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At The Top of The Stairs with Santucci & Go-Go!!


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Dave Abbott

At The Top of The Stairs with Santucci & Go-Go!! on

This event is now over

Entrance through the main door to the Gloucester All-niter then straight up to the top of the stairs!!

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Looking forward to the first installment of 'At The Top Of The Stairs' in just under a months time :). Just to clarify......'ATTOTS' is the upstairs venue at Gloucester's Wotton Hall, which for the last couple of years has been known as 'Ton of Dynamite'. For those that haven't visited the upstairs room, it's a completely self-contained venue with bar and toilets. It is also where the majority of record sellers are based and there's always a large number of buyers and sellers. Musically we will be offering an alternative to the downstairs nighter, soulful dance music that you won't hear in a main room northern allnighter. Which leads us nicely onto the interesting part........

Feb 16th, 9pm-5am with some rather superbly brilliant guest DJs:

The Fantastic Marco Santucci.....no introduction required for Marco as his reputation is well earned and speaks for itself.

The Terrific 'Go Go Children' duo of Dean Read and John Stapleton. Bristol's bestest travel slightly north to share their sounds.

The Wonderful Phil Rains.....who has a brilliant collection and a great ear for quality sounds.

Plus, filling in the gaps and helping things along are the resident DJs/hosts David Abbott and Adam Topping.

Hope to see you all there :)

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my job at gogo to mix up the oldies with the lesser known so looking forward to leaving the oldies at home and playing a few more of the lesser known side of my playbox that i dont get time to normally...rnb,uptempo 60s and some funky edged stuff...cant wait


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09:00 09:30 WARM UP

09:30 10:45 PHIL

10:45 11:30 DEAN

11:30 12:15 DAVE

12:15 01:00 JOHN

01:00 01:45 ADAM

01:45 03:15 MARCO

03:15 03:45 JOHN

03:45 04:15 DEAN

04:15 05:00 DAVE&ADAM

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Top nite!...big thanx for asking me to play...thanx for dancing and llistening.....playlist up later


What Dean said!

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My first time at Gloucester Allnighter and spent 99% of my time in the upstairs room. Did venture into main room occasionally and caught Ronnie Walker for a couple of tracks who was excellent! For me it was upstairs where the action was ... where the dj's play what they want (NO OVERPLAYED STUFF) and everyone was either dancing or listening to some amazing 45's. I was lucky to get an extended dj spot early on and felt able to mix my set up a bit. For those that like playlists here's what I played..

Impressions - Love me

Invaders - The best is yet to come

Cicero Blake - If I had my way

Johnny Mccall - I need you

Sensational Cymbals - When will it end

Frank Hutson - Old man me

Betty brewton - Heavy heavy loving

Black Stash - Mighty love man

Wayne Carter - Mad mouth woman

Reggie Soul - My world of ecstacy

Calvin Arnold - Lovely way to go

Big Ella - Too hot to hold

Nora Lee - Forget it

Shades of love - Such good friends

1619 B.A.B - World

Beverly Crosby - That didn't stop me

James Brown and the JB's - Wake up and live

Johnny Williams - Maggie

Johnny Davis - You got to crawl to me

Otis Jackson and the Compromisers - Turn out the lights

Soul Messengers - That girl

Districts - One lover

Buddy Ace - Pleasing you

Ron Surrey - Sweet city woman

Jade - The siestas over

Little Ron Johnson - I keep telling you

TNT Band - That's life

Jimmy Ellis - Happy to be

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