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Maria O

BOOMERANG at Thorne on

This event is now over

BOOMERANG @ The Canal Tavern

South Parade & Orchard Street


(located near Doncaster - take J5 or J6 off the M18

8pm til 1am, £5 on door

on Saturday 13th April 2013

guest DJ's






+ resident MARIA O

For directions, past playlists, accommodation & travel info, contact info, etc - please visit our website:


Our music policy has never changed : "featuring quality sounds from the 60s & 70s" ...guests chosen accordingly!

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Got our train tickets and the room is booked, looking forward to seeing my friends at the Canal Tavern and of course some good music. Missed the last one so really up for this.

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Great! - It's a bit earlier in the year than normal, so a FOUR MONTH WAIT if you miss this one.

Dave Thorley has picked up some vinyl gems on his recent trips to the US, Chalky is a Boomerang-deck virgin who splashes new passion with his spot, and Arthur has been receiving strange new parcels that groan & ache for a Boomerang play  

...all in all, the excitement of what will be played has been building.


I am starting to get reservations for vinyl sales table space, so please message me or post here to reserve.  (and always feel free to bring sales boxes along, even if you don't need the dedicated table & bum space).



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Can't wait!! Looking forward to spinning a few I rarely get th chance to play. Few LPs and 70s. Hope the Heck is stocked up.

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Vinyl sales from Chalky, Andy Dyson, Arthur Fenn and Soul Sam for starters before I check my messages... sounds tasty!


And if that doesn't get your juices flowing, these are the times and names for friendly dj harrasment:

8:00pm - Maria O

8:30pm - Arthur Fenn

9:00pm - Chalky

9:30pm - Dave Thorley

10:00pm - Maria O

10:45pm - Chalky

11:30pm - Arthur Fenn

12:15pm - Dave Thorley

1:00am - close



If you missed out on the discount deal at the local Travelodge, there is a guesthouse within walking distance which is very reasonablly priced and perfect for those that wish to take part in more than just the musical spirit.


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A nice evening again at Boomerang with some good music played, loads of tracks new to me, always good to hear new stuff. Thanks to Arthur for playing my request, plus a couple of others he knows I like, especially Dynamite, he knows the reason I like that one.


Not so many people in unfortunately, but as there are so many soul nights on that isn't really surprising. Good to see friends there. Now looking forward to the alldayer in August.

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Numbers were down, but the music was up up up:



******** DAVE THORLEY *******

Astrology - Children of the stars - Fleeing Star

Santiago - Feelin' good - Bam Buu

Fabulous Apollos - What's so good to you - Valtone

Chuck Cockerham - Have I got the right - Mala

Charles Simmons - You got it all - hit Sound

Big Ray & The Hustlers - Because you are you - C/U

Paul Jones - Let her love grow - JAB

Scott Three - Runnin wild - March

Bill Brandon - Streets got my lady - Piedmont

L.J. Reynolds & The Relations - Stop look over your past - Monique

Hunts Determinations - Are we through - Earwax

Brother Love - Precious dove - Brother Love

Franklyn D. Greaves - We're still strong - Sally Rose

Jackie Beavers - Lover come back - Jaber

Double O's Demingo's - Color one tear black - Split

Phonetics - Just a boys dream - Trudel

Black Conspirators - Love/Just got to be free - Get Down (both)

Charles Mintz - Lucky guy/Running back - Up Look (Both)

Camaro's - We're not too young - Dar Cha

Tony Troutman - Gotta get away - C/U

Apaches - Just another lazy day - Big 8

Underground Railroad - Everybody's going to the deep south - C/U

David Lenyard & The Brewster Crew - I'm gonna let the world know - C/U

Mystics - Steppin stones - Olympia

Black Sugar - Too late - Sono Radio

De-Lites - Listen to me girl - Un-released studio disc

Notations - That girl - Un-released studio disc

Jesse McFall and the Funk Elegant Orch - Thought you ought to know - Choice

Dells - I'd rather be with you - Cadet

Vickie Baines - Sweeter than sweet things - Loma

Brother William - We are optimistic - C/U


******** ARTHUR FENN ********

Greg Robertson - One Sunny Day (Vanessa)

B.J.B. - I Gotta Make You Believe In Me (Tee-Ti)

The Peacemakers - Got My Feet On Solid Ground (C/U)

Arthur Foy - Love Dreams (MCS)

The Locations - Mister Diamond Man (Ron Paul)

Caffey Brothers - Make Me Over (Aura)

Cal Green - I'll Give You Just A Little More Time (Filmtown)

Jimmie Ellis - Happy To Be (Century City)

The Lovations - (I Keep Singing) La La La Ooh (Cap City)


Two Plus Two - Look Around (Velgo)

Monique - If You Love Me (Maurci)

Terry Lindell - I'm Still Yours (York Town)

Flash McKinley - I'll Rescue You (Bombay)

The Saints - I'll Let You Slide (Wigwam)

Unity and the Downbeats - Love Dream (Stax-Take)

Flowers - Don't You Know (C/U)

Bernard Drake - I've Been Untrue (La Louisianna)

The Tiara's - Loves Made A Connection (Seton)

The Superbs - Wind In My Sails (Dore)

Alan Harris - Love Is the Answer (unissued - Exact ChangeLP - acetate)

Kae Williams - "Our Love Is Dying" (GM - Unissued)

Dyna-Might - Fallin' In Love Again (Dyna-Might)



******** CHALKY  ************

Marion Jarvius - Waiting In The Wings - Encore

Odessey 5 - Got To be An Answer - Brunswick

Inez Foxx - You Don't Want My Love (All You Want Is My Loving) - Volt

The Mad Lads - No Time IS better Than Right Now - Volt

Numonics - Forever And A Day - Hodisk

David Washington - Games - Soul junction

Willie Gee Pure Soul - You Left Me Standing - Authentic

Five Special - The More I Get To know You - TEAI

Natural High - Thats All - Malaco

The Esquires - How Could It be - Bunky

Van McCoy & Friends - Hold On help Is On The Way - Dancin' LP

Otis Leavill - I'm Amazed - Limelight

Nate Evan - This Time With Feeling - DPR

Raymond Smith - Seven Day lover - IX Chains


US Everyday people - Without Your Sweet Loving

Formations - Lonely Voice Of Love - MGM

Jimmy Delphs - Almost - Karen

Lou D Washington - Smokey - Steeltown

Sensational Little Doc - Looking for my baby - Merry-Go-Round

Willie Picket - On The Stage Of Life - Eastern

Major Lance - Don't YoU know I Love You - Contempo

Rance Allen - I Know A Man Who - The Gospel Truth

Esquires - Listen To Me - Capitol

Johnny Moore - Call It What You Wanna (I Call It love) - Chi City

Oscar Wright - Fell In Love - Hemisphere

Soul Stirrers - Don't You Worry - Checker

Van McCoy & Friends - Ain't Got No Love - Dancin' LP

Jackie Day - I Can't Wait - Paula

Frankie Sanders - Take Another Look - Juana

Wilson Pickett - How Will I Ever Know - Wicked (it is as well)


******  MARIA O ******

Eula Cooper - Try [Tragar]

Darrow Fletcher - Changing By The Minute [uni]

The Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command [Midas]

Ron Harrington - It Happened To Me Today [Hillside]

Tommy & the Derby's - Don't Play the Role [swing]

The Stunners - Nobody But Me [Renfro]

The Ascots - Just A Few Feet From The Gutter [Playboy]

The Shadows - Beautiful Heaven [Mercury]

The Attractions - You Don't Know Boy [June Bug]

Out Of Sights - For The Rest Of My Life [saru]

Cosmos Universal Band - Third Eye [API Atteiram]

Billy Sha-Rae - Do It [spectrum]

Nate Evans - Main Squeeze [Twinight]

Answers - Thinking of You [scorpion]

Bottom & Company - Gonna Find A True Love [Motown]




The "9 hour annual summer special" also known as "Soul Sam's birthday" - happens to fall on 10th August this year!

Hope to see you then,


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