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gogo children with DR PICKLES AND DAVE ABBOTT!


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gogo children with DR PICKLES AND DAVE ABBOTT! on

This event is now over

another two top guests this month...dr pickles played at our last venue and was one of the highlights of that summer! and is now a regular 'punter'...dave abbott has been down to our new venue but this will be his first time behind our decks..cant wait..full details to follow

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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for those who dont know...gogo children is at fiddlers club,an old napoleonic prison!...willway st bristol bs3 4bg


dave and the dr will be joining residents john stapleton and myself for some 60s rnb,northern and funky edged soul,both lesser known and classic all on original vinyl


9 till 2am  £5


we have a lovely maple sprung dancefloor..free on street parking outside the venue and an awesome sound system


gonna be a good night...check our group/events on facebook


hope you can make it



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well our events were always a bit slow on here but seems to have died a death this month...trust me i wont be alone!...3 days to go...37 confirmed on facebook with a lot of posts/tunes...johns had a box of 100 over from the states,ive got about a dozen newbies too and chris and dave are both buzzing and looking forward to spinning tunes for us...

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kin' cracking night, lots of fresh sounds!  Had no idea what most of it was, but it was mega danceable, red hot and soulful! Cheers guys.




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thanx dave and matt,great to see you both...


wow...to be honest wasnt expecting that!....despite quite a few from the sw going upto keele we still got 130 in last nite,yes about 15 of those were in a 50th birthday group of one of johns friends but would have still been slightly up on last month when i was expectin about 90...lots of other new faces and some we hadnt seen for a while


ofcourse as long as the bills get paid numbers are not important..what was the nite like?..a few people said one of the best!...


half hour sets for all the djs with dr picckles and dave alternating between 11 and 1am...a mix of rnb,northern and funk but almost all uptempo ...great to see a busy floor to dave,johns and chris' second set of funky things..big tunes at rare nites/rooms but unknown to a lot of the gogo crowd but they loved em...spoke to a 22 year old outside who said shed never been before,didnt know what was being played but loved it and would be back,even said it was the best nite at a club shed had,no attitudes,egos or pissed people tryin to pull you....think this could be the way the scene will attract youngsters


john finished with the normal last 10 minutes of ska taking us to five past two with still about 30 people dancing and shouting for one more..sadly not but we have applied for a 3am license for our june nit which the landlords say shuldnt be a problem..that nite we have GREG BELSON from L.A (last time he played we had 190 in,our best attendance) and  MARC FOREST from berlin!!...before that though we have DES PARKER and MACE down next month!!


so a big thanx to our great guest djs dave and chris and to everyone who came and danced their socks off especially those who travelled from birmingham,leicester,london,exeter,wellington,taunton,weston,warminster,trowbridge,bradford on avon,south wales and the south coast


hope to see you next month a little less funk but some awesome rnb and northern!


my playlist will be up in that section in a bit



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