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The Northern Line Warrington - Brian Rae


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The Northern Line Warrington - Brian Rae on

This event is now over





(5 mins from M6 Junction 21)




Hear All The Very Best Soul Music Under One Roof



Sat January 26th 2013

GUEST DJ Brian Rae

Resident Spinners

Moz Arnold, Chris Penn and Biff

FARE £5.00 OTD 7:30 TIL 01:00

For More Details Phone Chris 07799772513

Dates for 2013

January 26th Brian Rae

March 23rd Keith Minshull

May 25th Dolly

July 27th Gordon Toole

September 28th Jacko & Jimmy

November 23rd Carl Piper

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

Recommended Comments

Really looking forward to our 2013 events. I hope that you are and that we can count on your continued support.

It's a real shame that another local promoter continues to deliberately clash with The Northern Line and as far as I can tell the losers are the Warrington, Widnes, Runcorn crowd that should have more local events to attend...not have to choose between 2 on the same night just a few miles from each other.

Hopefully quality will prevail and if it does...we'll see you at The Northern Line!


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Just to back up Chris. really looking forward to this.

Just spoke to Brian he says a lot of old friends from the warington area may be turning out for this one. Its a long time since he was Djing in Warrington so plenty of old faces should turn up to say hello.

We have scoured the counrty again to bring new guests to the Northern Line for 2013.

As well as Brian we have ex Torch spinner Keith Minshull lined up for March, Boltons finest Dolly in May, Representing the North East we have Gordon Toole from the Big Club (Newton Aycliffe) in July, local boys Jacko and Jimmy who run Byrtonwood in Septemberand finally a welcome return of Carl Piper from Mansfield in November. Im sure you will agree a great line up of jocks for 2013 playing something for everyone.

We hope to se some of you there as well.starting Saturday with Brian


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hi barry glad you can make it look forward to meeting you, just picked out some new tunes to play so hopefully they'll go down well cheers moz

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Hi fella :0)

Had a cracking night up @ The Northern Line - great to see Woody & Val {Phase III Scooter Club}, Katie, Jackie from Newton - who I've not seen for years - and of course the effervescent Mr Rae.

Cracking venue, well cared for wooden dancefloor and San Miguel on draft, so I was a happy Teddy.

See you next month fella's.

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Just a quick note to thank everyone for their support last night (and many thanks for your comments Barry). The weather was foul but we still had more than enough hardy souls to create a great atmosphere.

Over Christmas Moz, John and I sat down and took stock of the venue, the music policy, customer comments, event frequency and our general direction. Whilst feedback from our customers was largely positive we decided that a couple of minor tweaks might just lead to an even better night for all of those who pay their hard earned £ on the door to support the venue and keep the event alive.

Based on the reaction last night it looks like the tweaks paid off!

Feedback from everyone that Moz, John and I spoke to was brilliant and with a full floor right until the very end of the night, the consensus of opinion is that now, more than ever, we're giving our supporters just what they want...the best possible blend of old and new, well known and lesser known tracks spanning ths 60's, 70's and even covering slightly more modern tunes. I suppose we're a true 'across the board' venue where the emphasis is firmly on quality. Whether that quality is based around ultra-rare originals or pocket-money priced tunes we aim to cater for everyone because after all..."it's what's in the grooves that counts".

In addition to a huge thank you to all who supported the night we also owe a massive thank you to Brian Rae who was our guest DJ. They don't come much more iconic than Brian and true to form Brian's choice of timeless classics resulted in as full a floor as I've seen at The Northern Line. Lots of sweaty, knackered, sore-footed but happy dancers would, I'm sure, also like me to pass on their thanks to Brian.

If last night was any guide then it's full steam ahead for The Northern Line in 2013 and we'd love to see you at our next event on Saturday 23rd March when our special guest is yet another icon of the scene, Mr Keith Minshull. Keith has kindly offered to join us as after double bookings and a minor communications hiccup meant that Ian Gee was unable to guest for us as we'd envisaged when we had the 2013 flyers produced.

Once again many, many thanks for your support last night and we hope to see you again on 23rd March.


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Lots of sweaty, knackered, sore-footed but happy dancers

Yep Chris - I have a severe degree of 'Dancers Leg' this afternoon haha - Brian charged out the doors with Tune Up, The Champion etc - nice to hear Bit's n Pieces, Tyrone Barkley too and classics like The Majestics, Dee Dee Sharpe etc - some great stuff that I'm not familiar with too.

We proper enjoyed it.

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hi barry glad you enjoyed last night a big thanks for your support and postive feed back, also a big thanks goes to brian rae what a spot he did for us he had the floor bouncing from start to finish and what a nice guy too, also i would like to thank woody and val and all the phase 3 scooter club for your support you lot seem to be taking over that top corner, also want to thank all the new soulies who came to the northern line and braved the weather and the two couples who where on holiday from newyork, and a couple from galloway who came to the night, And finaly it was good to see karen & colin on the night as i believe karen had a miss hap with a squirrel in the afternoon ? but we'll not go there anyway from me chris & biff we hope to see you all again on saturday 23rd March with our guest dj keith minshull from stoke

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hi sorry we didnt take any photo's i all ways think that it's invading peoples privacy but i did see some camera flash's going off, so may be someone might put them up on the gallery.

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