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Dearne Playhouse 50s 60s Back To The Roots R and B


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Dearne Playhouse 50s 60s Back To The Roots R and B on

This event is now over

DEARNE PLAYHOUSE - 50s/60s - R&B - Back To The Roots

Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire

Pay £4.00 on the door. Limited to 150 people due to fire regulations, so be early.

Email or telephone: Mick Casey:

Tel - 07748101299

Email - heartandsoulmusic@yahoo.co.uk

Welcome to the Dearne Playhouse

“The Heart of the Community”

The extensively renovated Dearne Playhouse was officially opened on July 15th, 2006 by the Dearne’s very own Brian Blessed and has rapidly become the Dearne Valley’s leading venue for shows, comedy, concerts, theatre productions, musicals, plays and functions — such as weddings and parties.

Formerly known locally for many years as “The Welfare Hall”, the Dearne Playhouse was given a £1M renovation in 2005, which was generously funded by the Arts Council.

Tel - 07748101299

The early rare underplayed sounds of the original Soul/Mod undergroundscene. R&B/Club and EarlySoul/Jamaican R&B/Ska/Doowop.

Saturday 6th April 2013. 8.00pm-1.00am

Doors open at 8pm.

Access roads via either side of:

The Goldthorpe Centre, Goldthorpe Green, Goldthorpe, Rotherham, S63 9EH

DJ Line Up

Mick TP Casey - Tickhill

Steve Mank - Mexborough

John Moffatt - Sheffield

Christian Scott - Lincoln

Ed Horwood - Scarborough

John Paul Leasing — Scunthorpe

Joe Lakin - Doncaster

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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hoping to make it to this one

                                             hope you can make it soap  this is a great venue & a good night             joe

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After weeks of planning and running around 5 hours always passes very quickly at the Dearne Playhouse R&B event. 

The DJ’s, Steve Mank, John Moffatt, Christian Scott, Ed Hordwood, John Paul Leasing and Joe Lakin, played some exceptional music.  One has to travel a fair distance to hear the music tracks played last night.  So a big thank you to all those that did just that.  A special mention to the Kettering, Scarborough and Huddersfield contingents and it’s always nice to see the Sheffield gang.   All styles of R&B music were played and the dj’s endeavored to please everyone.


The night got off to a chilly start because the building needed to be warmed up from the Easter break and the main room lights took a bit of sorting.  We eventually got there and once the dance floor took off the atmosphere said it all.  A big thank you to Philomena and Alan who did the door and last but not least Steve Mank and Sharon Rigby who provide the sound equipment.  Without their help this event wouldn’t have got off the ground.

For my own part I’m very aware of the risk of trying to provide something different for the masses but I think the Dearne Playhouse does just that. 


The Theatre style venue is an enormous factor. Julie and Carl who manage the Playhouse Charity have allowed me to take a risk with the R&B events and seem pleased so far.



Thank you all for coming along and look forward to seeing you again on Saturday 22nd June


Mick TP Casey

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I have to say in the early part of 2000 i had a dalliance with R&B and although not my preferred genre of the soul spectrim i dont dismiss it and still have R&B in my collection, but thought we'd give it a try.


I picked up Mr Bri Pinches and we tootled along the road to the playhouse (Literally about a mile from Bri's).


I must admit when i entered the building i was very pleasantly suprised, recently refurbished and very tastefully done too, the bar area is quite chic and is better than many up market bars ive ran or ventured to in my days.


The beer is very well kept, and when i went into the main auditorium i was taken aback its a tailor made soul venue,

Its a decieving room, its laid out like a grand theatre but condensed smaller, with a beautiful curved accoustic perfect ceiling that made Mr Steve Manks sound system sound like a million dollars, a nice balcony, which wasnt open, which was a shame as it would have been a great vantage point and there is a wonderful dance floor.


We just missed John Moffats spot which i would have like to heared but still we went into the room with open ears,


There were some very nice R&B tunes played that would appeal to the massess and a quite a few that the R&B followers knew that i didnt that had the speacialists on the floor


The atmosphere was very friendly and a lot of people in who i knew pikeys dog and co,


If I had a slight Critcism and it might just be my lack of knowledge of the R&B scene, it is that some of the djs sets didnt seem to flow, they were a bit ...er...Jerky... 2 of the djs who were on ( and i dont know their names) filled the floor with a nice flowing R&B track then almost killed it each time after that with fast paced nearly undance-able 60 mile an hour tracks, then back to a good paced dancer then off again like the 5:52 to london st pancras.

The floor filling and emptying made a strange atmsophere at times and i felt for the dancers who were hovering on the edges of the floor after each time as they got revved up and danced and then had to go to the sideings, i was feelling frustrated for them.


The 2nd to last DJ a young guy, again dont know his name, got on and then started to get the balance right and he kept the floor moving and actually, although i didnt know a lot of the tunes he got me bobbing along as he got the atmosphere just right, and it made all the diffrence,  full floor happy people ...so well done young man.


Then on came the old barnicle that is my friend Joe Lakin...he give us a last hour as it should be the feel good hour from R&B to Ska, just because i know joe doesnt mean im bulling him up, if he was crap id say so, but he has a brilliant collection and can play to any crowd and he knows a floor and keeps it going and he did just that and sent people home with a tune in their head and a whistle on the lips. (im actually still whistling toots you old bugger)



So My summary


Was it my preferred music Genre if i had to pick a venue on a normal night out...no


Is the venue good........ 100% superb


did i enjoy myself ....... actually yes it was a refreshing change...even the 100 mile an hour tunes and ones i didnt know were actually good tunes, my criticism was about keeping the floor full concisitency of tempo for the dancers was the issue, not the quality of the music.


would i go back ...... YES, again, i enjoyed myself, the night with a very small amount of fine tweaking has the makings of a great music and social event and deserves to become one night to visit on everyones calendar



Hats off to everyone and good luck in the future





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P s Just noticed its almost a 8 years since the refurb and it still looks good , well run, well kept yup i like that.




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P s Just noticed its almost a 8 years since the refurb and it still looks good , well run, well kept yup i like that.




Thanks for your comments.  Come again.  Mick

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