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York Soul Club Cancelled


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York Soul Club Cancelled on

This event is now over

York Soul Club

Saturday 6th October


Back In Jan At The

New Venue

Tel: 01904 623602 or 07742054847

For local accommodation & more information see our website


Large Car Park with own caravan and campsite for overnite stay.


Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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music was fantastic last time around,second to none,all the dj's was fantastic,felt sorry for the people who organised this event as they was pushed into the new room which was'nt finished bare wires hanging from the celling, no fire alarms fitted, doors and windows locked,power to the room and decks turned off at 1pm, no emergency lighting,mixer went down,if its still the same the room should'nt be use as its unsafe and against building reg's

this event is at the rugby club

is the room now finished ?


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Guest tony hatfield


Hi All,

We are in the unfortunate situation of having to cancel our events for the rest of the year. Anyone who attended our last event will understand the circumstances why.

It would seem that after 7 years of using the old function room and raising funds for the new clubhouse etc. we are no longer required, weddings birthdays etc. seem to be the preffered options for the new function rooms at York sports club.

We have therefore found a new venue for 2013 at the R.I. Club New Lane Holgate York. We start the year in January on the first saturday The 5th, we will post more information in the future.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us over the last 7 years at shipton road sports club andhope we will see you at our new venue next year.

Many Thanks Tony and Tracy

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Hello T&T

Sorry to hear that they have chose to take the route of weddings etc when York Soul Club have supported them through thick and thin. May be their boots have grown too big and one day may reflect and wonder how much time, effort and support you and Tracey put in to supporting a venue trying to raise funds for the new build.

We will support you both in your new venue and remember little apples always grow.

Take care


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T n T

Sorry to hear the bad news but you've done the right thing imo.Better off out of it because as we all know you need the management on side & if they aren't it becomes so difficult.It's just a pity they couldn't show York Soul Club the loyalty that the Soul Club had shown them over the past 7 years.

Great news to hear you've secured a new venue & we can look forward to some more great night's at the new venue.



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Tony & Tracy,

Sorry to hear that its come to this... :(

We've met some lovely people and had some great nights here... :yes:

I'm sure there'll be more to come at your new venue...

Good luck and thanks for 7 great years :hatsoff2:

Chris & Don

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Hi Tony & Tracy,

Sorry to hear the news but your better off out of it. The club are a disgrace after what you've done for them. Many a night if it wasn't for your Soul Night there place would have been empty, good riddance to them.

Looking forward to supporting you at the new venue. :thumbsup:


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Hi Tony & Tracy,

Sorry to hear this. 7 years of hard slog promoting a night and venue count for nothing.

Hope to see you at the new venue in 2013 for the start of a new era for 'York Soul Club'


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Hi T & T

Sorry to hear about the changes but hopefully things will be even better in the new year. I am sure that things have never been the same since Tony's 50th birthday party upstairs!!!

Hopefully we will catch up with you both before the new year.

Take care

Steve & Lisa

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B*gger! I was just thinking the other day that I should wrestle myself out of the house and come down to Clifton again. Looked here for the November date and it is cancelled!

Hopefully I can sustain my interest and get along in Jan, I should do as it is only a short walk away from me.

Best of luck to you all.

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