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100 Club All Nighter


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ady croasdell

100 Club All Nighter on

This event is now over

Butch is back. Supported by Ady Croasdell and guests Tony Smith the 1st, Chad Fredericks and Scott Simpson.

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Missed my first niter at 100 club last month in four years. Now im both chomping n gaggin. And Butch's last set a few months back was sufuckinperb so might just put meself in stasis to hasten arival.

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And the final piece in the jigsaw, a long overdue return from the original Tony Smith (with apologies to t'other Tony Smith but he got down them stairs first)

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After an hour or so's shut eye I thought I'd briefly comment on the latest 100 Club allnighter.

I apologise for repeating things I've posted about it before but it was a superb night in my opinion. No Keith or Joel, so Ady introduced a couple of new DJs plus an old favourite, Tony Smith, who told me that it was eight years since his last appearance behind the decks there.

Scott Simpson is a young guy from the Mod scene; he performed very well and kept the dance floor busy. Chad Fredericks is a regular at the 100 Club and he too did the business. His second set betwee 45.00 and 5.30 featuring slower tunes was just right, enabled us to slow down before Ady upped the tempo in the finale.

I've seen Tony Smith DJing before, at the Northern Soul Party. He played two good sets, the first very much uptempo, what I call heart attack music. His second set was more medium paced.

All three of these guys kept the dance floor action going, And played loads of tunes that I didn't recognise, playlists would be most welcome.

Butch was back and did two sets of excellent quality, a mix of favourites and some I didn't know. I was talking to Imogen in the cloakroom and heard the first few bars of Sha La La, had to jump up and rush inside, apologies to her for my rudeness.

And Ady of course did a sterling job as always. I really loved his ender, Esther Phillips' Just Say Goodbye, most appropriate. And as the lights came on he played It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom, surely one of the greatest moments in soul music.

I'm almost forgetting the personal appearance by Derek Martin. He sang along with three of his records: If You Go, then Sly Girl, followed by Daddy Rolling Stone, bought that when it was first issued on Sue when I was young. He really seemed to enjoy the gig, nice to see one of our favourites in our midst.

As usual it was good to see so many of my friends there, nice to see Taff, Rachel and Dave, hadn't seen them for quite a while, plus of course the normal reprobates. I did get a little irritated while dancing at the antics of a few student types, but mustn't mock them I suppose. Suzy unfortunately couldn't be there as she's not too well at the moment.

So once again a great night there, thanks to all concerned. Now to get ready for Lifeline next week.

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A night to be remembered that is for sure.

I'd like to thank Ady for having me along to play, it was a real pleasure and the crowd we're extremely receptive and open minded (well at least 99.9% of them!). Also to the DJs who kept the floor going all night, nice selection of tunes and some all time killers that kept me going on the floor.

As for the Derek Martin appearance, that was thoroughly enjoyed and was a nice change halfway through the night - good to see he's still got it!

I will try and get the playlists up over the next couple of days, I know there were a few people asking me to and even was given the emails of the bar staff to send a specific record too!

All the best and see some of you out on the floor.

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Top night Ady as always, some excellent music, i loved Simon Simpsons, first set,and the second set a little bit latin for me in some places,but still kept the floor buzzing, top marks, Chad i loved the last record of your first set, play list please? a nice break during the night, heard Derek Martin live on stage,he was overwhelmed by the audience, great voice and so much passion in it. Cheers Billy.

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Missed the last few so very happy to make it down Saturday... all the DJ's did a great job, especially Scotty boy!

Would be great to see a few playlists!

Derek Martin was great as well, was indeed a nice break in the middle of the night - hopefully catch him singing in the UK again soon!


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Cheers Billy, I'll try and post playlist for you in a couple days (when I've recovered!)

Thanks again Ady,bit of a shaky start with the cueing being a little temperamental, got that sorted after a fashion.

Derek Martin still has what it takes on stage (and off it according to Jet & Delise!!)

All in all a top night and a sterling job from all the DJ's!

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A cracking night of top tunes. Tony S did it for me - well done sir ! Derek Martin was also in fine form and certainly did the biz. Good to catch up with Geoff, Chad and crew and also share the usual lunatic banter up at smokers parade.

One hiccup on an otherwise super night was Ginger Dave losing both his newly bought singles. He either ate them along with his 4 Mcmuffins or left them on the counter - either option is a distinct possibility.

I recall Trickster and a few others were also in Mc D's on Sunday morning. If anyone did find a pair of relish and lettuce coated singles please give me a shout so I can reunite them with disappointed Dave.


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