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The Ad-Lib Club 50s/60s ""Back to the Roots"


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The Ad-Lib Club 50s/60s ""Back to the Roots" on

This event is now over

Another night of the "Back to the Roots" 50s/60s sounds adopted by the mods/soulboys that gave birth to the ORIGINAL allnighter scene of the early sixties.Expect to hear underplayed/rare rnb,soul,Jamaican rnb,Jamaican Ska,doowop,Hammond grooves.These tracks are played out in an original, windowless, stone- walled cellar bar beneath Lord Beaumonts 1823 Manor House.Rare video footage is projected onto the bare cellar-bar walls.This venue is down a quite tree-lined street just 2 minutes from Lincolns city centre with its bars,cafes and restaurants.It has a council run carpark right next it(small night charge).We are an early start venue opening at 6.30pm with the first djs on at 7.00pm through until 12.15am.The warren of rooms bring you to a lounge bar with our chill-out decks playing our music policy.The main room decks play the more full-on tracks.Entry by pre-bought ticket (£4.00 each) to ensure our travelling support entry.These guys and gals travel from all over the country to experience the unique atmosphere of this little underground club.STYLE-CULTURE-HISTORY.This is what we are about.Get suited and booted or smart casual and join the "in-crowd".Resident djs are joined by other dj/collectors to share with us their "take"on the original scene.

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Over half the available tickets have already gone.There will be more info. on the nights djs shortly.We can confirm Ian Parker (Grantham) will be playing a set for us in the chill-out lounge.We can also confirm that Kev Kus will be playing for us in the Main Room (maybe the lounge aswell !).Another top spinner will be announced shortly along with this years Ad-Lib residents.Don't delay,buy your tickets now !!!!!!

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Joe Dutton

My musical journey starts in the 1970s when my Dad used to come back from Wigan Casino and play the live tapes he'd recorded there (1973 — 1976).

Jump forward to the mid to late ‘80s and I'm in my teens, visiting the Rocking Clubs in London (2i's, Dingwalls etc) listening to Louis Jordan, The Five Keys, Wynnie Harris... as well as attending Northern Soul nights.

Late 80s to early 00's

DJing at various clubs, mainly Northern Soul (The Travellers - Rotherham and Canklow), with the odd Acid Jazz, Funk and Reggae nights as well (even some Disco and early House...sssh!) along with being semi-resident DJ at Brighton Beach Mod nights.

May 2003 - June 2005

Co-promotor of the FLIPside R&B Allnighters at Sheridans, Dewsbury

June 2005 - 2010

Promotor of Back Beat R&B Club @ Middleton Allnighters and Prestatyn Weekenders (October 2009 / 2010) and Resident DJ at Stormin Soul Allnighter (Barnsley).

During this time I was also R&B reviewer (New Releases and Events) for On The Scene magazine.

After a self-imposed break I’m happy to say that I’ve accepted a residency at the King Bee nights in Sheffield, and a few select dates elsewhere throughout the rest of the year.

Ten tunes you are likely to hear…

Hayes Cotton — Black Wings Have My Angel — Resist

Big Daddy Rogers — I’m A Big Man (Alt. Version) — Acetate

Jimmy McCracklin — What’s That (part 1) — Mercury

Sammi Lee — Let’s Talk It Over — Watts Way

Jimmy Brown — Be Gone — Megatone

Unknown Artist (possibly Tiny Topsy) — Hey Baby — Acetate

Baby Jewell & The Jimmy McCracklin Band — I Want Love — West Coast Acetate

Eddie Kirk — The “Hawg” Part 1 — Volt

Ray Williams — No Quitting — Space WD

Betti Lou & Bobby Adams — DR. Truelove — Tra~X

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Profile of Kev Kus who accepted our invite to dj the Ad-Lib Club on March 30th

I was born and raised in Sheffield. My first interest in soul music was in the early sixties listening to sounds of Otis Redding, Wilson Picket, Sam Cook and The Drifters. In my later school years Motown was also an influence. I came across 'Northern Soul' in 1972 at Nether edge hall, a club in Sheffield. I then went on to places like Heartbeat (later known as Samanthas) in Sheffield, Wigan Casino and most other places that were running in the seventies. In the mid eighties I got married had two children and joined the Army so my passion for Soul music was more or less put on hold. On leaving the Army in the late nineties I rediscovered the 'Northern Soul' scene and very soon started going to R'n'B venues. I am passionate about all styles of Soul music particularly Doo Wop. I love playing rockin' R'nB' with a bit of uptempo Doo Wop or anything else that fits the bill. See you all at the next Ad Lib. Kev Kus

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Profile of Ian Parker who is playing the Ad-Lib chill-out lounge:

where do i start? Grantham born and bred.. I got into the

'Northern' soul scene as a scruffy haired 14 yr old in the hot summer

of 1976. My older sisters were dating guys that went to various clubs

of the day (and earlier) and i'd spend hours listening to Motown/Chart

soul and the rarer stuff. I visited my first club in late 77, which

was the very last St Ives All niter as a 15 yr old school kid, in

Harry's mini bus. My next venture was feb 78 to Nottingham palais,

i've never looked back!

During late 79' the mod revival really took hold on the soul

scene. to my eyes, this was another spectrum to the wide world of

SOUL, i welcomed it because of the different raw sound that came

throught the speakers. I have vivid memories of the All Niters at

Nottm palais, giving the Bali Hai to the 'Mod' scene ,whilst putting

the jazz funk scene on the back burner. this was a very big influence

in my listening pleasure. The big tunes for me during those times

were very 'Twisted Wheel' , but when Billy Preston was giving us

Billy's Bag and Don Covay was doing the 'See Saw' ........... I

couldnt resist it!

79/80/81 saw me absolutely anywhere and everywhere ...

Peterborough, Nottingham, Wigan, Rotherham, Alfreton etc etc, whilst

doing local scooter/mod nights in Grantham, lincoln and Newark. Top

places were The Bowling Green in Newark, The Bridge, Newark, the

After Eight, Grantham and the Riverside, Stamford.

Kept it up for the next few yrs, enjoying scooter rallies and

All Niters,

I also enjoy the 50's Rockin scene, the

music is a broad spectrum, obviously including RnB sounds along with

the western influenced style. R&B / Soul has and always will be a

major part of my life. Memories stay with you forever

I'll also add, my fave artists are Ron Isley, a superb voice that

never fails to grab me. Curtis Mayfield, an absolute GOD , Gladys

Knight, a beautiful voice that never falters. Jackie Wilson, nothing

to be said about this legend of the music scene.

My music policy at Ad Lib will be early/mid 60's Soul of the

highest calibre.

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Andrew Vasey(Ad-Lib Club regular) 7.00 - 7.45

Christian Scott(Ad-Lib Club) 7.45 - 8.30

Kev Kus (Sheffield) 8.30 - 9.00

Ian Parker (Grantham) 9.00 - 10.00

Joe Dutton (King Bee,Sheffield) 10.00 - 10.30

Allan Swires (Ad-Lib ) 10.30- 11.00

Ben Sutton (Select Sounds) 11.00 - 11.30

Martin Greene/Trevor Quincey(Ad-Lib) 11.30 to finish.

Main Room

Ben Sutton (Select Sounds) 7.00 - 8.00

Allan Swires (Ad-Lib) 8.00 - 9.00

Martin Greene/Trevor Quincey(Ad-Lib) 9.00 - 10.15

Kev Kus(,Sheffield) 10.15 - 10.55

Joe Dutton(King Bee,Sheffield) 10.55 - 11.35

Christian Scott (Ad-Lib) 11.35 - finish

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The next Ad-Lib on March 30th will have the clubs upstairs lounge bar open for drinks to relieve pressure on the downstairs chill-out lounge.You will be allowed to bring your drinks downstairs if you want to.

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Big thanks again to the tremendous response for tickets for this little r&b club .Another packer + with over a month to go. These nights aren't just a night of early, rare,underplayed tracks that helped give birth to the scene.They are an EXPERIENCE .Ever wondered what it would have been like to be part of the original "underground" CULT that the "in-crowd" knew .about but 99.99% of the rest of the youth population never knew existed.This is the nearest you'll ever get to it.A night that is a "club" night in the real sense of the word. Small intimate cellar bar venue that won't be beaten for atmosphere. People of all ages and backgrounds coming together for over 5 hours of friendship.. Great djs from other r&b leaning clubs who showcase what they have to offer.Resident djs who have established reputations and have guested some top venues (Hideaway,Manchester included).Fantastic mix of STYLE - mods,soulboys/girls,Hepcats,r&b vinyl junkies all after that legal high that the pounding sounds reverberating off the cellar walls take us to.An authentic night that reflects the true HISTORY of the scene.The Ad-Lib Crew always strive to bring STYLE-CULTURE-HISTORY to our "Back to the Roots" nights.We always try and find a future spot in the chill-out lounge or the main room for djs/collectors supporters of the club who come to our nights.The nights are all about djs/collectors sharing a half-hour or so of the Ad-Lib music policy with like-minded enthusiasts and in the process showcasing any clubs they may be affiliated to.Let us know if you fancy joining in on one of our next nights.We would be particularly interested if you share a passion for late 50s early 60s Jamaican R&B/Ska (especially the Blue-Beat label ) Thanks again,the Ad-Lib Crew,Lincoln.

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Just to confirm this event is SOLD OUT.We do keep a list of folk who are interested in case there are any tickets returned.Thanks for your great support yet again,The Ad-Lib Crew.

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Just to inform everyone my email has been compromised so any messages asking for money etc are not from me.Lost all contacts for friends and Ad-Lib so hope that facebook will be enough to keep folk informed re-ad-lib nights etc.If you can spread the word about the hacking until i get it sorted it would be a great

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The upstairs lounge bar, being opened for the first time on March 30th on an Ad-Lib night for buying drinks to take down to the cellar bar, may suit those who always bring their own sales boxes to gather there to talk shop over a pint. If there is interest in this The Ad-Lib Club will provide the use of a player so you can play and share your vinyl to propective buyers.Any feedback on this would be helpful

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Ad-lib tickets for the 15th June event(plus the November 30th and October 5th events) will be on sale on the door at the March 30th Ad-Lib.Tickets are as usual having to be sold on a first-come-first-served basis. We try and bring to the club a mixture of djs/collectors - some well known on the national scene,others with collections most of us could only dream about.We will confirm who will be joining STEVE LONGWORTH on 15th June after the March 30th night.You can rest assured it will be a terrific group of lovers of the rare/underplayed r&b/soul scene of the early years.Tickets available from 07989 717 043.

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Save journey to all the Ad-Libbers coming to tonights event.Sorry but no admittance without the hotest ticket in town (unless you are on our door guest list by prior arrangement ).

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Thanks to everyone who came to the Ad-Lib Club last night and who filled the venue by 8.30.Lots of positive feedback from our regular support.Especially encouraging to meet some of the younger "faces" who took the time to shake hands and praise the nights djs.Thanks to Clive Read (Crewe)who filled in for Ben Sutton (very ill)in the chill-out lounge playing from his sales box.It's all been said before about the quality of djs Joe Dutton and Kev Kus.They "nailed" the Ad-Lib Clubs "Back to the Roots"music policy down to the "t".The Ad-Libbers heard r&b,early soul,doo-wop,Jamaican that kept the floor full.Ian Parker played early soul and Motown that gave a great "take" on the early scene.Andrew Vasey as always played a class set.The top class Ad-lib residents Martin Greene,Trevor Quincey,AllanSwires ,Christian Scott  will be double-decking at our next events which in turn will give them longer set times.A treat for all those who have heard them play i'm sure you will agree.Thanks also to the venues over-worked staff.Liz,Sue,Lucy and Graham.All in all a night to remember.Thanks again for all your support.The Ad-Lib Crew.ps thanks to Darren Whitcome for helping us out on the door !!

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What a great night, fantastic crowd that never left the dancefloor and awesome sounds from start to finish.  A great club to D.J. at because the audience are so appreciative.  Thanks Glen, see you at the next one.

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Oh yes!

Now I love my uptempo sixties soul, But I also love my early sixties uptempo soul. My late fifties rhythm and blues and a bit of doo wop .... To hear them all at the biggest little club in England was a joy.

Seriously , the Ad Lib club in Lincoln treats our minds to some fabulous music , that spans a massive spectrum where no stone is left unturned. We got the lot!

Congrats to Glenn for putting on a seriously good night. A pleasure to attend such a quality gig

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Another awesome night at the Adlib Club..Fantastic tunes,the most atmospheric Cellar venue and a sell out,up for it crowd! Stroll on June!


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