Allnighter on

This event is now over

Saturday 28th September

A Soulful Gathering

New Century Soul Manchester Allnighter

Radcliffe Civic Suite,

Thomas Street



M26 2UH

9pm till 7am

Main Hall

DJ's Andy Dyson, George Sharpe, Andy Garside, Hoss Watson, Casper, Glen Walker Foster, Ray North, Roger Banks and 'Gloucester Soul Showcase Leon Brown, Mike Eskins and Des Parker'

Room Two

TIME OUT: 10pm till 6am

Ed DB, Steve Woomble, Sammy Dee, 'The Modern Soul Collective Tim Everett, Mick Edwards & Kev Preston' Soul Sam, Bob Hinsley and Robbo

£12 OTD with a £4 refund if you wish to leave before 2am

Info Contact Chris 07737 341585 Or Via our website www.newcenturysoul.co.uk

Future Dates 2013

Sept 28th, 10th Anniversary Special Nov 30th, Boxing Day Dec 26th

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Never missed one, don't intend to start now, just love Radcliffe, top venue, top tunes, top people x KTF x

Di x

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Looking forward to Saturday, be nice to see George out and about again also catch up with the true pro soul sam ! along with the rest of the lads and lasses ... we ain't mourning the past we are celebrating the future ....

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Hi All,

Still trying to play catch up after our holiday, so will try and DJ times up a little later but don't forget tickets go on sale tomorrow night for our 10th Anniversary Allnighter with Bunny Sigler.

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Don't forget this maybe the only chance you get to buy your tickets for the 10th Anniversary Allnighter with Bunny Sigler.

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DJ Times

Main Hall

9  Q1C

10 Ray North

11 Roger Banks

12 George Sharpe

1  Andy Dyson

2 Glouster Show Case

   Des Parker, Leon Brown and Mike Eskins

4 Glenn Walker Foster

5 Hoss Watson

6 Andy Garside

Second Room

10 Davie Bell

11 Steve Woomble

12 Soul Sam

1   Ed DB

2 The Modern Soul Collective

   Tim Everett, Mick Edwards and Kev Preston

4 Bob Hinsley

5 Robbo

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Well The New Century Soul Events team did it again giving us a diverse Allnighter and just refusing to play by the rules which is both refreshing and rare! The complete mix of DJ's and styles in the main room kept you guessing as to the tempo and to the style of music, not for the feint hearted but right up my street! The smaller room is a complete diamond of an experience with a absolute crazy mix of Modern, Seventies, Soulful House and Rare Northernsoul that for me makes Radcliffe a very special Allnighter indeed and I am truly thankful that this wonderful Allnighter has retained it's integrity. Soul Sam, Robbo, Steve Woomble, Tim Everett, Mick Edwards and Kev Preston and Dave all gave excellent accounts of themselves whilst in the Main Room Roger Banks reminded us why he is up there with the greats! I kinda take Andy Dyson for granted now as he just smashes it every time and it is a joy!!! Andy Garside blew me away with some tracks I hadn't heard for a while and some that where new to my ear and I loved it!! Brilliant Allnighter and I appreciate the gamble every one makes to keep this kind of music policy and I and The South Yorkshire Massive will support this outstanding Allnighter.

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Managed to make the last few hours at Radclife , Glenn was beating the main hall with a big stick and it was buzzing ,@ 4.10 am :) ..room two always a superb  ..  good to see , the place continued to please till we left .. love Radcliffe ,  only one thing  that continues to be a problem .. it was ear bleeding sound level in the main hall , even sat in the cafe it was hard to have a conversation , ..(went in there cos of the sound level)  .. having been lucky and blessed to have dj'd there i know it is almost impossible to know how it sounds from behind the decks as it is almost like being in another room with sound proofing up on the stage , a really strange phenonmena lol  .. needs to be checked on a regular basis by an official within the venue as the room fills and empties and so the sound level adjusting to suit .. only gripe on what is one of our regular haunts  xx


pete n' susan xx

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Ratciffe is tops it gets better& better nighter Andy Dyson  Excellent.

All djs  did  great spots Roger Banks.looking forward to the next

one if we can make it. Richard & Mary S.yorkshire...

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First visit for a while for us,the night started slow,but got better as the night went on,nice to catch up with Bob Hinsley and Robbo,agree with Casper the sound system does seem to fluctuate over the night.That said,a great blend of classic oldies and some current spins.

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